Alan Fate Test: The Special Edition

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  1. (10:08:18 AM) Psy: ey pfis
  2. (10:08:22 AM) Psy: you here?
  3. (10:08:22 AM) Fenris left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  4. (10:08:34 AM) Psy: I need some help wrapping my mind around the ruleset we're using
  5. (10:08:37 AM) Psy:
  6. (10:08:45 AM) Psy: get this and help me run some practice dealies
  7. (10:09:42 AM) Pfisiar: ok
  8. (10:10:33 AM) KalganBot [] entered the room.
  9. (10:10:33 AM) KalganBot: It's not unlike ancient dental equipment on Earth - not that you'd know anything about that!
  10. (10:10:38 AM) Psy: ok so
  11. (10:10:52 AM) Psy: all dice rolls are !f, for four fudge dice
  12. (10:10:53 AM) Psy: !f
  13. (10:10:55 AM) KalganBot: Psy rolled +,  , +, + on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  14. (10:11:07 AM) Psy: !f
  15. (10:11:08 AM) KalganBot: Psy rolled -,  , -,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  16. (10:11:13 AM) Pfisiar: !f
  17. (10:11:14 AM) KalganBot: Pfisiar rolled +, +, -, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  18. (10:11:29 AM) Psy: the first roll would be +3, the second -2, what you just rolled comes out to 0/neutral
  19. (10:11:41 AM) Psy: we also need some way to keep track of fate points
  20. (10:12:13 AM) Psy: ##pfis = 3
  21. (10:12:19 AM) Psy: ##print pfis
  22. (10:12:21 AM) KalganBot: 3
  23. (10:12:31 AM) Psy: ##pfis++
  24. (10:12:32 AM) KalganBot: Try harder.  Try again.
  25. (10:12:44 AM) Psy: ##pfis += 1
  26. (10:12:47 AM) Psy: ##print pfis
  27. (10:12:49 AM) KalganBot: 4
  28. (10:12:54 AM) Psy: a bit clunky
  29. (10:13:01 AM) Psy: maybe we can use roll20
  30. (10:13:04 AM) Psy: but we'll figure it out
  31. (10:15:34 AM) Noser: we could just store fate points in the topic
  32. (10:15:42 AM) Psy: true
  33. (10:16:02 AM) Psy: that'd be kind of a pain to not accidentally blank it
  34. (10:16:16 AM) Psy: oh noser if you'd like to join my little test here that'd kinda rule
  35. (10:16:19 AM) Bizarre: but you'd have the last topic in the logs
  36. (10:16:28 AM) Psy: true
  37. (10:16:31 AM) Psy: aaaanyway
  38. (10:16:33 AM) Psy: so
  39. (10:18:06 AM) Psy: pfis, you're bright falls sheriff's deputy Andy Newman, your best (+4) skill is athletics, you were a star quarterback in high school three years ago.  your high concept is Reckless Deputy
  40. (10:18:58 AM) Psy: noser, you are fbi agent Willam Weatherby, sent to investigate a man named Nightingale who impersonated an FBI agent in town a few months ago and then disappeared
  41. (10:19:40 AM) Psy: your best skill is Investigation, your high concept is Aging Veteran Agent
  42. (10:20:17 AM) Suleman: Oh, we're starting
  43. (10:20:24 AM) Psy: no
  44. (10:20:28 AM) Psy: this is a practice thing
  45. (10:20:38 AM) Psy: to try to wrap my head around how fate works
  46. (10:21:27 AM) Suleman: Yeah, but I should be paying attention anyway
  47. (10:23:22 AM) Psy: okay
  48. (10:24:15 AM) Psy: the sun is setting outside and the two of you have arrived at "Agent" Nightingale's hotel room
  49. (10:25:08 AM) Noser: investigate's the slower one, not the one I'd use in real-time during an active scene, right?
  50. (10:25:26 AM) Psy: Weatherby got an earful about how Nightingale skipped town without paying from the elderly proprietor, who was also unrepentant about throwing out nightingale's personal effects and cleaning up the room
  51. (10:25:33 AM) Mr_Filament [] entered the room.
