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  1. NAMES
  3. Tarnn Stouthaunches
  4. Llessengalle
  5. St. Fellus the Questionable
  9. Hailing from the frigid Nakkul Plains, _____ is his/her tribes Rider of the Sacred Nokka Beast.
  11. Powerful, but not bulky. Rather, lithe and supple in musculature and mannerism in a way that utterly contradicts his/her harsh daily life.
  13. He/she worships the being Qx, which is in actuality the cargo cult term for a wagon wheel that fell off part of a passing caravan mere months ago.
  15. As a Monk of the High Order, he/she is accustomed to using his/her sharp, talon-like fingernails to scratch and gouge opponents in a manner more befitting some kind of psychotic bird.
  17. When he/she chooses to use a weapon rather than chewing through enemies’ throats, he/she uses an astoundingly impractical triple-headed warhammer that takes more training to aim properly than it does to swing.
  19. He/she is the bearer of the Horn of G’th’k, which when blown is supposed to summon a mighty fire-breathing tiger whose appearance signals the end of known space and time. Do not blow the Horn of G’th’k.
  21. TRAITS
  23. Everybody who knows his/her true identity has been eaten by badgers, although that’s probably just because that list only includes one person. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
  25. He/she has skin as pale and blue as the eyes of a royal pigeon and hair as raven and silky as the coat of the Horguss. All who see him/her are struck dumb by beauty.
  27. He/she does not suffer fools gladly, but is not boastfully proud. He/she prefers to handle tense situations with his/her rapier wit and, if needed, an actual rapier.
  29. The Ancient Art of the Fist of the Raging Lunatic involves using every item at the user’s disposal in maximum harmony with the natural hazards of one’s environment and employs frequent development and use of abilities nobody had ever seen the user utilize before. It’s all very convenient.
  31. The broadsword Dawn-Hawk-Rising was forged from the shards of Uthersworn, the sword that killed the dread god Hafnr.
  33. Magic sand. We suspect it’s just sand.

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