rpg secrets DON'T LOOK!!!!!

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  1. - Landing site is a small park with a defaced and overgrown statue in the center.  Touching the weird podium thing near the base turns on lights and a hologram-augmented voiceover narration in an old language.  The visuals seem to imply this park was the landing site of an early colonist.
  3. - Nav point 1:  Entrance to subway station.  It's super dark and there are some cave-ins.  All signs and advertising were on screens that are dark and blank now, making the place seem kinda desolate as well as confusing.  Use the cave-ins as landmarks I guess?
  5. - Some recent footprints in the subway station can be traced with a Notice or Tracking check to the body of a soldier that's only been dead a week or so.  The soldier has a shoulder patch with the logo for Novastar Security, a PMC, and a data cube on a necklace with his name and serial number:  "Jax Hamleg: 2011-3940-8B"  The cause of death looks like claws to the throat, but there are also many small metal shards embedded in his armor.  There is an empty/drained particle accelerator rifle nearby, his sidearm is still in its holster which is clasped closed, and the sidearm has a drained battery as well.  All the ammo pack and grenade sockets in his armor are empty.  He must have gotten separated from his unit and cornered by whatever killed him after running out of supplies.
  7. - After following the most efficient route through a subway tunnel 2/3 of the way to nav point 2, there is a wreckage blocking the way that seems to be from two multicar trains colliding.  The only way forward is through a maintenance tunnel that leads perpendicular to nav point 2.
  9. - At the end of the maintenance tunnel is a crude and fairly recent junk barricade.  Notice check reveals quiet clicks and hisses behind it.  Beyond the barricade is a mutant encampment, and the mutants will react with fear and raise primitive junkrifles at the players, hissing angrily at their intrusion.  The players can fight the mutants (there are playercount*2 mutants, they have pace 5, shooting d6, fighting d8, toughness 8, spirit d8, and vigor d6) or try to defuse the situation.  If they successfully defuse the situation, they may be able to communicate their destination to the mutants somehow or just be allowed to pass unmolested.  If they are able to communicate the destination to the mutants, an armed mutant will lead them to nav point 2 via a very efficient route that puts them slightly ahead of schedule.
  11. - Nav point 2:  Subway plaza.  There is a cross-shaped intersection of tracks here and multiple levels of station platform, and then a big atrium.  The atrium contains a guard outpost set up by the Novastar PMC, and if the players have a mutant guide with them it will be shot by a roaming guard when emerging from the tunnel unless the players succeed at a Notice to see the green aiming dot and protect the guide.  The Novastar soldiers will not shoot the players on sight and will actually be fairly jovial, though also casually bigoted in a general sort of way.  They also talk pretty carelessly about having killed some of the "muties" previously.  If they end up in a shootout with the players for some reason they will call for backup, which will take 2 minutes to arrive.  Before backup arrives there are five of them at the guard post and they have pace 6, shooting d8, fighting d6, toughness 10, spirit d6, and vigor d6.  They all have particle accelerator SMGs (SFC pg 21) except their apparent leader, who has a proper rifle (same page).  The backup would be another identical group of 5.  The PMC will accept one (1) casualty at the players' hands before going to a shoot-on-sight policy, so recovering from a "misunderstanding" about the mutant guide is possible.
  13. - Chattin' with the PMC dudes about why they're here gets a laugh and a ~that's classified~.  What they're actually here for is to deal with a crashed freighter from a month or so prior full of orbital bombardment shells (in safe, sturdy casing, thank god) that a certain arms dealer would like returned to him quietly.
  15. - Nav point 3 is a skyscraper with 50 floors.  The data relay is on the 50th floor (of course) and the backup generator is in the basement.  Complicating things is the big ol' freight starship crashed into the side of the building, on the East side, embedded into floors 23-25.  The building is fuckin crawling with Novastar soldiers, including a base camp in the lobby.  If they aren't already hostile, explaining the situation to the CO (a Captain Russell Kilgore, grey-haired and cigar-chomping) will order the players held prisoner while he sends a team to investigate the relay and also contacts corporate HQ to have them ask the university how much they're willing to pay for it.
  17. - Corporal Jean Thursby is tasked with guarding the prisoners in an old conference room in the back of the first floor.  She can be convinced to let them go if they promise to stay quiet and nonlethal, or she can be killed.
  19. - The relay is unguarded if Kilgore didn't send a team after it, but if he did there's another five-dude squad there.
  21. - The players need to get the data from the relay back to their ship.  There are two ways to do this:  Powering up the relay somehow and broadcasting the data from the roof antenna, or removing the relay's infocore.  Repair checks are required for either option.  Broadcasting the data or calling the shuttle to pick up the players and the infocore will take five minutes, and after three a squad of soldiers will arrive on the roof to try to kill the players.  They will not interfere with the broadcast if it's going, they will just hunt for the players.
  23. - If the players weren't picked up on the roof, they need to get to the extraction point, which is.... back at the original park.  If they were stealthy that's no prob, but if not they will be pursued.  The subway route is only traversable on foot, but from the roof a Novastar dropship is visible on the roof of the parking garage next to the skyscraper, and it can be stolen.  Come to think of it, the infocore could be transported via this stolen dropship as well.

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