insect lad 4 sentinel comix rpg

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  3. Background: Unremarkable
  4. Power Source: Powered Suit
  5. Archetype: Armored
  6. Personality: Jovial
  7. Max Health: 32
  8. - Green: 32-25
  9. - Yellow: 24-12
  10. - Red: 11-1
  12. Qualities:
  13. - Conviction d10
  14. - Insight d8
  15. - Banter d6
  16. - Alien Brain Computer d8
  18. Powers:
  19. - Power Suit d6
  20. - Strength d10
  21. - Leaping d8
  22. - Gadgets d6
  24. GREEN d6:
  25. - Principle of Levity: [A] Overcome a dire situation where your jokes prevent demoralization and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
  26. - Principle of Whispers: [A] Overcome against a challenge that involves information that you have no real way of knowing and use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
  27. - Armored: [I] Reduce any physical or energy damage you take by 1 while you are in the Green zone, 2 while in the Yellow zone, and 3 while in the Red zone.
  28. - Diagnostic Subroutine: [I] Whenever your status changes due to a change in your current Health, you may remove a penalty on yourself.
  29. - Living Bulwark: [A] Attack using Strength. Defend another target with your Min die.
  30. - Repair: [A] Attack using Power Suit. Recover Health equal to your Min die.
  31. - Unstoppable Charge: [A] Attack using Strength. Ignore all penalties on this Attack, ignore any Defend actions, and it cannot be affected by Reactions.
  33. YELLOW d8:
  34. - Explosive Attack: [A] Attack up to three different targets using Strength. Apply your Max die to one, your Mid die to another, and your Min die to the third. If you roll doubles, take a minor twist or take irreducible damage equal to that die.
  35. - Energy Converter: [R] When you take damage from energy, treat the amount of damage you take as a Boost action for yourself.
  37. RED d10:
  38. - Push Your Limits: [I] You have no limit on amount of Reactions you can take. Each time you use a Reaction after the first one each turn, take 1 irreducible damage or take a minor twist.
  39. - Heroic Interruption: [R] When an Attack deals damage to a nearby hero in the Red zone, you may take d6 irreducible damage to redirect that Attack to a target of your choice, other than the source of the Attack.
  40. - Heroic Sacrifice: [R] When an opponent Attacks, you may become the target of that Attack and Defend by rolling your single Red zone die.
  42. OUT:
  43. - Defend an ally by rolling your single Conviction die.

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