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  1. ACADEMIC ASIDE: State an abstract, detached generalization (which may or may not make sense). "However, when the actions of the body are restricted its needs are also affected."
  2. ADJECTIVE-ED NOUN: Add an "-ed" suffix to an adjective which would have been correct without one. "... spilling a pool of crimsoned entrails ..."
  3. ALLITERATION: Begin four or more words in close proximity with the same sound or letter. "... severing several scarlet locks from his scalp."
  4. ANACHRONISM: Refer to something contemporary or futuristic.
  5. ANATOMICALLY INACCURATE SYNONYM: Refer to a body part by a biologically inaccurate term. "His hands reached out clutching his urinary gland ..."
  6. ANATOMY TEXT: Refer to an anatomical detail with excessive specificity (correctly or incorrectly). "Grignr grappled with the lashing flexor muscles of the repugnant body of a garganuan brownhided rat"
  7. ANIMAL METAPHOR: Metaphorically describe your character as an animal. "In grim silence Grignr treaded down the dingily lit corridor; a stalking panther creeping warily along on padded feet."
  8. ARCHITECTURAL PROSE: Describe a floor, wall, or ceiling which has no unusual features in ten words or more. "... the hand hewn granite laid pavement, worn smooth by countless hours of arduous sweat and toil ..."
  9. BLOODY DETAILS: Devote a sentence of at least fifteen words to blood, handling blood, and/or ancillary effects of blood. "Grignr shook his blood streaked hands and wiped them against his thigh until dry, then wiped the blood that had showered his face and from his eyes."
  10. CLOTHIER'S PARADOX: Refer to a piece of clothing or armor as being of a specific kind, but also refer to some property of it that contradicts that kind. "... beneath the folds of the g-string wrapped about his waist ..."
  11. CONSONANT CLUSTER: Use three or more consecutive consonants in a way that is incompatible with normal English word construction. "The councilor slumped to his knees as Grignr slid his crimsoned blade from Agfnd's rib cage."
  12. CRAYOLA THESAURUS: Use three or more synonyms for the same color or shade. "the stygian cloud of charcoal ebony"
  13. DANGLING PRONOUN: Use a pronoun with an incorrect or unclear antecedent. "Their hell-spawned cult demands a sacrifice once every three moons upon its full journey through the heavens."
  14. FATE WORSE THAN DEATH: Describe something as a fate worse than death. "Upon hearing this, Grignr realized that his fate would be far less merciful than death to one such as he, who is used to roaming the countryside at will."
  15. FOR DECORATIVE USE ONLY: Describe an object as being designed in a way that would make it useless for its actual purpose. "... silver meshed chalices ..."
  16. FORCED EXCITEMENT: Use a term which indicates sudden intense action, for an action which is neither. "The girl burst into a slow steady whimper ..."
  17. THE FUTILITY OF LANGUAGE: Use two or more synonyms or near-synonyms for "indescribable" in a description.
  18. GEMSTONE METAPHOR: Metaphorically describe someone or something as a gemstone. "... its beady grey organs of sight glazed into the flaring emeralds of its prey."
  19. GENDER CONFUSION: Use a word or phrase with gendered denotation or connotation, but apply it for the incorrect gender. "The slut should have picked his quarry more carefully!"
  20. GET NUMERIC: Use at least three numbers to describe something that does not require any numbers to adequately describe. "... when free and active Grignr may become hungry every six hours and witness the desire for sleep every fifteen hours, whereas in his present condition he may encounter the need for food every ten hours, and the want for rest every twenty hours ..."
  21. GOLD THINGS ARE BETTER: Describe an expensive substance being used for a purpose for which a more common substance would be more effective. "Spiraling the lower portion of the helmet were short, up-curved silver spikes, while a golden hump spired from the top of each basinet."
  22. HAVING IT BOTH WAYS: Factually contradict yourself within a single sentence. "Cushioning their bare feet were plush red felt slippers ..."
  23. INCORRECT ADJECTIVE: Use an incorrect real English adjective in a grammatically correct location. "... her stringy orchid twines of hair swaying gracefully over the lithe opaque nose ..."
  24. INCORRECT ADVERB: Use an incorrect real English adverb in a grammatically correct location. "Grignr’s emerald green orbs glared lustfully at the wallowing soldier ..."
  25. INCORRECT NOUN: Use an incorrect real English noun in a grammatically correct location. "A coral stood before the pair, enclosing two grazing mares."
  26. INCORRECT VERB: Use an incorrect real English verb in a grammatically correct location. "A sweeping blade of flashing steel riveted from the massive barbarians hide enameled shield ..."
