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  1. Name: Gene Miller Proudheart (no longer says his last name is Proudheart but does pretend it's an old family name since he's gotten stuck in the lie, is trying to segue out of it entirely)
  3. Aspects:
  5. Concept: Obsessively Diligent Occultech Student
  7. Talent: Long Nights In The Library
  9. Student: Hangs Out In the Teachers' Lounge
  10. Bad at interacting with fellow kids, has better-than-average connections with the teachers
  12. Drive: What If I'm Not Special
  13. Terrified of his grades slipping enough that the school discovers he doesn't belong there. Can't even stand being left out of a secret or a piece of knowledge, let alone a whole other facet of reality
  15. Free: That's How Orphans Are Made!
  16. Refuses to use a spell he doesn't understand at least the basic principles behind
  18. Approaches
  20. Careful: A (+3)
  21. Clever: B (+2)
  22. Quick: B (+2)
  23. Sneaky: C (+1)
  24. Flashy: C (+1)
  25. Forceful: D (+0)
  27. Stunts:
  29. My Student Sense Is Tingling: Can without fail locate any book in a properly-organized library, file in a properly-organized archive or other common object in a non-crap-organized storeroom
  31. Occultechnics Major: +2 to Carefully casting a spell provided he has a decent-sized chunk of free time to draft up some helpful code on his laptop; smartphone is also possible but should take longer and wouldn't work in a pinch
  33. I KNOW I Know This!: +2 to Quickly overcoming obstacles related to remembering obscure details about occult theory

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