  52. (10:25:36 AM) Psy: you might figure out a way during an active scene
  53. (10:26:07 AM) Noser: throwing out, eh
  54. (10:26:08 AM) Mr_Filament left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  55. (10:26:14 AM) Psy: right now the motel room looks to both of you like a standard motel room, and any obvious evidence of nightingale's stay is long gone
  56. (10:26:30 AM) Mr_Filament [] entered the room.
  57. (10:26:32 AM) Mr_Filament left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 15.0.1/20120905151427]).
  58. (10:26:44 AM) Psy: you two may act now
  59. (10:26:52 AM) Psy: you both have three fate points
  60. (10:27:22 AM) Psy: you also have two +3 skills unassigned each
  61. (10:28:16 AM) Noser: is the pdf you linked newer than the one you sent me
  62. (10:28:23 AM) Psy: no
  63. (10:29:34 AM) Psy: for now treat this like a normal-ass rpg
  64. (10:29:42 AM) Psy: what actions do you want to do
  65. (10:29:51 AM) Psy: when a skill check comes up
  66. (10:29:57 AM) Psy: then we will fate-ify
  67. (10:31:02 AM) Fenris [] entered the room.
  68. (10:31:13 AM) Noser: Check under the mattress, above the drop ceiling tiles, look for imprints on any stationery...
  69. (10:31:21 AM) Noser: toilet tank...
  70. (10:31:42 AM) Noser: not likely the proprieter'd have missed anything but we're already here
  71. (10:32:13 AM) Psy: on the under side of the mattress is a big light-brown stain that smells slightly alcoholic
  72. (10:32:16 AM) Mr_Filament [] entered the room.
  73. (10:32:25 AM) Psy: it's likely the proprietor just said fuck it and flipped it over
  74. (10:32:45 AM) Noser: months ago and it still smells?
  75. (10:32:49 AM) Psy: the ceiling does not have tiles, but there are a bunch of exceedingly unhelpful dead bugs in the light fixture
  76. (10:32:54 AM) Noser: probably not even from our guy
  77. (10:32:54 AM) Mr_Filament: I wonder what was really going on here
  78. (10:32:59 AM) Psy: noser: only slightly with your nose right up against it
  79. (10:33:01 AM) Psy: it was strong stuff
  80. (10:33:11 AM) Noser: oh, did we ask who's had the room since then
  81. (10:33:33 AM) Psy: you did, he said to come back with a warrant before he'd let you harass more townsfolk
  82. (10:33:49 AM) Noser: so probably at least one person
  83. (10:34:04 AM) TSI1: sup noser
  84. (10:34:13 AM) Noser: hey TSI
  85. (10:34:21 AM) TSI1: i didnt figure out the puzzle pieces on my own bt
  86. (10:34:22 AM) TSI1: w
  87. (10:34:22 AM) Fenris: guys, check this out
  88. (10:34:37 AM) Noser: have you gotten the least-shitty ending now?
  89. (10:34:44 AM) TSI1: i got 2 endings
  90. (10:34:49 AM) Fenris left the room (Kicked by Psy (no)).
  91. (10:34:54 AM) Noser: the puzzle piece in Crackdown is nasty
  92. (10:35:16 AM) Noser: is that counting the wheelchair guy as an ending
  93. (10:35:25 AM) Fenris [] entered the room.
  94. (10:35:33 AM) Fenris: but it's hilarious!!
  95. (10:35:49 AM) Psy: in what way
  96. (10:35:57 AM) Mr_Filament: "- once you bought it there will be no returning back"
  97. (10:36:10 AM) Mr_Filament: I keep reading that as "no turning back"
  98. (10:36:35 AM) Fenris: the guy is hideously overcharging his army
  99. (10:36:50 AM) Psy: ha ha my sides ow so funny
  100. (10:36:54 AM) Psy: shut up about warhams
  101. (10:36:59 AM) Noser: this is only hilarious if you know warhammer numbers
  102. (10:37:09 AM) Fenris: also i actually personally know this guy
  103. (10:37:18 AM) Mr_Filament: Warhams, sounds like something you play during the holidays
  104. (10:37:25 AM) Fenris: the point he's trying to get something for nothing
  105. (10:38:02 AM) TSI1: is the joke that warhammer is always overcharged
  106. (10:38:03 AM) Fenris: would you pay 265$ postage because he can't set the price above 500$ as a new seller?
