Alan Fate Writer's Retreat

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  8. (1:34:25 PM) Noser: so a compel is specifically the thing the GM does where a player gets a point, and all other aspect uses are an invoke?
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  10. (1:34:43 PM) Psy: noser: yeah
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  13. (1:35:23 PM) Psy: excellent
  14. (1:35:27 PM) Psy: ok lemme bring in the bot
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  16. (1:35:56 PM) LakeBot: It's not a lake.... it's an ocean
  17. (1:36:10 PM) Psy: now basically all dice rolls are four fudge dice
  18. (1:36:21 PM) Psy: which you can roll with !f
  19. (1:36:29 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: !fate
  20. (1:36:30 PM) Psy: !f you can also add anything you want after the !f
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  23. (1:37:27 PM) Suleman: alright
  24. (1:37:28 PM) Psy: ok
  25. (1:37:29 PM) Psy: so
  26. (1:37:55 PM) Psy: for character creation you need: a name, your primary "high concept" aspect, and your highest skill (the +4 one)
  27. (1:38:05 PM) Psy: the rest can be filled in at your leisure or as it comes up in gameplay
  28. (1:38:14 PM) Psy: everyone begins with three fate points
  29. (1:38:43 PM) Noser: we can also invent one stunt for free during gameplay, but that'll just make Psy's life harder
  30. (1:38:46 PM) Psy: we are not starting the story proper until 2est, which is in about 20 minutes
  31. (1:38:53 PM) Psy: it is acceptable tho
  32. (1:38:56 PM) Suleman: Right.
  33. (1:39:01 PM) Psy: the stunt thing
  34. (1:39:41 PM) Suleman: One character idea I've been pondering is a relative of a deceased writer who is expected to continue that relative's popular series.
  35. (1:40:08 PM) Suleman: And possibly finding out that said relative's notes are hella disturbing shit
  36. (1:40:09 PM) Psy: i like it
  37. (1:40:41 PM) Psy: some mood-setting "lobby" music
  38. (1:40:52 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: Got a quickie charsheet ready
  39. (1:41:03 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: Name: John Tarnowski
  40. (1:41:03 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: High Concept Aspect: My Fans Aren't That Creepy
  41. (1:41:03 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: Skill: Rapport (+4)
  42. (1:41:11 PM) Suleman: Let's say the character is... Ryan Gilbert.
  43. (1:41:20 PM) Psy: krinn
  44. (1:41:20 PM) Psy: is
  45. (1:41:26 PM) Psy: isn't that the rpgpundit's name
  46. (1:41:31 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: YEP
  47. (1:41:34 PM) Psy: :I
  48. (1:41:42 PM) Psy: i may be especially inclined to kill you off
  49. (1:41:45 PM) Psy: just fyi
  50. (1:41:46 PM) Psy: lol
  51. (1:41:48 PM) Psy: anyway uhhh
  52. (1:41:55 PM) Psy: can you elaborate on what your aspect means
  53. (1:42:06 PM) Psy: also guyz for charsheets
  54. (1:43:10 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: I think "My Fans Aren't That Creepy" works like this: John writes a series of bookd about time travelling Civil War vets on an alien planet rding dinosaurs like calvary
  55. (1:43:16 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: This attracts a ...certain type of fan
  56. (1:43:34 PM) Psy: so your fans are that creepy, but you'd like to ignore it
  57. (1:43:36 PM) Suleman: my fanbase cannot be this creepy
  58. (1:43:37 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: Weird, strange, but at least he can think "Least I don't attract Twilight fans."
  59. (1:43:42 PM) Psy: haha
  60. (1:43:43 PM) Suleman: (sorry)
  61. (1:43:53 PM) Psy: sule i hate myself for getting that reference if anything
  62. (1:45:08 PM) Noser:
  63. (1:45:46 PM) Psy: noser I like it
  64. (1:45:55 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: So the charsheet is okay then
  65. (1:46:00 PM) Psy: krinn: yes
  66. (1:46:18 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies:
  67. (1:46:39 PM) Suleman: Hmm. Should Ryan Gilbert be remotely competent at the business aspect, or a complete newbie. I should check what the others are playing, first.
  68. (1:47:24 PM) Noser: my guy might be the guy they'll hire to crank out shit and run the series into the ground if you don't take over
  69. (1:47:47 PM) Suleman: I guess it also depends on the GM. Psy: We're heavy on social skills so far, if I'm seeing things right. Should we have some practical guy?
