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  1. (7:46:55 PM) Foo|Laptop: yo tobers you see this?
  2. (7:48:09 PM) Psy: i did not
  3. (7:48:21 PM) Psy: i quit reading ca and haven't read the cosplay articles for months
  4. (7:48:23 PM) Psy: that rules
  5. (7:48:46 PM) Hondo: "BEST SPINNING CLASS EVERRrr"
  6. (7:48:51 PM) Hondo: what the fuck is a spinning class
  7. (7:49:20 PM) Hondo: wait its a class you take that teaches you to ride an indoor bike?
  8. (7:49:27 PM) Psy: it doesn't teach you anything
  9. (7:49:30 PM) Psy: you just like
  10. (7:49:36 PM) Psy: ride an indoor bike with a bunch of other women
  11. (7:49:40 PM) Psy: for an hour
  12. (7:49:55 PM) Hondo: do you have a conversation with them
  13. (7:50:08 PM) Grease: theres different kinds of things you do where its like
  14. (7:50:08 PM) Hondo: do you pay to get in
  15. (7:50:12 PM) Noser: the microsoft .net framework update to run terraria is bigger than terraria
  16. (7:50:33 PM) Grease: different levels of
  17. (7:50:35 PM) Foo|Laptop: painkiller made me install gamespy
  18. (7:50:35 PM) Hondo: terraria is good fun noser
  19. (7:50:37 PM) Grease: spinning
  20. (7:50:52 PM) Hondo: okay so what separates a good spinning class
  21. (7:50:56 PM) Hondo: from a bad spinning class
  22. (7:51:07 PM) Noser: a bad spinning class is where you prick your finger on the wheel and fall asleep for 20 years
  23. (7:51:35 PM) Psy: what
  24. (7:51:35 PM) Grease: I guess if you overexerted and shat yourself
  25. (7:51:39 PM) Grease: that would be bad
  26. (7:51:43 PM) Hondo: also guys apparently im gonna be an uncle in 8 months
  27. (7:51:50 PM) Grease: and anyhting else would be good
  28. (7:52:05 PM) Noser: apparently Spinning is a trademark
  29. (7:52:14 PM) Noser:
  30. (7:52:21 PM) Hondo: i have mixed feelings aboutt his
  31. (7:52:37 PM) Noser: "Spinning class makes riding a stationary more bike fun by adding variety and visualization into your workout. A motivating group setting, energizing music and inspiring instructors make Spinning class an incredible experience."
  32. (7:52:49 PM) Foo|Laptop: have you considered being disowned
  33. (7:52:52 PM) Schide: I have to clean up the spin room
  34. (7:52:54 PM) Psy: (7:46:55 PM) Foo|Laptop: yo tobers you see this?
  35. (7:52:54 PM) Psy: also if I was doing a they live alien costume, it would be a method acting thing where if I make eye contact with someone for more than a few seconds I say "WE'VE GOT ONE THAT CAN SEE" into my watch and take out a ray gun and fake-pursue them
  36. (7:53:00 PM) Hondo: what does the sspinning instructor do
  37. (7:53:01 PM) Schide: The music they play is generally shite
  38. (7:53:13 PM) Noser: they narrate
  39. (7:53:16 PM) Hondo: "You have to rotate the pedals the other way."
  40. (7:53:18 PM) Schide: The ride the bike in front and shout things for people to do
  41. (7:53:31 PM) Schide: Such as "pedal" and "pedal more"
  42. (7:53:34 PM) Noser: apparently there are different stances you use when you're on a "hill" and such
  43. (7:53:36 PM) Foo|Laptop: only do it when you see someone in sunglasses or youll get exhausted pretty quick
  44. (7:54:04 PM) Noser: advanced classes have "sprinting" apparently?
  45. (7:54:07 PM) Foo|Laptop: i mean frankly im pretty sure youd end up chasing like 5 people at once pretty often
  46. (7:54:25 PM) Psy: true
  47. (7:54:28 PM) Psy: hm i'd need to like
  48. (7:54:30 PM) Psy: be in a group
  49. (7:54:49 PM) Noser: recruit actors with twins, or that can pass for twins
  50. (7:54:55 PM) Schide: As far as I can tell it's a motivation thing
  51. (7:54:59 PM) Noser: have half of them out of makeup
  52. (7:55:03 PM) Noser: switch places every now and then
  53. (7:55:09 PM) Psy: and we'd wander a certain distance apart so when i did it it a half dozen other aliens would come out of nowhere and join the pursuit
  54. (7:55:34 PM) Noser: I guess at some point it's more like coswork
  55. (7:55:37 PM) Hondo: the best thing
  56. (7:55:46 PM) Hondo: would be to work in a gas station
  57. (7:55:50 PM) Psy: noser: at that point we arrange for it to be filmed and put the result on youtube
  58. (7:55:52 PM) Hondo: and when people tried on the sunglasses
  59. (7:56:01 PM) Hondo: duck under the counter and have another guy stand up
  60. (7:56:05 PM) Psy: hahahaha
  61. (7:56:07 PM) Foo|Laptop: hahaha
  62. (7:56:37 PM) GMan: Yo Foo, listen to this:
  63. (7:56:38 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen: i wonder if it'd be possible to make billboards that read differently when viewed with sunglasses
  64. (7:57:04 PM) Noser: yes, if you use polarized sunglasses
  65. (7:57:13 PM) Hondo: you could have a bunch of electronic screens resembling posters that just change at a button
  66. (7:57:27 PM) Psy: well i mean
  67. (7:57:31 PM) Foo|Laptop: n
  68. (7:57:33 PM) Foo|Laptop: not found?
