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  1. The ancients had foreseen the coming of vile beasts. Monstrosities, born at the dawn of the universe, were supposed to awake from the(ir) millennia-long slumber, to destroy the Earth and () humankind. These monsters (were) dubbed the dark gods by the forgotten prophets of days past. According to their grim visions(,) nothing could stop them from destroying the human race.
  3. The prophecies were all true.
  5. Deities have awakened and destroyed the Earth.
  7. And humans responded with firepower.
  9. The prophets did not realize just how much power the human race would have in the times of judgment. They did not understand the destructive power of plasma weapons. They could not imagine an armada of starships, able to launch hundreds of thousands of missiles at the same time. The monsters may have an almost divine power, but the majority of them still evaporate when hit by a megaton warhead.
  11. You are one of the people who do not fear the inhuman beasts, servants of the dark deities, or other unspeakable forces. You have discovered secrets of the corrupt, debased nobles of Bariz. You have tracked down cultists of the dark gods, trying to take over the freezing Ash. And about the monstrous spawn... well, hunting trips on Cor finally have a challenging game!

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