My Latest MLP/Journey to the West Crossover Fic

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  1. **Item #:** SCP-XXXX
  3. **Object Class:** Keter
  5. **Special Containment Procedures:** Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, any sort of proactive or preventive containment is impossible. Attempts to trace SCP-XXXX have never succeeded, and so it is impossible to determine a point of origin. Once infected, the victims of SCP-XXXX and its effects are non-contagious; therefore, quarantine of infected persons is not strictly necessary, but is advised until Treatment Plan XXXX-A can be implemented.
  7. **Description:** SCP-XXXX is a piece of spam email, the first iteration of which in a geographic area appears in the inboxes of all adults within a three-kilometer radius of the largest public education facility. The email's subject line is generally "Is Your Child Safe?", with slight variations to spelling and punctuation between instances. The email's sole content is a hyperlink labeled "Find Out Now!" Recipients of the email are under no particular compulsion to click the link: it may be deleted freely at this stage.  Once the user clicks the link, its effects manifest.
  9. The user (henceforth referred to as 'the subject') is taken to a website whose design mimics that of the video-sharing website [DATA EXPUNGED] (hereafter referred to as SCP-XXXX-1). Attempts to locate or trace SCP-XXXX-1 via its IP address fail, variously returning the subject's own house, school, or local police office, and is not indexed on any known search engine. SCP-XXXX-1's active, infectious state lasts for the time it takes the second page to load. After such time, the video shows a featureless room, with only a bed and table shown. A human silhouette comes into the frame from camera left, dragging a smaller silhouette with it. What occurs next depends on whether the subject has any children[[footnote]]SCP-XXXX appears to only manifest its first outcome when the child is between five and sixteen years of age.[[/footnote]], whether known to them or not:
  11. * If the subject either does not have children, or none in the appropriate age range, the second figure will instead be a mannequin. The primary silhouette will still drag it to the camera, but will instead whisper: "Are your friends' children safe?"
  12. * In the event that the subject does have children in the appropriate age range, the smaller silhouette will be one of those children. The silhouette will drag the child close to the camera and whisper in a distorted, yet audible voice: "Is your child safe?" similar to the subject of the initial email.
  14. FOllowing this, the video will abruptly end and the web page will close. Residual symptoms depend on which case above was true. In the first case, the subject will have a lingering compulsion to forward the email to others in their address book; this seems to be satisfied after an average of seven forwards.
  16. In the second case, the subject appears to be afflicted with a form of Capgras delusion pertaining to the viewed child: they become certain that their child is somehow fake or not real, and that their 'real' child is somewhere else, needing their help. Administration of Class-B amnestics is of dubious effectiveness.
  18. ----
  20. HEY TOX: What this is supposed to be is a piece of spam that's got a link to a Livestream-like site. When the person clicks on it, their child [or one of their children] (and that of anybody looking at the screen[maaaaybe]), if any, is transported to the location of a Livestream link that comes up on the next page. In frame is a bed, a chair, and a vague silhouette of a person, who brings the child in from off-camera. There they're tortured and killed, leaving the parent with the firm conviction that their child is dead...and they have no idea who this strange kid in their house is. Capgras delusion.

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