  70. (1:47:54 PM) Noser: he is all business, very little talent beyond knowing how to pander to the fanbase
  71. (1:48:08 PM) Psy: sule: a guy who has gone camping in the past would help
  72. (1:48:18 PM) Psy: someone with +3 survival or whatever the equivalent skill is
  73. (1:48:43 PM) Psy: and if anyone has fighting or shooting above +2 they gotta justify it
  74. (1:49:07 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: High Aspect: I was in the 'Nam
  75. (1:49:22 PM) Psy: that works
  76. (1:49:23 PM) Noser: the closest things to survival skill would be will and physique
  77. (1:49:49 PM) Psy: oh man if someone was a nam vet who writes those terrible right-wing thriller novels that'd be perfect
  78. (1:49:57 PM) Psy: pfis how bout it
  79. (1:50:13 PM) Noser: in that case I better keep you from finding out about the utterly unresearched trilogy of nam novels I wrote one month to fill a quota
  80. (1:50:37 PM) Psy: or if you wanna do a more left-wing take on it, nam vet who is a peacenik now and writes weird left-wing hard sci-fi
  81. (1:50:49 PM) Psy: i think that'd be a pretty good pfisiarcharacter
  82. (1:50:49 PM) Psy: but
  83. (1:50:55 PM) Psy: pfis if you have like
  84. (1:50:56 PM) Psy: ideas
  85. (1:51:00 PM) Psy: those are fine too
  86. (1:51:14 PM) Pfisiar: yeah, hold on
  87. (1:52:21 PM) Suleman: Ryan might have Investigation, Athletics or Drive at some level.
  88. (1:52:27 PM) Psy: those are all good
  89. (1:52:34 PM) Psy: notice should be at least +1
  90. (1:52:56 PM) Suleman: Right.
  91. (1:53:22 PM) Noser: I tihnk I have literally gone through stephen king's garbage and have burglary at least +2
  92. (1:53:27 PM) Suleman:
  93. (1:54:05 PM) Noser: if Lore is a monolithic thing we're not breaking down I have it at +1, I can superficially fake historical research for a lot of eras
  94. (1:54:27 PM) Suleman: So... we have three fate points, which we can use to increase skills.
  95. (1:54:31 PM) Noser: no
  96. (1:54:35 PM) Suleman: oh
  97. (1:54:51 PM) Noser: you can have four skills at +1, three at +2, two at +3, and the one at +4
  98. (1:54:58 PM) Suleman: Riiiight
  99. (1:54:59 PM) Noser: and if you don't decide now you can retcon them in during the session
  100. (1:55:28 PM) Psy: five minutes til we begin
  101. (1:55:29 PM) Psy: hm
  102. (1:55:34 PM) Psy: tsi is here, i might invite him
  103. (1:55:55 PM) Suleman: Do we have a driver?
  104. (1:57:13 PM) Noser: I think I know what my stunt will be, with GM approval: extra +2 specialization to deceit for feigning someone else's writing style and word choice.
  105. (1:58:02 PM) Psy: sule: no
  106. (1:58:13 PM) Psy: noser i like it
  107. (1:59:05 PM) Suleman:
  108. (1:59:13 PM) Suleman: a draft
  109. (1:59:21 PM) Noser: revised draft
  110. (2:01:45 PM) Suleman: Hmm. Could Ryan's stunt be related to understanding mad people?
  111. (2:01:58 PM) Psy: yes
  112. (2:02:23 PM) Suleman: Something like +2 to Empathy when trying to understand a mad person, maybe.
  113. (2:03:34 PM) Psy: works well
  114. (2:03:44 PM) Psy: brb i am gonna get a drink and then we will begin
  115. (2:04:02 PM) Pfisiar:
  116. (2:04:10 PM) Pfisiar: don't know about a stunt
  117. (2:04:51 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: I'll figure I'll stay in the quickstart format
  118. (2:05:08 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies: and probalby intro skills and stunts in play
  119. (2:06:05 PM) Suleman:
  120. (2:06:59 PM) Suleman: I picked all the skills already, but that might have been premature.
  121. (2:07:09 PM) Suleman is now known as Ryan_Gilbert
  122. (2:07:23 PM) Watch_the_Eldritch_Skies is now known as John_Tarnowski
  123. (2:08:54 PM) Pfisiar is now known as Malcom_Park
  124. (2:11:01 PM) Noser is now known as Herb_Jacobs
  125. (2:12:54 PM) Psy: awriiiight
  126. (2:13:34 PM) Psy: December 18, 2012, between 9 and 10pm
  127. (2:14:14 PM) Psy: A luxe, current-model minivan ferries four writers from SEATAC airport to the town of Bright Falls
  128. (2:14:59 PM) PornStorageB [~yaaic@3DB09369.8FEB392E.DED8E1E5.IP] entered the room.
