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  1. Player: Suleman
  3. Name: Rising Tide, Tide for short.
  4. Her actual birthname is pretty much unpronouncable.
  6. High Concept: She Speaks For The Seas
  7. A young noblewoman and a knight, Tide was sent by her father, the high chancellor of the Sunken Kingdom, to represent it in the affairs of Trinity Bay.
  8. Her job is to protect the kingdom's interests in anyway she can and chooses... She usually chooses trouble.
  10. Trouble: Imperius Regina
  11. Let's be honest here, Tide is something of a douche. She is highborn and she knows it, and she doesn't care much for the surface world. She is quite adept at rousing the ire in others.
  14. Skills:
  15. +4: Athletics
  16. +3: Fight, Provoke
  17. +2: Physique, Resources, Notice
  18. +1: Will, Contacts, Rapport, Lore
  20. Stunts:
  22. Swordfish:
  23. Tide is a phenomenal swimmer. +2 to any Athletics overcome actions when underwater.
  25. Like Fish In A... Ugh... Barrel!
  26. When Tide has her trident, she can use Fight instead of Shoot to use it in a ranged attack against an opponent. Doing so means she loses access to the trident until she retrieves it.
  29. Aspects:
  31. Tide Rises
  32. A native of the underwater Deep Kingdom, Tide was sent to the surface world by her father. She immediately got into a scuffle with the representatives of the council, as she refused to follow the city's demands and traditions.
  34. Our blood makes us better!
  35. The Deep Kingdom is almost a caste society. Tide herself comes from the military ruling class. Tide respects Flaras for his noble birth and despises these people who value money over blood. She once even wrecked a fancy party where the local bourgeois showed disrespect to Flaras. This left an impression.
  38. Why was the daughter of the high chancellor sent to this remote town?
  39. She doesn't know, and she is not pleased! And just when she was getting on so well with the crown prince.
  40. She was going to have dinner with the royal family. Could you have thought of a worse time, father?

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