  69. (7:57:34 PM) Psy: with the gas station idea
  70. (7:58:00 PM) Psy: it'd be a lot easier to stock the rack of sunglasses with ones that made the magazines seem different
  71. (7:58:13 PM) GMan: durrr
  72. (7:58:15 PM) GMan: i'm a moron
  73. (7:58:24 PM) GMan:
  74. (7:58:26 PM) GMan: there
  75. (7:58:27 PM) GMan: listen
  76. (7:58:36 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen: that would be an amazing viral marketing campaign for a they live remake
  77. (7:58:36 PM) Psy: at that point it's subtler and you don't even need the guy under the counter, you just act like you have no idea and tell the person they have to leave and can't take the sunglasses
  78. (7:58:52 PM) Psy: also
  79. (7:59:01 PM) Psy: have saltillo score the remake and david fincher direct it
  80. (7:59:20 PM) Psy: and have a second half that doesn't piss away the amazing tone of the first half
  81. (7:59:35 PM) Noser: Psy: what if they try to wrestle you to make you put on the sunglasses
  82. (7:59:44 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen: the only part of they live i've seen is the fight scene
  83. (7:59:49 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen: i was channel flipping
  84. (8:00:01 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen: i stopped watching after the fight scene ended
  85. (8:00:03 PM) Foo|Laptop: i think matt reeves miht be signed to the they live remake
  86. (8:00:04 PM) Pfisiar: "You, you're all right. But she's real fucking ugly"
  87. (8:00:10 PM) Pfisiar: or something
  88. (8:00:16 PM) Pfisiar: I've seen the fight and that clip
  89. (8:00:16 PM) Hondo: the gas station idea
  90. (8:00:23 PM) Foo|Laptop: and that it might just be a re-adaptation of 8 o clock in the morning instead of a remake of they live
  91. (8:00:25 PM) Hondo: if the person doesn't try on the sunglasses
  92. (8:00:38 PM) Hondo: rowdy roddy piper should appear out of nowhere and force them to
  93. (8:00:52 PM) Psy: noser: then I have succeeded more than I could have ever imagined, and I would absolutely play along with being freaked out by what i see and would go surprisingly far off-script to keep up the charade
  94. (8:01:15 PM) Psy: like I would spill the beans only once the freaked out person was about to cause themselves actual social or financial damage
  95. (8:01:49 PM) Psy: or once we get like a block away from the gas station if we end up fleeing
  96. (8:02:06 PM) Psy: foo we should submit this idea to improveverywhere
  97. (8:02:16 PM) Psy: they have done way more elaborate stuff for way worse ideas
  98. (8:02:44 PM) Psy: (8:00:03 PM) Foo|Laptop: i think matt reeves miht be signed to the they live remake
  99. (8:02:44 PM) Psy: wait what
  100. (8:02:47 PM) Psy: they're making one?
  101. (8:03:04 PM) Foo|Laptop: theyre making another adaptation of the story it was based on
  102. (8:03:41 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen:,54427/ it's not really a remake anymore
  103. (8:04:06 PM) Psy: ducky and pfis
  104. (8:04:16 PM) Psy: the relevant scene to understand like all they live references
  105. (8:04:40 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen: oh i've seen that
  106. (8:04:44 PM) Ex_PFC_Wintergreen: in gif form
  107. (8:04:48 PM) Psy: this is also like half an hour or more into the film, there's a really amazing slow buildup to this reveal
  108. (8:06:23 PM) Psy: man
  109. (8:06:29 PM) Psy: if the forum still got significant traffic
  110. (8:06:37 PM) Psy: you know what would be a fucking incredible april fools gag
  111. (8:07:04 PM) GMan: what
  112. (8:07:04 PM) Psy: little floating sunglasses icon in the corner of the page
  113. (8:07:42 PM) Psy: if you click it it changes the css style sheets to grayscale and changes the names of forums and the post/reply buttons and the title appropriately, and changes the avatars of all the mods/admins to grayscale they live alien photoshops of their existing avatars
  114. (8:08:07 PM) Foo|Laptop: yesss

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