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Marty Probalo is an anxiety-riddled technical genius, an orphan, and the protege of the inimitable Big Paul Feldspar, the elderly creator of the machinery that keeps the gremlin people and their last city alive.
The gremlins are short lizardy dudes who live in a mostly-underground city out in the Desert of Suffering. The city of Lifespring encircles a huge apparatus that draws water from a massive underground aquifer and recycles it back. It is the last bastion of the gremlin people, who once had a continent-spanning civilization but were almost wiped out by diseases brought over unknowingly by travelers. Surviving modern gremlins have antibodies and can freely mix with other peoples if they wish, but an obsession with cleanliness and a bit of paranoia still dominate their culture.

Covered Eyes, Horns, Goggles + Patterned Neckerchief, Kind of a chubby little iguana man

Iron +2
Blood -1
Courage -1
Grace +2
Sense +1
Wisdom +0

- Be Brave, Take Risks
- Tell Us Of Your People
- Improve The World Around You
- Don't Scratch the Paint: Punish anyone who disrupts technological advancement or damages valuable technology, especially yours.

Your people may be small and weak, but their battle suits are not. Iron represents the strength of your inventions, including your Battle Suit and anything you Jury Rig together.
When you Finish Them by outlasting them in a contest of power or endurance, roll +Iron. On a 10+, they pass out.
When you share this Move with another, their Iron stat is +1.
When someone who does not have an Iron stat uses a Move that rolls +Iron, they roll at +0.
Your Iron stat can only be healed by items with the Repair or Fuel tags, instead of Healing or Food. When you Fill Your Belly, you may spend 1 Fuel to heal your Iron stat, either instead of or in addition to spending Food.

You have a battle suit, unique to you, which is a machine bigger than you that multiplies your strength and power while you ride it. Many of your people use technology to empower themselves, but none are quite like yours. Describe or draw your battle suit for us.
When operating your Battle Suit, you roll with +Iron to Get Away, Keep Them Busy, and Overcome.
Only you can operate your battle suit smoothly. In the hands of anyone else, it is Clumsy, Slow, and Dangerous.
Your suit's abilities are listed in your Gear. When you have time and safety, you can spend 1 Fuel to change one Gear option for another option from the same list.
This Move, and the Gear associated with it, cannot be Shared, except through the Tinker Advance option.

When you fabricate a new device out of existing materials, tell us what you want it to do, spend 1 Use of something, and roll +Iron.
On a 7+, it works! It does what you wanted it to do, more or less.
On a 9-, it has some problems. Choose one:
- Unstable: It will fall apart quickly. The device has only 1 Use, and it breaks at the end of this scene.
- Defective: The device has a weird quirk or limitation that requires you to use it only under specific circumstances. The Horizon will describe these circumstances to you.

Your people have never been at the top of the world, and constantly must make do with less. You do not need to spend anything to use Jury Rig.
In addition, the Spare Parts in your Gear gain the Useful tag.

You carry a repair kit (Repair, Slow, 2 Uses), hard rations (Food, 3 Uses), some spare parts (Fuel, 3 Uses), and a wrench (Melee).
Your Battle Suit is a weapon (Melee) while you ride it. It also has Advanced Weaponry:
- A full arsenal. Your suit has the tags Dangerous, Ranged, and Piercing, but only one at a time (your choice). You never run out of weapons to use.
Your Battle Suit has an Advanced Movement ability:
- Drill: Your Battle Suit can dig through earth and stone.
Your Battle Suit has a set of Advanced Systems:
- Environmental protection. This is Protective Gear, giving your Battle Suit immunity to a Location Stat of your choice. This immunity does not include you, and you are only protected while inside your suit.

When you plan a route, hold 2 Map. When you reach your destination, you lose all held Map. You may spend 1 Map to do one of the following:
- Reveal a shortcut or a detour. Taking it will avoid trouble.
- Reveal a safe place to rest or hide. You will not be found there.
- Command Lore about an expected threat or danger.

You can use Jury-Rig to quickly Repair mechanical objects, vehicles, allies, or your Battle Suit. When doing so, if you choose the Unstable option on a 9-, the damage returns at the end of the scene.

When you Keep Them Busy, they tend to chase you around.
On a 7+, you may move them away from wherever they were guarding.
On a 10+, they end up exactly where you want them to be.

Level 2: Take another Tinker custom. [Take The Bait]

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