Tentative Outline For My Crowdfunded Shonen Anime

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  1. As you travel down the road, a lone figure approaches you. Getting closer, you see it's a beared old man with a walking stick. His clothing is ragged and his hair is unkempt.
  3. "Well met, travellers. I am Cornelius Findlay, the truth-seer. I know the secrets of this world, and I share them freely with any who are wise enough to heed my words."
  5. "Now I do speak truth at no cost, but my truths are best heard round a campfire cookin some grub."
  7. "First of all, you gotta keep an eye out for them lizard men. They're everywhere and you don't see em on account of they can turn human. And they look just like a man, but you can tell, you see. It's the eyes. They always blink twice. The queen is one of em, she killed the old king and now she rules over all of us humanoid types with her lizard powers. And she's got 100 secret lizard children, and they all got important roles all over the world. So if you ever see somebody blink twice, you know it's one of them."
  9. "Now I know you've heard of the Bastard Princess. See, she's hiding on account of all the lizard men. They know she's the rigthful heir, so they want her dead, see? But she's gotta get revenge for her father, so she sneaks around, like a shadow of death. She's killing every one of the lizard queens lizard children. And when she's done, she's gonna kill the big mama. And with the lizard queen dead, she's gonna take the throne and get this country back on track. Like the good old days, before the lizards."
  11. "When you're travelling through the center of this land, don't go near the glass sea! That's where them brain eaters live. And they got them little men, what get inside your head and make you start seein all manner of things. And that makes your brain all extra juicy like, like puttin gravy on your food. And when you're all mixed up, seein things that aint there, what you don't see is that brain eater comin up at ya. And that's how they get ya."
  13. "And if you ever go out on the ocean, watch yourself. Cause they don't tell you what's real dangerous down in the deeps. Every time a ship sinks, it's them. They do it to steal riches for their dark god. They got em a demon god of the depths that they serve."
  14. "It's them Mer Dwarves. Stout little fishmen, with fins for beards and long fish tails and axes made outta shark bones. They hack away at the bottom of a ship to make it go down. So you watch! When you're out on the water, you watch! That them Mer Dwarves don't get to you."

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