  27. LOW BLOW: Have your character attack genitals. "... lodging her sandled foot squarely between the shaman's testicles ..."
  28. MAGICAL ASSPULL: Have your character use a supernatural power or item which your character has no prior reason to possess.
  29. "MAY" CURSE: Have your character use a curse starting with the word "may". "May the demons of Hell's deepest haunts claw away at his wretched flesh for this merciless act!"
  30. THE MOST SUBJECTIVE CARD: Cause the GM to laugh or wince.
  31. NEOLOGISTIC ADJECTIVE: Coin a new adjective. "They slew the guard placed over me and abducted me to the chamber in which you chanced to come upon the scozsctic sacrifice."
  32. NEOLOGISTIC ADVERB: Coin a new adverb. "... the wench stated whimsicoracally."
  33. NEOLOGISTIC VERB: Coin a new verb. "Grignr appilevered the oaken haft, employing it as a lever whereby to pry open the barrier."
  34. NUMBER MISMATCH: Mix singular and plural forms incorrectly.
  35. OMITTED NOUN: Leave a grammatically required noun out of a sentence entirely. "'Before me, sirrah! Before me as always! Ha, Ha Ha, Haaaa...', nobly cackled."
  36. OMITTED VERB: Leave a grammatically required verb out of a sentence entirely. "A gasping gurgle from the soldier’s writhing mouth as he tumbled to the golden sand at his feet, and wormed agonizingly in his death bed."
  37. OVERLY MODIFIED SENTENCE: Modify five or more words in a single sentence with adjectives, adverbs, and/or prepositional phrases. "The staggering soldier clumsily reached towards the pommel of his dangling sword, but before his hands ever touched the oaken hilt a silvered flash was slicing the heavy air."
  38. PERIOD DIALECT: Use an archaic pronoun or grammatical construct, correctly or incorrectly. "Thou hast need to occupy your time, barbarian"
  39. PLEONASTIC ADJECTIVE: Use an adjective which is redundant with the noun it modifies. "... the stone masonry of the floor ..."
  40. PLEONASTIC PHRASE: Use a multi-word phrase which is redundant with another multi-word phrase in the same sentence.
  41. PRURIENCE: Bring sex into a description which was doing fine without it. "To be forever refused further glimpses of the snow capped summits of the land of his birth, never again to witness the thrill of plundering unexplored lands beyond the crest of a bleeding horizon, and perhaps worst of all the denial to ever again encompass the lustful excitement of caressing the naked curves of the body of a trim yound wench."
  42. RHYME: Rhyme.
  43. SLASHING RAPIER: Describe a weapon as being used for a form of attack inconsistent with its design.
  44. SPECIFY GIBS: Make a list out of gore, with at least four elements. "... a slimy string of disjointed vertebrae, snapped trachea, esophagus, and jugular, disjointed hyoid bone, morose purpled stretched hide, and blood seared muscles."
  45. TENSE MISMATCH: Inappropriately combine verb tenses (past/present/future). "The weather beaten trail wound ahead into the dust racked climes of the baren land which dominates large portions of the Norgolian empire."
  46. TERRIBLE GEOGRAPHIC TERM: Invent a terrible name for a place or a people. "... bringing a heavy cloud over the Ecordian’s misting brain."
  47. TERRIBLE MYTHOLOGICAL TERM: Invent a terrible name for a god or mythic being. "By the surly beard of Mrifk, Grignr kneels to no man!"
  48. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID: Use a word or phrase which tends to invite innuendo, without following through on any innuendo. "Ejaculating a curse through rasping teeth ..."
  49. TYPO: Use an inappropriate but real English word which is off by one letter from an appropriate one. "... to yield to the superior force in hopes of a moment of carlessness later upon the part of his captors ..."
  50. UNNECESSARY KENNING: Needlessly refer to a thing or event by a cliched multi-word synonym. "A faint glimmer sparked from the pair of deep blue ovals of the amorous female  ..."
  51. VOCABULARY TEST: Cause the GM to use, or desire the use of, a dictionary or similar work of reference.
  52. WANDERING PREPOSITION: Omit, misplace, or incorrectly add an English preposition. "... he removed his callous paws from the girl's arms and replaced them with tightly around her undulating neck ..."
  53. WHAT YOU HAD FOR BREAKFAST: Specify the color of vomit. "... causing her to wrench her head backwards and regurgitate a slimy, orangewhite stream of swelling gore ..."
  54. WORD ELONGERATION: Incorrectly add a syllable to a word which was already at least three syllables. "... lighting his way with the confisticated torch of his dispatched guardian ..."

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