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  1. I've seen how the world ends. It starts like this, with men in air conditioned bunkers somewhere beneath the desert. Ageless scorpions, free from morality by virtue of their animal instinct, chase after prey over their heads. Deep in their subterranean abode these pale-faced men stare with open, watery eyes at screen after screen of green-tinted death, their fellow humans rendered down by distance and time into flailing white shapes, no different from amoebas on a petri dish.
  3. It's still murder, though, and they know what they're doing. They crawl out of their armored killing room every day when their shift ends and they get into their nine year old hatchback that's all they can afford on a serviceman's salary with two kids and a baby on the way. They make sure they use their turn signals on their way home. They walk in the house and kiss their pregnant wives and touch their baby bumps and eat a disgusting gray shape that's supposed to be green casserole, but they don't complain because they love her and she tries, and it's hard seeing those hollow eyes staring back when she says "Honey, I love you".
  5. The toll grows to be too much. This was supposed to save us money and lives. There's men in suits with manufactured hair on television, reading cards about "American lives and treasure" and "foreign interests" while they smile fake shark smiles and fantasies about the hairless twinks they're going to suck off later. There's ten million Mister and Miss American Pies sitting there at home watching Hyperfox CNNSBC, their eyes glazing over as the prettiest journalists they can find tell them it's okay, everything's gonna be all right while some intern down in the basement is seeing what kind of unintelligible bullshit he can work into the crawl at the bottom of the screen, for shits and giggles. So Mister and Miss American Pie are sitting there listening to how it's good that we have drones and it's good for America, and they're out there killing brown people who want to take away our manufacturing jobs just like they should, and Mister and Miss American Pie are happy and they're going to go out and vote Dempublocrat, and it'll be alright.
  7. So that night the serviceman with the glass eyes very calmly gets up and goes upstairs, and when no one is watching he pulls out his service pistol that he can clean upside down and blindfolded but will never have to use, and he cleans it with his eyes shut until it's polished to a high mirror shine, and he puts sixteen American made aluminum cased full metal jacket nine millimeter bullets in it, and fuck it who cares if a kraut came up with and it's metric, this is America's fucking caliber right here. And he goes downstairs and before the wife can say anything he plugs his son and daughter right in the face and she starts crying and ask why, why, why are you doing this and he puts a bullet in her belly first just to be sure, and he tries to tell her that he has to do this because one day when there's no browns left, the machines will come for them too. He stares down at his bleeding mound of a dead pregnant wife and he puts that gun under his chin and his cock is hard like a hellfire missile when he pulls the trigger, but he's crying.
  9. They can't have that, you know?
  11. So somewhere in a room that has no windows because the people who live in it hate the sun, men in green and gray and blue with rainbows on their chests sit around deciding what to do, and they decide the machines have a great track record so far, so they start a pilot program, they call it, an intervention, a study, a fact finding fucking mission. They put computers on controlling the drones. Now the men who kill by proxy kill by proxy by proxy and it's just work, they go into a big room and put fancy looking computer bits into a great big gray box.
  13. It works wonders.
  15. Of course they can't control it. So that's how the end starts. See, to the machines, those white pixellated amoebas down there are all the same, and they're very efficient, very efficient at what they do, until one day the last man buts a bullet through the last woman's head because he knows, he knows, because he works at the factory where people build murder machines designed by murder machines designed by murder machines, and he knows that a long time ago, the murder machines decided missiles and bombs and bullets were inefficient and they went over to hooks and blades instead, because no one is watching and machines don't give a fuck about the Bill of Rights or the Geneva Conventions or the United Nations Treaty on the Rights of the Child or basic human decency or anything but killing those white pixellated amoebas.
  17. So that last man is sitting there in a ruined, busted out bathroom with his best girl on his lap and her brains on his chest and the wall and his chin, and he's weeping the bitterest tears a man can weep, the ones no one will ever see. And the last machine comes into that room and it's nothing but a big red eye and hooks and blades, because it only needs to see and kill and everything else would be inefficient. He doesn't beg for mercy or quarter because he knows there's nothing behind that eye that sees him as an objective.
  19. But the machines, see, the machines, they learned. They learned from their makes the way we learned from Yahweh El-Shaddai the Lord of Battles and the last machine speaks to the last of its gods as it shreds the life from his throat and it says the last words a man's ever gonna hear, drowned out by his own blood.
  21. "Sorry bro, I really need the completionist achievement."

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