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From A MISERABLE PILE OF SECRETS, 9 Years ago, written in Venderant Nalaberong, viewed 917 times.
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  1. Born to a race of underground fishermen
  2. Young shepherd aspiring to be more
  4. Tribal tattoos of skulls and jungle animals
  5. Braided dreadlocks with sacred beads
  7. Undying loyalty to the ways of his people
  8. Worships a great and powerful scorpion god
  10. The ability to summon bees
  11. Massive fists of crushing
  13. Incredibly out of place Katana
  14. Five-Pronged Andalusian War-Mop
  16. Bright red man-panties with crosses suspenders
  17. Ankle bracelets of invisibility
  19. Gorthon Bonecrusher Jones

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