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  1. > Tell us about your hero, tell us why you are your people’s champion, and then tell us three facts about your people.
  3. Marty Probalo is an anxiety-riddled technical genius, an orphan, and the protege of the inimitable Big Paul Feldspar, the elderly creator of the machinery that keeps the gremlin people and their last city alive.
  5. The gremlins are short lizardy dudes who live in a mostly-unground city out in the Desert of Suffering.  The city of Lifespring encircles a huge apparatus that draws water from a massive underground aquifer and recycles it back.  It is the last bastion of the gremlin people, who once had a continent-spanning civilization but were almost wiped out by diseases brought over unknowingly by travelers.  Surviving modern gremlins have antibodies and can freely mix with other peoples if they wish, but an obsession with cleanliness and a bit of paranoia still dominate their culture.
  8. > Who are your people on good terms with? How about bad terms? Why?
  10. The gremlins aren't on great terms terms with anyone, really.  They do a bit of long-distance trading of raw materials but not any food or manufactured goods or cultural media.  Only gremlins are allowed to enter Lifespring, and though they may freely leave, coming back from the outside requires a 7-day quarantine and any objects brought back must be rigorously inspected by the quaranteam.  (Very few gremlins have any interest in the outside world, but those few often have private collections of outside objects and media (books, recordings of live music, art) that they trade and share with other aficionados.  Marty's collection, currently in the care of Big Paul in his absence, is considered one of the finest and most diverse.)  This means diplomatic relations tend to be cold and transactional.
  13. > What’s one thing your people have that no one else does?
  15. A completely self-sufficient economy and ecosystem.  Raw materials from outside are used for luxury and expansion, but if needed the city of Lifespring could lock down and survive indefinitely on its own supplies of food and water, assuming the population maintained predictable levels of reproduction and death.
  18. > What is the political structure of your peoples’ society?
  20. Lifespring is ruled by the Enclave, a council of ten elderly gremlins with lifetime appointments.  Each member of the enclave selects their successor from a set of applicants who by law they cannot be related to by blood.  Society under the enclave does not have any kind of currency or caste system, it is a dense bureaucracy under which every gremlin does all that they can to keep everything running and in return is granted housing, food, water, and the right to own and barter/trade personal property.  Each week an abled gremlin is expected to work three days and attend education for one.  Preferences are taken into account in the allocation of all of these things, allowing friends to live near each other and have aligning schedules, and food preferences to be accomodated.  There is a pyramid-like hierarchy under each member of the Enclave, however, so everyone has a boss and some underlings to grumble about, and there is very little recourse if one is unhappy with their boss except to go over their head or apply for reassignment.
  23. > What do your people most value? What do they least value?
  25. Long-term sustainability, cleanliness, and efficiency are most valued.  Short-term gain without regard for later repercussions is considered basically worthless.  Gremlins play the long game, and their average lifespan is around 250 years, so it really is a long-ass game.  (Marty is 41, which is sort of equivalent to a human being a couple years out of university and in the prime of their adult youth.)
  28. > What is your people’s greatest accomplishment?
  30. They're pretty proud of achieving not just stability but sustainable independence after nearly becoming extinct a while back.
  33. > What is your largest city called, and what is it like?
  35. Lifespring!  It's pretty nice, if you're gremlin-sized.  Kinda cramped if not, tho.


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