  107. (10:38:14 AM) TSI1: thats the joke right
  108. (10:38:21 AM) Fenris: yeah
  109. (10:38:30 AM) Fenris left the room (Kicked by Psy (shut up about warhams)).
  110. (10:38:35 AM) Fenris [] entered the room.
  111. (10:38:44 AM) Fenris: that's about it
  112. (10:38:48 AM) Psy: noser
  113. (10:38:53 AM) Psy: you were onto something earlier
  114. (10:39:07 AM) TSI1: i counted wheelchair dude
  115. (10:39:15 AM) Psy: also you could prolly roll investigation to identify the spill
  116. (10:39:28 AM) Noser: what's the deputy doing while I'm poking around in things
  117. (10:39:30 AM) Mr_Filament: Bizarre: Did you get a look at that Star Wars stuff?
  118. (10:39:35 AM) Psy: idk pfisiar has disappeared
  119. (10:39:57 AM) Psy: ok since peeps are waking up and wanting to chat about valid things
  120. (10:40:11 AM) (notice) Psy invited Noser into the channel.
  121. (10:40:14 AM) (notice) Psy invited Pfisiar into the channel.
  122. (10:40:16 AM) Noser [] entered the room.
  123. (10:40:30 AM) (notice) Psy invited Suleman into the channel.
  124. (10:41:09 AM) Noser: is there any stationery
  125. (10:42:01 AM) Psy: yes
  126. (10:42:25 AM) Psy: from the header it looks like it was borrowed from the local park
  127. (10:42:28 AM) Psy: but it's there
  128. (10:42:35 AM) Noser: that's more interesting, if anything
  129. (10:42:39 AM) Noser: any imprints?
  130. (10:42:44 AM) Psy: yes
  131. (10:43:15 AM) Psy: you do the classic pencil rubbing thing and find a rather disturbing cluster of word salad
  132. (10:43:33 AM) Noser: anything related to what we know of our perp?
  133. (10:43:51 AM) Psy: from what you can glean, nightingale was trying to remember details of his past and coming up short, and in big letters at the bottom, "HE WROTE ME"
  134. (10:44:12 AM) Psy: at this point you notice the deputy is nowhere to be seen, the door to the room is open, and it's fully dark outside
  135. (10:44:40 AM) Noser: how many liquor stores are in town
  136. (10:45:10 AM) Psy: liquor is at every gas station, bright falls is lacking blue laws
  137. (10:45:19 AM) Noser: I assume not too many... guy comes in from out of town, maybe he doesn't drink what the locals drink
  138. (10:45:22 AM) Noser: ah
  139. (10:45:29 AM) Noser: still, if he wanted something special
  140. (10:45:40 AM) Noser: might as well go by the book about that stain
  141. (10:45:46 AM) Noser: swab it and what-have-you
  142. (10:46:05 AM) Psy: as you swab outside you hear the proprietor's voice talking to someone
  143. (10:46:28 AM) Psy: "checkout at 10am on the dot" he says, sort of robotically
  144. (10:46:55 AM) Psy: "late checkout will result in additional fees"
  145. (10:47:04 AM) Psy: the voice sounds very off now
  146. (10:47:08 AM) Noser: off how
  147. (10:47:35 AM) Psy: distorted, like you're underwater and he's talking above the surface
  148. (10:47:36 AM) Noser: I think it'd make sense for me to have Notice at +2
  149. (10:47:40 AM) Psy: it would
  150. (10:48:01 AM) Noser: and stealth... probably not much stealth, but +1
  151. (10:48:17 AM) Noser: and I'm gonna try to get a look at this conversation, ideally without being spotted
  152. (10:48:21 AM) Psy: the lights in the room abruptly shut off, and outside the only light you can see nearby is the parking lot light pole
  153. (10:48:35 AM) Psy: you are carrying a flashlight, but it would give away your position
  154. (10:48:54 AM) Noser: yeah, move in the dark
  155. (10:49:17 AM) Psy: oh we need the bot in here for dice
  156. (10:50:24 AM) LakeBot [] entered the room.
