Vulnus Mundi

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  1. Vulnus Mundi: the Scarred World.
  3. game elements
  4. 8 x 12 playing field, units, squads, resource points, commander card, structure points, tactic cards, unit cards and building cards.
  6. gameplay
  7. gameplay takes place on an 8 x 12 field. each player controls an army and is represented by a commander card from one faction. each player has a set of tactical cards that can be played by spending resource points. resource points are gained by using units to hold territory on the field.
  9. each turn, a player spawns one basic unit in a square adjacent to their backfield. units have attack, defense and movement. a basic unit has the stats of 1 attack point, 1 defense point and 1 movement point. 1/1/1. a unit can use one point of movement to move one square. left, right, back or forward. a unit can move before attacking, but not after.
  11. adjacent units of the same kind form a squad. they combine their attack and defense in combat, but still use their individual movement.
  13. the goal of a player is to reach enemy backfield/base with your units and attack it, removing structure points and to ultimately destroy it. accomplishing this wins the attacking player the game.
  15. at the start of a players turn, they gain resource points equal to the number of rows forward that they control. resource points are only usable during that turn and unused points go away at the end of a turn.
  17. combat.
  18. one unit or squad may attack an adjacent enemy unit or squad. damage is done by each side at the same time. if one side deals enough damage to beat the others defense, it is destroyed.
  20. factions
  21. each player may use one faction for play. each faction is mechanically distinct, with different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. this allows for a variety of strategies and a player can pick one that suits them the best. each faction has a distinct commander card, tactical cards and special units.
  23. commander cards
  24. a commander card defines which faction a player is using and which tactical cards and unit cards can be used in that game.
  26. tactical cards, unit cards and building cards.
  28. tactical cards are played by spending resources. they effect play in a variety of ways.
  29. -example: do 1 damage to each square in a five square row.
  30. -example: spawn 2 additional basic units.
  32. unit cards are played by spending resources. they spawn a unit with stronger statistics and unique abilities.
  33. -example: a unit with the stats 3/6/3 and the ability of range +2, allowing it to attack units up to two squares further away.
  35. building cards are played by spending the action of a unit. instead of attacking, a unit may build a building on one square.
  36. -example: a fort. a player may spawn units from a fort instead of their backrow. additionally, a unit occupying the same square as a fort gets 2 additional defense points.
  38. when a player has used all of their tactical cards, they put all of the cards back into their hand immediately.
  40. unit and building cards, once used, cannot be used again in that game.
  42. special abilities
  43. flying, ranger, recover, throw, target, mobile
  44. some units have special abilities that affect their movement or combat.
  46. eight planned factions, cross faction commanders?
  48. resource pool, used once per game.

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