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  1. - Locations -
  3. Caeletica
  5. Caeletica is a small subcontinent in the northern hemisphere of Typhondra, on the western side of the Corollado Expanse, north from the principality of Z'Vario.
  6. The native population includes Dwarves, Orcs, Gnomes, Goliaths and several kinds of Goblin.
  7. Humans, Elves and Halflings colonized the landmass two millennia ago.
  8. Other intelligent creatures include mind flayers and mongrelfolk.
  10. Stoltzheim, Capital City
  12. Founded 2000 years ago by a group of human and elven colonists that sailed to the virgin land that would later be known as Caeletica, it was named for their leader, the half-elf Cael Stolz. Cael Stolz's descendants would later declare themselves royals and with their great wealth, take control of the entire continent.
  13. Ever since it's founding, Stolzheim has been a wealthy trading hub, as it is the only major port on the continent, the vast majority of trade goods, both exports and imports, travel through Stoltzheim, and the Stoltz family stays quite wealthy from the tariffs it collects.
  14. The most recent king of the royal line, Ulfric Stoltz, died at age 40, he is survived only by his young wife, Marinette as he had no living relatives and fathered no heirs.
  15. Queen Marinette has ruled Caeletica justly since her husband's death, but has yet to remarry and produce an heir. This has gained her the epithet "The Lonely Queen". She has few close companions aside from her advisor and court magician, Imelda Nieralai.
  16. The military of Caeletica is based in Stolzheim, it includes both enlisted men and comissioned officers, and it does not conscript soldiers. Caeletica rarely goes to war with other states, but they are used to protect the citizens from roving bandits and the occasional orcish war band.
  18. Wolves' Bay
  20. Wolves' Bay, so called for the dangerous costal rocks a ship must traverse, like the sharp teeth in the strong jaws of a wolf, it is the only way to get to the major trading port of Caeletica, the capital city Stoltzheim.
  22. Tworivers
  24. The second colonist settlement on Caeletica, it's named for the two mountain rivers on it's east and west side, providing it with ample fresh water for irrigation.
  25. The Tworivers colonists were the first outsiders to encounter the native dwarves of the Marndurahl mountains. The meeting was awkward, but peaceful, as one of their number spoke dwarven. As dwarves mostly live underground, there was no real competition for land.
  27. North Mynmoris and South Mynmoris, elf city, halfling city, rice paddies, home of the Gentlehearth trading company
  29. The forested area that would become North Mynmoris was initially attractive to elven colonists, so it was an easy choice for the first elven settlement. However, the wealthier elves eventually moved east to found Aal Caelora, so those that remained in North Mynmoris are the commoners of elven society.
  30. South Mynmoris is populated almost entirely by halflings, most of which are farmers. They tend the fruit orchards, breweries, wineries and coastal rice paddies. However, some halflings prefer the life of a merchant to that of a farmer, and open trading companies. The most prominent trading company in modern times is the Gentlehearth Trading Company.
  32. Aal Caelora
  34. Aal Caelora was founded by a wealthy group of elves, styling themselves as a noble class, they desired more luxurious, palacial homes than available in North Mynmoris.
  35. The residents of Aal Caelora maintain their wealth with land holdings and other investments in things such as merchant ships.
  38. Marndurahl City
  40. Named for the Marndurahl mountain range, the dwarven capital city of Marndurahl is only the tip of the iceberg of dwarven civilization. While some dwarves like to live on the surface, most prefer to live underground, making their homes under the Marndurahl mountain range. Dwarven society is spread out across the entire northwest of Caeletica.
  41. The Marndurahl mountain range is also home to nomadic Goliath tribes that roam the high, frigid peaks.
  43. Lernaea & Lake Leacord
  45. A moderately sized town, it subsists mostly on fishing, and inns that give housing to the travellers going between the north and south.
  46. For many years, it was terrorized by a bloodthirsty hydra in Lake Leacord, until a small mercenary band hunted the beast down and slew it. After their triumph, the band renamed themselves the Lernaean Alliance. The day is still celebrated yearly as a holiday to honor the heroes.