  157. (10:50:24 AM) LakeBot: It's not a lake.... it's an ocean
  158. (10:51:09 AM) Psy: ok roll stealf
  159. (10:51:22 AM) Psy: basically !f, manually add that to your +1
  160. (10:51:31 AM) Psy: i will roll for proprietor
  161. (10:51:41 AM) Psy: his notice is... neutral i guess
  162. (10:51:42 AM) Psy: !f
  163. (10:51:43 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled -, -, +, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  164. (10:51:54 AM) Psy: wow you are unseen unless you majorly fuck up
  165. (10:52:01 AM) Noser: !f
  166. (10:52:02 AM) LakeBot: Noser rolled -, -, +, + on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  167. (10:52:10 AM) Psy: so that comes out to +1
  168. (10:52:17 AM) Noser: which is above his by 4
  169. (10:52:19 AM) Noser: meaning a thing
  170. (10:52:19 AM) Psy: vs -2
  171. (10:52:32 AM) Psy: yeah it does mean a thing h/o
  172. (10:53:32 AM) Noser: I thought he rolled a -3
  173. (10:53:38 AM) Psy: ok you succeed with style
  174. (10:53:47 AM) Psy: he rolled 3 -s and one +
  175. (10:53:52 AM) Psy: the + cancels out a -
  176. (10:54:16 AM) Noser: oh, sorry
  177. (10:54:39 AM) Psy: do you remember what a boost is
  178. (10:55:06 AM) Noser: I believe it's a one-use temporary aspect?
  179. (10:55:42 AM) Psy: ah
  180. (10:55:46 AM) Psy: well you've got one
  181. (10:56:29 AM) Psy: you sneak out of the room and, hiding behind a bench in the dark, you see the proprietor walking around the corner from the side of the building you remember the fuse box being on
  182. (10:56:56 AM) Noser: I guess the unlit bench is my boost then
  183. (10:57:02 AM) Psy: he looks strange, shrouded in undulating shadows that look like a cross between a liquid and a gas, flowing around him and obscuring him
  184. (10:57:23 AM) Psy: he is walking toward the room you were investigating but he does not see you
  185. (10:57:28 AM) Psy: he has a hatchet in one hand
  186. (10:57:52 AM) Noser: I've had a lot of years on me as an agent. in all that time as an Aging Veteran Agent, have I ever heard of anything like this? (spend a fate point)
  187. (10:58:03 AM) Pfisiar [] entered the room.
  188. (10:58:11 AM) Pfisiar: sorry
  189. (10:59:03 AM) Psy: a long time ago you remember a murder case in oregon, the convicted killer said that the shadows made him do it, that when he was wrapped in shadow he couldn't control himself
  190. (10:59:29 AM) Psy: everyone thought he was nuts, so he got sentenced to a psych ward
  191. (10:59:47 AM) Psy: okay pfis
  192. (10:59:48 AM) Psy: (10:56:29 AM) Psy: you sneak out of the room and, hiding behind a bench in the dark, you see the proprietor walking around the corner from the side of the building you remember the fuse box being on
  193. (10:59:48 AM) Psy: (10:56:56 AM) Noser: I guess the unlit bench is my boost then
  194. (10:59:48 AM) Psy: (10:57:02 AM) Psy: he looks strange, shrouded in undulating shadows that look like a cross between a liquid and a gas, flowing around him and obscuring him
  195. (10:59:48 AM) Psy: (10:57:23 AM) Psy: he is walking toward the room you were investigating but he does not see you
  196. (10:59:48 AM) Psy: (10:57:28 AM) Psy: he has a hatchet in one hand
  197. (10:59:48 AM) Psy: (10:57:52 AM) Noser: I've had a lot of years on me as an agent. in all that time as an Aging Veteran Agent, have I ever heard of anything like this? (spend a fate point)
  198. (11:00:11 AM) Noser: a hatchet, eh
  199. (11:00:23 AM) Noser: now what would he be doing with a thing like that...