  129. (2:15:12 PM) Psy: they are to participate in an exclusive writer's retreat, receiving mentoring from successful author Alan Wake and guidance from Dr. Emil Hartman, a self-help writer (ha)
  130. (2:15:14 PM) Psy: sup rob
  131. (2:15:23 PM) Psy: you missed two lines of exposition
  132. (2:15:30 PM) Psy: you are okay to join
  133. (2:15:35 PM) Psy: so
  134. (2:15:35 PM) John_Tarnowski: The writers are joined by a robot who stores pornography in various places
  135. (2:15:39 PM) Psy: five writers
  136. (2:16:01 PM) PornStorageB is now known as TheManWithNoName
  137. (2:16:16 PM) Psy: rob i need a name, the primary "high concept" aspect, and your highest skill
  138. (2:16:40 PM) Psy: pdf of core book is in the topic
  139. (2:16:43 PM) Malcom_Park: if you have trouble with a name
  140. (2:16:48 PM) Psy: all dice rolls are done with !f
  141. (2:17:03 PM) Psy: !fucksuck, you can add anything after the !f, anything at all
  142. (2:17:04 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled -, -, +, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  143. (2:17:21 PM) Psy: !feeling myself
  144. (2:17:23 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled +,  ,  , - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  145. (2:17:29 PM) Psy: anyway
  146. (2:17:29 PM) Psy: yes
  147. (2:17:34 PM) Psy: that's a thing
  148. (2:17:47 PM) Psy: (2:13:34 PM) Psy: December 18, 2012, between 9 and 10pm
  149. (2:17:47 PM) Psy: (2:14:14 PM) Psy: A luxe, current-model minivan ferries four writers from SEATAC airport to the town of Bright Falls
  150. (2:17:56 PM) TheManWithNoName: hold in ill be ready in a few
  151. (2:17:56 PM) Psy: except five writers
  152. (2:18:05 PM) Psy: ok, we're doing prologue now anyway
  153. (2:18:31 PM) Psy: (for alan wake havers the events of alan wake are to have taken place in fall 2011
  154. (2:18:40 PM) Psy: )
  155. (2:19:35 PM) Psy: everyone else has nodded off during the three-hour drive, but one remains awake
  156. (2:19:58 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert is a stocky black man with prematurely graying hair. A messy notebook sticks out from the pocket of his thick coat.
  157. (2:20:40 PM) Psy: Herb has been churning away at a tie-in novel for a slasher film franchise on his macbook air
  158. (2:20:50 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert is leaning his head against a window and snoring softly
  159. (2:21:05 PM) ***John_Tarnowski is an 50 year old white man with a scruffy beard, and covers up his bald spot with a cap
  160. (2:21:40 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Still working, huh?" he asks Herb
  161. (2:21:44 PM) Psy: he chances to look out the window of the van, and catches a glimpse of a creepy-ass hitchhiker holding up a sign that says "ashes to ashes"
  162. (2:22:21 PM) John_Tarnowski: Oh wait, didn't notice everyone else except Herb was sleeping
  163. (2:22:26 PM) Psy: herb is somewhat alarmed, because the hitchhiker perfectly matches a description of one he wrote in a scene a half-hour ago
  164. (2:23:03 PM) Psy: the van passes a road sign, reading "BRIGHT FALLS: 15 mi"
  165. (2:23:17 PM) Herb_Jacobs: not too alarmed though, I am used to not remembering what I ripped off for a scene
  166. (2:24:22 PM) Psy: shortly thereafter the journey ends as the van pulls into the circular driveway of the Cauldron Lake Lodge.  It's an extravagant thing, styled like a log cabin but as large as a mansion
  167. (2:25:18 PM) Psy: The door to the van is opened by a burly orderly in a white work shirt, who crosses his arms and clears his throat loud enough to wake everyone up.
  168. (2:25:32 PM) ***Malcom_Park is a 40 something year old man of vaguely asian descent wearing a poorly-fitted suit. He's been sleeping soundly with his head leaning back until the car stops and he awakes with a start.
  169. (2:25:37 PM) ***John_Tarnowski jumps awake, looks around startled, then realizes he's here
  170. (2:25:53 PM) Psy: "Go on in.  I'll get your bags," he says gruffly.
  171. (2:25:58 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert is startled but quickly makes sure he still has all his belongings
  172. (2:26:12 PM) Psy: all of your belongings are intact, as far as you can tell
  173. (2:26:16 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert double-checks the notebook
  174. (2:26:17 PM) ***John_Tarnowski gets out and streches his legs (with a popping sound)
  175. (2:26:50 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Riise and shine, people."
