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  1. (01:06:06 AM) Tobi: just had this insane dream
  2. (01:06:29 AM) Noser: go on
  3. (01:08:20 AM) Tobi: it started off as this romance thing and my gf's parents were rich for unspecified reasons and then i was on the phone with a friend who was like an ex secret agent and he was calling to tell me not to go with them to this one villa in i think belarus because it was "the nexus of black site torture in the entire eastern hemisphere" but we were already there and her father overheard him and took my phone
  4. (01:08:52 AM) Noser: eastern?
  5. (01:09:24 AM) Jack_Cain: i think that's divided by the international dateline
  6. (01:09:48 AM) Tobi: so then i was like a hostage but ex secret agent friend showed up with a huge four-legged mech-drone thing to rescue me, and he was doing some john wick shit which almost didnt work because the mother and maid had bulletproof subdermal armor plating
  7. (01:10:44 AM) Noser: ok mainland europe is almost entirely eastern
  8. (01:11:23 AM) Tobi: but then finally he took out the dad with one shot with some armor piercing revolver that went through the dad's head and also destroyed some high-tech egg-shaped computer core
  9. (01:11:49 AM) Noser: oh no the belarus eggcore
  10. (01:11:50 AM) Tobi: and ftr he tried nonlethal disabling shots at first but then they survived them and were shooting back
  11. (01:13:03 AM) Tobi: anyway so the gf is (understandably!) like what the fuck is going on but not like completely angry since she saw the dad take me hostage and threaten me with gun and such
  12. (01:13:45 AM) Tobi: and i guess somehow we accidentally activated this secret escape plane the dad had and ended up at some secret base in russia(?)
  13. (01:14:44 AM) Tobi: and the base was cleared out and this russian-only-speaking woman who the secret agent friend translated for claimed to be the dad's sister and had taken advantage of the eggcore thing to strike
  14. (01:15:02 AM) Noser: jack: you seem fine at keeping a schedule consistent with people around you when you're in PA?
  15. (01:15:40 AM) Tobi: there was a brief exchange where it turned out this cyrillic alphabet childrens book i read a translation of as a kid irl for real was also a staple of this woman's childhood
  16. (01:16:21 AM) Tobi: anyway there was some sort of possibly a robot villain still loose in the base and the implication that the dad had been cloning my gf or something but i woke up
  17. (01:16:57 AM) Tobi: very weird dream

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