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  1. The players make up Alpha Wing of the newly formed 109th Squadron in the navy of the Interspecies Alliance, a loose confederation of sovereign nations spanning the three known galaxies.  The 109th is tasked with reinforcing the local militia in the human border colonies in the Lambda Sector.
  3. Alpha Wing is based out of a rickety refurbished battleship, the IAV Resplendent.  The Resplendent dates back nearly a century to the core worlds' civil war, and was donated to the Alliance fleet by a princess from one world's royal family.  The Resplendent is currently commanded by Captain Francis Mord, a visually grotesque crossbreed between human and a nearly-immortal moisture-feeding race referred to as "methuselahs" in the human language.  He is 105 years old and was a young boy when his father led the Resplendent into battle in the civil war.  His desiccated, borderline monstrous appearance belies deep compassion and courage; he cares deeply for the crew under his command and considers any casualties to be unacceptable.
  5. The Resplendent completed a hyperspace fold and arrived in the Tethys system at 0830 hours ship time, on orders to make contact with the farming colony on Tethys IV and assess the colony's security needs.  Though Tethys IV's communications array responds to a pingback, the colony itself is unresponsive.  Alpha Wing's orders are to enter the atmosphere of Tethys IV and do a flyover of the colony headquarters, and if necessary deploy a dropship beacon for on-foot investigation.

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