Amara, a Wrench for the Orbital one-shot

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  1. My name is Amara (she/her).
  3. I'm on'ciet, and when you first see me you'll probably notice my five tired eyes, swirling cartilage face ridges, and unceasing profanities.
  5. I wear several good-luck charms clipped to a belt loop on my vibrant floral-patterned jumpsuit and always carry my battered fabric tool sack over my shoulder and a custom 3d-printed portable games console in my breast pocket.
  7. I'd happily work on fixing up the hydroponics or the media displays all day.  The blasters, though, would stay broken forever if I had a choice.
  9. I'm getting worn down by this job, so I'm training the talented vent dweller Eliis (she/her) to take over from me.
  11. If you've got a problem and I'm not on duty, you'll usually find me teaching a class at the rec.
  13. I consider myself respected and dependable, and when I retire I hope to be at peace.
  15. When can I set my tools down for the last time?
  20. Amara was raised as a farmhand and was on her way to a job replacing the aging manager of an independent organic farm on Kreyka VII when a layover on the station became permanent due to the spread of the war.
  21. The previous chief engineer was killed in an explosion caused by a stray energy bolt from a starship battle on the other side of the system, and Amara leapt into action to repair the life support systems, using her experience repairing farm equipment combined with trial, error, and some luck.  Within months she was relied upon for repairs throughout the station, either personally or through coordinating other volunteers.
  22. In the years of conflict since, Kreyka VII was occupied, and the organic farm was expropriated, industrialized, and dedicated to supplying the war effort.  The aging former manager is still alive and currently resides in a medical long-term care facility.
  24. Amara hates the term "vent rats," having heard it so many times spat with contempt by the privileged.  She prefers "vent dwellers."
  26. As chief engineer on the station, Amara is indeed widely respected and liked, but the price of this is that she stretches herself too thin fulfilling her commitments.  She is constantly exhausted, barely sleeps, and self-medicates by smoking hand-rolled cigarettes made with a dried mushroom powder with relaxing and energy-extending effects.  The mushrooms, brought aboard originally by a passing merchant vessel, now grow naturally in the cool, damp ventilation systems of the station.
  28. If the war and her responsibilities on the station ever end, Amara dreams of owning a farm small enough to tend to by herself.
  30. Amara's relationship with the Vigil, the station's AI core, is sometimes playfully adversarial but always mutually respectful and protective.  Neither will tolerate anyone messing with the other the way they do with each other.
  32. The classes Amara teaches at the rec center are basic/beginner engineering and hydroponic gardening courses.  They are free but spaces are highly sought-after, with a lengthy waiting list that Amara manipulates to only allow in the working-class poor and the underprivileged.
  34. Eliis, Amara's apprentice, is highly competent and, based solely on her technical skillset, could take over Amara's role tomorrow, but she is shy and insecure and prefers to work alone because she has trouble giving commands and delegating tasks.  Amara and the Vigil are the only two on the station who Eliis feels totally comfortable interacting with.  Eliis's relationship with the Vigil is softer and gentler than Amara's; the two of them are fiercely protective of and always caring and friendly to each other.

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