  176. (2:28:04 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert heads in after tossing a few nicotine chewing gums in his mouth
  177. (2:28:16 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Well, that was a nice nap."  John looks up at the massive Lodge.  "Damn."
  178. (2:28:24 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs bags the laptop and steps out of the van.
  179. (2:28:51 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks at Ryan pop teh Nicoretes and reflexively itches the patch on his chest
  180. (2:29:15 PM) Psy: Past clear glass double doors is an expansive lobby with a presently unmanned reception desk.  In a display case on the wall are photos and memorabilia from the lodge's previous, pre-renovation incarnation, along with memorial portraits of staff members who died in whatever unmentioned catastrophe necessitated the lodge being almost completely rebuilt.
  181. (2:29:21 PM) ***Malcom_Park reaches for the pocket of his jacket before thinking better of it and pulling his hand away again.
  182. (2:29:28 PM) Malcom_Park: (damn it)
  183. (2:29:55 PM) John_Tarnowski: "So, are we expected immediately, or do we have time to bum around a bit?"
  184. (2:29:59 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert whistles past the gum
  185. (2:30:07 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Nice view."
  186. (2:30:29 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs reads any text on the memorabilia, cherry-picking for interesting phrases
  187. (2:30:31 PM) Malcom_Park: "Christ, I hope so."
  188. (2:30:33 PM) Psy: a charismatic and familiar voice startles you "It's okay, fellas.  As long as we're having our little party the no smoking rule is rescinded."
  189. (2:31:04 PM) Psy: you all turn around to see Alan Wake, dressed in a tailored designer suit and with his hair perfectly styled, strolling up to your little group.
  190. (2:31:09 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Why you gotta tempt me Alan?"
  191. (2:31:22 PM) TheManWithNoName left the room (quit: Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client -
  192. (2:31:50 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Mister Wake! I saw your interview back in the day."
  193. (2:32:09 PM) ROBRAM89 [ROBRAM89@3DB09369.8FEB392E.DED8E1E5.IP] entered the room.
  194. (2:32:26 PM) Herb_Jacobs: "Mister Wake", I nod, a bit coolly.
  195. (2:32:45 PM) Psy: "You know what they say, John.  You can never really quit."  He reaches into an inside pocket of his blazer and offers John a cigar.  The smell is exquisite, it must be cuban or similarly expensive.
  196. (2:32:49 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "I admit, I never read your works. However, my father hated your guts, and I can't think of a higher compliment."
  197. (2:33:20 PM) John_Tarnowski: "I do miss the tobacco.  The coughing up parts of my lung, not so much." John poiltely declines
  198. (2:33:34 PM) John_Tarnowski: "But, I did manage to move my vices around a bit"
  199. (2:33:55 PM) Malcom_Park: "Smoking's never been one of my vices. Not that I don't have my share."
  200. (2:34:00 PM) ***John_Tarnowski smiles and rattles his overcoat, and tinkles of notepads, pens, and little airplane bottles of booze
  201. (2:34:20 PM) Psy: Wake turns on his heel and approaches Herb.  "Mister Jacobs, it's a pleasure.  Or should I call you Mister Stoneman?" He laughs charmingly.  "Looking forward to reading your take on the immortal legend of the Sorority Row Slasher."
  202. (2:34:33 PM) John_Tarnowski: "No offence Alan, but if this retreat turns out to be a dud, at least I'll have some entertainment."
  203. (2:35:09 PM) ***ROBRAM89 is Harold Starl, eccentric sci-fi writer whose diagnosed but unmedicated schizophrenia is honed into a kind of sixth sense for connecting evidence into theories just crazy enough to be true
  204. (2:35:50 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I shrug. "I do what I gotta to get by. We can't all win awards."
  205. (2:36:18 PM) Psy: From a balcony above the lobby, Hartman speaks down to Alan.  "Mister Wake, you can get your brotherly jollies tomorrow.  There is work to be done."
  206. (2:36:45 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert knows the voice. "Mister Hartman."
  207. (2:38:14 PM) ROBRAM89 is now known as HaroldStarl
  208. (2:38:17 PM) HaroldStarl: throw me in whenever
  209. (2:38:18 PM) Psy: in the blink of an eye Alan's charming, warm smile gives way to an icy stonefaced expression.  "Of course.  You'll find your rooms in the east wing, down that hallway."  He points.  "I will see you for breakfast in the morning."  The charisma is gone from his voice, replaced with an unsettling but subtle chilliness
  210. (2:38:38 PM) Psy: haroldrob it is assumed you're in the lobby too now i guess
  211. (2:38:56 PM) John_Tarnowski: BAthroom break, back in a while
  212. (2:39:06 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Um. Well. Yeah, sure."