  200. (11:00:28 AM) Noser: am I armed
  201. (11:01:03 AM) Psy: you are sitting in the squad car under the warm light of a lamp post talking on the radio with your cousin and best friend who's manning the dispatch, when you see the proprietor, wrapped in weird black gas, slam a hatchet into the power box for the motel, and all the lights go out
  202. (11:01:10 AM) Psy: both of you have flashlights and sidearms
  203. (11:01:18 AM) Psy: there is a shotgun and shells in the trunk of the squad car
  204. (11:01:37 AM) Psy: pfis has shooting at +3 from the range
  205. (11:01:50 AM) Psy: noser may choose based on characterization what his shooting is
  206. (11:02:25 AM) Noser: just +1, I keep up with the range because I have to but my reflexes ain't what they used to be
  207. (11:02:54 AM) Psy: oh also there's a box of road flares under the passenger seat of the squad car, easily accessible by andy/pfis
  208. (11:03:10 AM) Psy: and pfis since you're already on the horn with dispatch you might want to call for backup
  209. (11:03:53 AM) Pfisiar: ok, this is a test run?
  210. (11:03:53 AM) Noser: I'm going to sneak back out from under the bench so he doesn't know I was skulking, then approach him casually and see if he reacts normally
  211. (11:04:00 AM) Psy: pfis: yes
  212. (11:04:15 AM) Noser: spending my boost towards that, since I'm leaving the cover that I reached when I go tit
  213. (11:04:19 AM) Psy: it might be canon for the game but it's not the same characters
  214. (11:04:58 AM) Psy: noser, as soon as the proprietor sees you he runs at you with the hatchet raised
  215. (11:05:25 AM) Psy: "TWO PERSONS TO A ROOM, NO EXCEPTIONS" he says in a weird deepened, cracking voice
  216. (11:05:44 AM) Noser: damn it, should've brought a taser
  217. (11:06:01 AM) Psy: pfis you see the proprietor running at agent weatherby with the hatchet
  218. (11:06:27 AM) Noser: this seems to be combat now, how does turn order go
  219. (11:06:48 AM) Psy: i remember it being something weird like order of notice or some such
  220. (11:07:12 AM) ***Pfisiar requests backup from dispatch and drops the phone.
  221. (11:07:22 AM) ***Pfisiar raises his sidearm.
  222. (11:07:29 AM) Noser: yeah, it's by notice. we've established mine at +2 and the proprietor's at 0
  223. (11:07:30 AM) Pfisiar: "Get back!"
  224. (11:07:50 AM) Pfisiar: (sorry, I'm eating breakfast, kind of not in a position to type much)
  225. (11:07:54 AM) Psy: it's fine
  226. (11:08:29 AM) Psy: in a shower of sparks and shards of glass, the lamp post above andy goes out
  227. (11:09:08 AM) Psy: andy whips around and sees a burly man in hunter's digs shrouded in the same gas-like shadows approaching, carrying a woodchopping axe
  228. (11:09:12 AM) Psy: he's three heads taller than you
  229. (11:09:25 AM) Psy: "YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT NATURE AND YOURSELF" he growls in a weird inhuman tone
  230. (11:09:48 AM) Psy: noser you may act
  231. (11:09:51 AM) Noser: I shoot at the hotel proprieter
  232. (11:10:13 AM) Noser: !f
  233. (11:10:14 AM) LakeBot: Noser rolled +,  ,  , - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  234. (11:10:24 AM) Noser: so that's 1, versus the proprieter's what, athletics score?
