Josh Scrunkin

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  1. Josh Scrunkin
  2. Unlicensed artifact thief, soon-to-be-fired Thieves' Guild janitor
  4. Agility d10
  5. Smarts d8
  6. Strength d4
  7. Spirit d6
  8. Vigor d4
  10. Climbing d6+2
  11. Fighting d6
  12. Investigation d4
  13. Lockpicking d6+2
  14. Notice d8
  15. Stealth d10+2
  17. Parry 5
  18. Toughness: 4
  20. Hindrances: Enemy (major) (Thieves' Guild)
  21. Edges: Thief (+2 on skills as shown, on rolls to deceive, and on rolls to detect/disarm traps)
  23. Gear:
  24. Dagger (d4+d4 dmg)
  25. Coarse, baggy pants with deceptively deep pockets
  26. Floppy hat with small interior pockets
  27. Small paintbrush and tiny jars of cheap silver and gold paint (to paint treasure fake-looking)
  28. Wire scrubbing brush, with some wires filed and bent to use as lockpicks
  29. 1-pound can of plaster
  31. Gear he doesn't remember he's carrying:
  32. A tooth of the Thieves' Guild founder, which he hid in the can of plaster months ago

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