  48. Sandview & the West Star, Highpond & the East Star
  50. The twin cities of Sandview and Highpond were founded by a pair of twin brothers, both skilled wizards, not only settling new towns, but each opening a school of wizardry to teach the magics they specialized in.
  51. They lived harmoniously, but one day a king decided to hold a competition between the two to see which mage's college could produce a better magical lighthouse to guide ships into Wolves' Bay, in the end he judged that each was evenly matched and decreed that the two would together light the way, being named the West Star and the East Star. Ever since that day the two cities have been inextricably linked as eternal rivals.
  52. The college at Sandview focuses on Evocation, Illusion, Enchantment.
  53. The college at Highpond focuses on Abjuration, Conjuration, Transmutation.
  54. Both teach Divination, but neither teaches Necromancy.
  56. Dun Sealgair
  58. Populated mostly by humans and dwarves, with some elves, Dun Sealgair serves a dual purpose. They've been the first line of defense against orcish attacks for generations, but in times of peace the hunters of Dun Sealgair collect the most valuable export of Caeletica, the luxurious fur of the vicious and deadly Minkbear. The pelts are in high demand by nobles from one side of the plane to the other.
  60. The Guardian's Eye
  62. The Guardian's Eye was build many, many years ago, to keep watch over the orcish tribes and to warn cities in the event of a raiding party forming.
  63. The name was chosen specifically to mock the orcs' one-eyed god, Gruumsh.
  65. Orc Island
  67. Orcs have long since been pushed out of the mainland, now they mostly reside on a small, frigid island off the northeastern coast of Caeletica, they rarely leave to assault the mainland, but a watchtower, The Guardian's Eye, has been errected to alert people to any incursion.
  68. Individual orcs occasionally leave the island, seeking lives outside of the island tribes. Typically working as mercenaries or laborers, they are tolerated as a part of civilized society and their half-orc children, while uncommon, are usually treated well.
  70. Order of the Diamond Path
  72. For one thousand years, from their monastery in the high, cold mountains, those that travel the Diamond Path have trained their bodies and minds to the peak of mortal limits, combining martial arts and psionics in hopes of finding true enlightenment.
  73. The monastery was founded by a dwarf that sought to "Reforge the body like armor and the mind like a weapon" and that they would "transform myself the way coal becomes diamond."
  74. The most recent master of the monastery was a human known as Steps Through Dreams, but he passed on a few years ago, and leadership of the monastery is in doubt.
  76. DomaDel, Duergar settlement/stronghold
  78. In the distant, distant past, the Duergar were once a normal clan of dwarves, but they where psionically lured away by the mind flayers then enslaved for generations. Experimented on and forced to breed until they developed psionic powers, to be better slaves to the mind flayers.
  79. This continued until their two great heroes, Laudeger and Deep Duerra, with help from the dwarven god Abbathor, lead them to freedom, but when they tried to rejoin dwarven society, they were rejected. The Duergar grew bitter at this cruel treatment by what were once their brethren, and still hold a grudge against dwarven society, but their furious hatred of mind flayers is unmatched.
  80. To this day they carry on sparse, utilitarian lives, existing only to protect themselves from attack, hone their psionic abilities and exterminate mind flayers. Their culture knows no pleasure or recreation but the spilling of mind flayer blood.
  81. Built by Laudeger and Deep Duerra after they freed the Duergar from mind flayer enslavement, DomaDel remains the most well protected stronghold in all of Caeletica.
  82. Most necromancy is practiced by Duergar, as the undead are uneffected by the psionics of the Duergar's great enemy, the mind flayers and as their bodies are frail, mind flayers have a vulnerability to the curses and physical assaults necromantic magic offers.
  84. Goldflower
  86. Goldflower is the largest gnomish city in Caeletica, because gnomes are free spirited and creative by nature, many become bards. However that same inventive and experimental streak in more studious gnomes leads them to become alchemists or artificers.
  88. The Glass Sea
  90. Millennia ago, there was a massive fiery explosion in the middle of Caeletica, leaving a patch of desert sands cooked into glass. Today, the small desert ringed by mountains is not well explored, but it is known to be home to bhuka goblins, mind flayers and sand kraken.

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