  235. (11:11:12 AM) Psy: as the bullets reach the undulating shadows they divert and strike the pavement and the side of the motel harmlessly
  236. (11:11:32 AM) Psy: you gain a fate point as the Shadow Armor aspect appears and is compelled
  237. (11:12:03 AM) Noser: "invoked", I believe
  238. (11:12:10 AM) Psy: sure
  239. (11:12:25 AM) Noser: compelled is waht I plan to do with it next turn if I live that long
  240. (11:12:27 AM) Psy: what's your athletics at
  241. (11:12:50 AM) Noser: +1
  242. (11:13:02 AM) Noser: like the shooting I just barely do enough to meet requirements
  243. (11:13:14 AM) Psy: roll it, maybe spend a point to invoke your veteranness
  244. (11:13:20 AM) Noser: !f
  245. (11:13:21 AM) LakeBot: Noser rolled +, -,  , + on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  246. (11:13:29 AM) Psy: that's a +1
  247. (11:13:33 AM) Noser: wait, why am I rolling
  248. (11:13:37 AM) Psy: to
  249. (11:13:38 AM) Psy: defend
  250. (11:13:38 AM) Noser: the attacker rolls, defense is passive
  251. (11:13:41 AM) Psy: is it?
  252. (11:13:42 AM) Psy: fuck
  253. (11:13:47 AM) Noser: isn't it?
  254. (11:13:48 AM) Noser: wait
  255. (11:13:59 AM) Psy: no during an exchange you roll defense
  256. (11:14:02 AM) Psy: a skill roll
  257. (11:14:06 AM) Psy: whatever's relevant
  258. (11:14:37 AM) Psy: !f wild +0 swing of the hatchet
  259. (11:14:38 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled -,  , +,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  260. (11:15:00 AM) Noser: where are the rules for just plain making an attack action in this book
  261. (11:15:30 AM) Psy: you barely dodge out of the way as the proprietor embeds the axeblade in the wood planks of the covered walkway
  262. (11:15:33 AM) Psy: pg 165
  263. (11:16:04 AM) Psy: new exchange, pfisiar and noser may act once more
  264. (11:16:24 AM) Psy: i will act for pfis if he has not acted by the time noser's action is resolved
  265. (11:16:48 AM) Pfisiar: eh, I'd prefer you just took this
  266. (11:16:56 AM) Pfisiar: I'm trying to familiarize myself with the rules
  267. (11:16:56 AM) Psy: :(
  268. (11:16:58 AM) Psy: ok
  269. (11:17:40 AM) Noser: The way he's putting out the lights I'd assume Shadow Armor comes with a downside, so use the flashlight and spend a point to compel that
  270. (11:17:56 AM) Pfisiar: learning a new system from a PDF is a pain in the ass. :(
  271. (11:19:02 AM) Psy: You shine the flashlight in the proprietor's face and not only do the gaseous shadows dissipate, he roars bestially in pain and covers his eyes, dropping the axe
  272. (11:19:13 AM) Noser: not even a roll?
  273. (11:19:59 AM) Psy: the roll you make is shooting with the compelled aspect's bonus
  274. (11:20:10 AM) Noser: ah, ok
  275. (11:20:21 AM) Psy: er
  276. (11:20:24 AM) Psy: no this is invoking
  277. (11:20:29 AM) Psy: but it gives you a +2
  278. (11:20:36 AM) Psy: so +3 modifier to your roll
  279. (11:20:47 AM) Noser: but no, not shooting then. this guy might have answers, I'm gonna cuff him. fighting is at +0
  280. (11:20:48 AM) Noser: !f
  281. (11:20:48 AM) LakeBot: Noser rolled  , +,  , - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  282. (11:21:05 AM) Psy: no one ever tried that in alan wake
  283. (11:21:09 AM) Psy: i like it
  284. (11:21:19 AM) Noser: OOC I'm sure he has no answers
  285. (11:21:51 AM) Psy: !f he has fighting at +0 and does not have the benefit of your +2 compel
  286. (11:21:51 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled -,  ,  ,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  287. (11:22:31 AM) Psy: you punch him in the gut and he doubles over, allowing you to push him to the ground and cuff him
  288. (11:24:19 AM) Noser: I am guessing pfisiar's giant woodsman is up next?
