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  1. TSR Timothy A.: Hi, my name is TSR Timothy A..
  3. TSR Timothy A.: Just a moment while I bring up the account and see what is going on in regards to the ban.
  5. MisterFilament soe: Thanks
  7. TSR Timothy A.: Alright, the good news is the account has not been banned. However, it is still temporarily suspended for 3 days and should be active again sometime on 10/27/2012.
  9. MisterFilament soe: Is there any more details on the reason? I can't think of anything that I've done that was against the TOS
  11. MisterFilament soe: Also, I was never sent an E-mail notifying of my suspension
  13. TSR Timothy A.: I'm sorry, but with hacking issues, the GM's do not put any details as other SOE employees are not provided any other information regarding them.
  15. TSR Timothy A.: The GM's do typically send an email regarding suspensions and bans, but they do not always come immediately after the suspension/ban occurs.
  17. MisterFilament soe: Ok, my main problem is, if I don't know what I did, how do I not do it again?
  19. TSR Timothy A.: Typically the GM's do not go into details regarding hacking violations as they do not want to provide any information that would help circumvent the game mechanics. They would more than likely just tell you that they found third-party applications that allowed you to manipulate the game or gain an unfair advantage.
  21. MisterFilament soe: I understand you must get the "I'm innocent" response constantly, but in this case I really am, is it possible that some sort of virus is running in the background, or is it possible that the fact that my brother and I play on separate accounts on different computers on the same network?
  23. TSR Timothy A.: Separate accounts on the same hardware would not cause the account to be suspended under the hacking violation. In regards to a virus, that is typically not the intent of viruses. If you feel that something may be on your system that would cause this issue, I would highly recommend going through your add and remove programs to remove any non-Windows essential applications that you don't recognize.
  25. TSR Timothy A.: You're very welcome! Is there anything else I can help you with today?
  27. MisterFilament soe: Nope, have a great day!
  29. TSR Timothy A.: Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment and have a great day as well!

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