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  1. You can't respec in Bloodborne, sadly, and due to the nature of the game the weapons are kind of scattered all over so you might not find one you like riiight away or you'll find one you realize is rad as fuck later but don't have the stats for.
  3. So it might be worth trying a quality build to start with just so you can get a feel for all the weapons for a second playthough. And by quality I mean like 25 Strength, 50 Skill, 50 Vit, 40 End, don't raise Bloodtinge/Arcane. Or drop some End to raise Arc, if you want because some hunter tools are pretty cool (beast roar, augur of ebrietas.)
  4. Blt and Arc tend to be 2nd playthrough builds though, since you need to know what you're doing with them and what weapons use those stats and such to really use them well
  5. Arc in particular often requires some Chalice Dungeon crawling for """optimal""" builds
  6. With an endgame build that's 25 Strength/50 Skill, Ludwig's Holy Blade is very good and very popular with new players, but if you find yourself liking another weapon more just ignore meeee. I suggested raising Skill to the 50 cap over strength because your visceral attack damage is scaled based on your Skill stat.
  7. Related to that, learn to parry early and practice it often. You can parry any human/humanoid in the game who isn't a mega-big giant, even if they're a boss, and most beasts that aren't more than like a head or two taller than you can be parried, too.
  9. The basic pistol is fine for that, though you can use the blunderbuss too. Pistol is faster, blunderbuss has a stagger effect even if you mistime it.
  10. One other thing: if you get a parry off but trade blows and are flinching back, you can do a dodge/dash forward and close the distance to do a visceral attack before the enemy gets out of the parry stagger
  11. If you do end up wanting to try Blt or Arc on your first playthrough, as an FYI, Blt tends to pair with Skill weapons, Arc tends to pair with Str
  12. And one final tip thing: beasts are weak to fire and serrated (saw) damage, humans and kin (you'll find out what those are) are weak to shock damage.

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