  289. (11:24:23 AM) Psy: Andy uses athletics to try to Create an Advantage, by rushing to get the flares from under the seat
  290. (11:24:27 AM) Psy: pfisiar's character
  291. (11:24:36 AM) Psy: !f +3 athletix
  292. (11:24:38 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled +, -,  ,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  293. (11:24:46 AM) Psy: so, +3 total
  294. (11:25:17 AM) Noser: so the advantage is created and next turn he can invoke it without spending a point
  295. (11:26:01 AM) Psy: Andy dives through the open driver's side door of the squad car and in a smooth john woo esque motion flies out the open passenger side window holding a flare and tumblr-rolls onto his feet on the ground
  296. (11:26:39 AM) Psy: "ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GEAR" the woodsman roars, attempting to axe andy a question
  297. (11:26:47 AM) Psy: !f +2 fighting
  298. (11:26:48 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled -, -, -, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  299. (11:26:51 AM) Psy: wow
  300. (11:27:34 AM) Psy: he misses by a mile and andy gets a good ribkick in, destabilizing him and gaining a boost
  301. (11:27:51 AM) Psy: new round, Weatherby may act to assist Andy
  302. (11:28:03 AM) Psy: the proprietor is incapacitate
  303. (11:28:04 AM) Psy: d
  304. (11:29:38 AM) Noser: hold on, I want to look up movement rules
  305. (11:30:05 AM) Psy: there are zones, Outside the Room and Parking Lot/Squad Car are the two active zones
  306. (11:30:35 AM) Noser: ok, nothing is in my way here so I can move to the car for free in addition to shooting at park guy
  307. (11:30:56 AM) Noser: !f +1 shooting
  308. (11:30:57 AM) LakeBot: Noser rolled -, +,  ,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  309. (11:31:17 AM) Noser: ... and this guy clearly works out
  310. (11:31:56 AM) Psy: !f +2 athletics and +2 invoking shadow armors
  311. (11:31:57 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled +, +,  ,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  312. (11:32:11 AM) Psy: The bullets succeed only in turning his anger to you
  313. (11:33:11 AM) Psy: Andy lights the flare (using the advantage for +2 and spending a fate point to invoke the darkness armor), also +3 shooting
  314. (11:33:17 AM) Noser: if he gest that much over on his defense does he get a boost
  315. (11:33:23 AM) Psy: yes
  316. (11:33:28 AM) Psy: !f +7 damn
  317. (11:33:30 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled  ,  ,  ,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  318. (11:33:36 AM) Psy: so just +7
  319. (11:33:43 AM) Psy: a feeble athletics dodge attempt
  320. (11:33:46 AM) Psy: !f +2
  321. (11:33:47 AM) LakeBot: Psy rolled  ,  , -,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  322. (11:34:21 AM) Noser: boosts aren't just an abstract chip like fate points, a boost is supposed to be an actual aspect the receiver decides on, I think
  323. (11:34:43 AM) Noser: in general the combat system likes it when things in the scene get called out specifically
  324. (11:34:52 AM) Noser: not that it matters for that shot
  325. (11:35:04 AM) Psy: Andy strikes the flare and the woodsman shields his eyes, and Andy raises his .44 magnum revolver and fires through the woodsman's forearm and right between his eyes
  326. (11:35:45 AM) Psy: There is a bright flash of light and the woodsman dissolves into quickly-fading sparks, leaving no trace
  327. (11:36:59 AM) Psy: Weatherby gets out his cell phone and dials headquarters and Andy searches the ground in disbelief for some shred of evidence that the woodsman even existed, as sirens in the distance indicate the approach of Bright Falls' finest
  328. (11:37:03 AM) Psy: TEST END
  329. (11:37:14 AM) Pfisiar: ah
  330. (11:37:15 AM) Psy: best ending
  331. (11:37:22 AM) Psy: since noser got the proprietor "alive"
  332. (11:37:29 AM) Psy: and therefore has no splaining to do
  333. (11:37:38 AM) Psy: #botquit
  334. (11:37:39 AM) LakeBot left the room (quit: Quit: LakeBot).
  335. (11:37:45 AM) Psy: now get out and i'll pastebin this
  336. (11:37:47 AM) Noser left the room (Kicked by Psy (Psy)).
  337. (11:37:50 AM) Pfisiar left the room (Kicked by Psy (Psy)).

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