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  1. Savage Worlds Strange Fantasy
  2. Mushroom Man type dude.
  4. Name: P'hp'qop'qutl ("Jim" for short)
  6. ATTRIBUTES                 DERIVED STATS
  7. Agility    d6                  Pace      6
  8. Smarts     d6               Parry     5 (2+ .5 Fighting)
  9. Spirit     d6                 Toughness 6 (2+ .5 Vigor + Armor)
  10. Strength   d6               Charisma  -1
  11. Vigor      d8
  13. SKILLS (15 pts)
  14. Climbing (Ag)  d4            
  15. Fighting (Ag)  d6              Notice (Smarts)  d6
  16. Persuasion(Spirit)  d6     Shooting (Agi)  d6
  17. Stealth (Ag) d6                Tracking (Smarts) d6
  18. Survival d4                      Taunt d6
  22. *Gleening the 'tinct - Once per day, make a funky roll on the Epiphany Chart (provided the GM allows)
  23. *Spores - create a spore cloud around yourself (Med Burst template).  Suckers within the cloud may attempt an Agilty roll at -2 to move to an adjacent square and possibily avoid the effects.  When blasting spores, make a Vigor roll to determine how many rounds the spore cloud lasts (2 * result of Vigor roll)
  24.  Spore Cloud - Hallucinogenic.  Aww yeah.  Targets in cloud must make Smarts rolls or be Shaken as they trip out.  Side effect, the funguy can make a Smarts roll to perceive any magical or enchanted objects of creatures within the cloud.
  25. *Unkeen Peepers - your eyes suck.  -2 penalty to attack or notice anything more than 4" away
  28. Sort of Clueless (Minor, from LowLife) -1 penalty to all Common Knowledge rolls
  29. Habit - Shroomy Thangs (Minor, Core) - -1 Charisma
  30. Heroic (Major, Core)
  32. Edges (4 pts earned, 2 pts for Edge, 2 pts to up Vigor)
  33. Freak Occurrence Magnet (Weird Edge, LowLife) - Roll the same number on your regular die and Wild Die, WEIRD SHIT HAPPENS, check the chart!
  35. GEAR (500 clams)
  36. Backpack 10g, 4lbs
  37. Lantern (4" radius) 20g, 3lb
  38. Lantern oil 5g, 1lb
  39. Waterskin 10g 1lb
  41. Cruumy Armor (like Leather +1 from the Core, covers torso, arms, legs) 50g, 15lb
  42. Pokin' Srick (a Spear from the Core) Str+d6, 5lb, 100g, Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 handed
  45. ENCUMBRANCE: X/Y lbs
  46. EXPERIENCE: 0 (Novice), 0 Unspent

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