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From A MISERABLE PILE OF SECRETS, 9 Years ago, written in Venderant Nalaberong, viewed 890 times.
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  2. I took three steps out onto the deck and jerked in surprise whe
  3. I spotted Tommy in the far right corner, the same spot where C3
  4. and Devon had stood late Friday night. I—Ie was jacketless, a cig;
  5. rette dangling from the corner of his mouth and a cell phone to hi
  6. ear. It couldnt have been a private call because he didnt bother t
  7. lower his voice when he spotted me.
  8. "Fuck it, man," Iheard him say. "l`m not going to do that. S
  9. just fuck it."
  10. The person on the other end must have offered a plea oh hj
  11. or her behalf, because Tommy listened for a hit, his face pinched
  12. “Like I said, fuckit," he said finally. "I’ll talk to you later,"
  13. I-Ie flicked the cigarette over the rail of the deck and dropped th
  14. phone into the pocket of the oversize white shirt he wore above jean
  15. so tight the only thing left to the imagination was genital skin tone,
  16. “Hi," I said, walkjng toward him. "You want a poncho? There
  17. a bunch of them inside."
  18. "\V hy would I want a poncho? It stopped raining."
  19. Okcmay.
  20. "How you doing?" I said, trying again, "This must be prett
  21. upsetting?
  22. "Ya think? "
  23. I wasn`t sure what to try next. He seemed to be making it cle;
  24. he didnt want to talk to me. But then he leaned back against th
  25. wet wooden rail of the deck and looked at me intently, as if vt
  26. were two people who had things to say to each other.
  27. `°Devon was my lady for six freakin` months, you know," he sai:
  28. °\Ve werent an item anymore, but we were—I dont know, cor
  29. nected still on some cosmic level."
  30. "V\=’hy did you break up?"
  31. He shrugged. "l got a little distracted on my summer tour, if yo
  32. know what I mean. That didnt sit well with her at all. l couldr
  33. stand the nagging, so l took a powder."

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