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  1. Name: Starts with an A, or maybe a B, but an A was definitely in the first three letters
  2. Class: Druid (Shifter 2, Wild Healer)
  3. Daily Scout Form Shifts: 1, Beast Form Shifts: At will, Beast Form Aspects: 3
  4. Beast Form Attack: Strength or Dexterity + Level
  5. Natural Even Hit: 1d10 damage per level+strength/dex
  6. Natural odd hit: 1d6 damage per level+strength/dex
  7. On miss, get one retry against the same or a different target
  8. Knows Bear Aspect, Behemoth Aspect, Wolverine Aspect
  9. HP: 21 (at 1st level, need to add stuff to have it right for 3rd)
  10. Physical defense: 16
  11. Mental defense: 14
  12. Background points: 8
  13. (backgrounds: Scholar (3), has spent a few years as various tiny fuzzy things (5))
  14. Recovery dice: d6/level
  16. (stats bought with good honest proper decent american points)
  17. Dexterity: 17 (+2, druid class ability)
  18. Constitution: 12
  19. Strength: 15
  20. Wisdom: 9
  21. Intelligence: 10
  22. Charisma: 8
  23. AC: 14
  24. Initiative: +7 (4 as dex modifier, then level)
  26. Daily spells: 1 per battle and 1 daily regeneration spell
  28. Feats:
  29. Can talk to plants and animals as often as she likes, has a +5 to any skill check involved
  30. Daily use of the Wild Heal spell
  31. Extra melee damage while using Wolverine aspect increases according to level:
  32. 2nd level druid +1d8 damage.
  33. 4th level druid +1d10 damage.
  34. 6th level druid +2d6 damage.
  35. 8th level druid +3d6 damage.
  36. 10th level druid +3d12 damage.
  38. Relationship points: 3 to a positive relationship with the High Druid (had a few good conversations, some of
  39. which were probably hallucinated)
  41. One Unique Thing: I am a shapeshifter who grew so stressed with my studies I began preferring the ease and
  42. freedom of animal life to human life. I routinely stay in scout form, changing to humanoid form only when
  43. necessary, and have forgotten irrelevant details such as my name.

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