  213. (2:39:11 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs decides to fill in Victim #6 as a smug award-winning novelist
  214. (2:39:19 PM) Psy: Alan walks briskley to the door to the stairwell and sort of silently slams it
  215. (2:39:34 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "What a freaking welcome."
  216. (2:39:59 PM) Psy: (2:30:29 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs reads any text on the memorabilia, cherry-picking for interesting phrases
  217. (2:40:05 PM) Psy: roll notice
  218. (2:40:35 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I didn't fill that in... I guess I'm constantly stealing ideas from stuff so I should have it decently, let's fill it in as a +2
  219. (2:40:38 PM) Herb_Jacobs: !f +2
  220. (2:40:39 PM) LakeBot: Herb_Jacobs rolled -,  , +, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  221. (2:41:09 PM) Psy: ends up as a +1 which is a mild success i think?
  222. (2:41:30 PM) Herb_Jacobs: depends on what the difficulty was
  223. (2:41:41 PM) Psy: The memorial text is atypically boilerplate for such a thing, being very very very careful not convey any real information about the tragedy" that occurred
  224. (2:44:06 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: We are now alone in the room?
  225. (2:44:08 PM) Herb_Jacobs: "So, what was it that happened there?" I ask the group in general, expecting someone better-aqcuainted with Mr. Wake to know
  226. (2:44:18 PM) Herb_Jacobs: there=here
  227. (2:44:20 PM) Psy: ryan: yes
  228. (2:44:27 PM) Psy: there are no staff to be seen
  229. (2:45:09 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert takes off his coat, without which he's severely underdressed for the weather.
  230. (2:45:15 PM) Psy: is anyone acquainted with mister wake
  231. (2:45:25 PM) Malcom_Park: nope
  232. (2:45:33 PM) Psy: ryan: there is a coat rack by the front door, do you hold onto it or hang it there
  233. (2:45:38 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Not personally, but if that qualifies as crazy behavior, I might have something to say about it.
  234. (2:46:27 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert puts the coat on the rack, takes his notebook and wallet and stuffs them in his shorts pockets
  235. (2:46:47 PM) Psy: shorts, wow
  236. (2:47:01 PM) Malcom_Park: and I thought I was underdressed
  237. (2:47:22 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: He's never been out of his state.
  238. (2:47:27 PM) HaroldStarl: well theyre noir shorts, so presumably theyre dress slacks cut off at the thigh
  239. (2:48:01 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Under the knee.
  240. (2:48:38 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Anyway. "From what I've read, mister Wake is prone to mood swings."
  241. (2:49:11 PM) Psy: The hallway Alan pointed down passes through a walkway to another part of the building lined with floor-to-ceiling windows
  242. (2:49:30 PM) Psy: outside you can see the frozen surface of cauldron lake a few hundred feet below
  243. (2:50:25 PM) Psy: in the east wing you find a short hallway with six bedrooms, three on each side, that then opens up to a large "common area"; tables, chairs, a fireplace, and a not-presently-manned bar
  244. (2:50:35 PM) ***HaroldStarl pops out of a closet somewhere and comments on the placid beauty of the lake, startling the group
  245. (2:50:58 PM) Psy: printed placquards beside the room entrances indicate which is whose
  246. (2:51:05 PM) Malcom_Park: "What were you doing in a closet?"
  247. (2:51:14 PM) HaroldStarl: "Exactly."
  248. (2:51:27 PM) ***John_Tarnowski returns from the bathroom, wiping his hands off on his pants
  249. (2:51:42 PM) John_Tarnowski: "No matter where you are, those damn blowing fans still don't work worth a damn."
  250. (2:51:45 PM) Psy: it's a bit past 10 at night and most of you had to get up early to make the flight, so the beds are looking awfully inviting
  251. (2:52:15 PM) Psy: you note with mild concern, however, that there are no locks on the bedroom doors
  252. (2:52:28 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert slept most of the way here, so he's ready to spend some time playing cards or whatever.
  253. (2:53:02 PM) ***HaroldStarl notices with trepadation the lack of a lock and makes a note to barricade his door tonight
  254. (2:53:08 PM) ***Malcom_Park offers to play cards with Ryan.
  255. (2:53:09 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "...that is unacceptable. Do they have lockers here, do you know?
  256. (2:53:16 PM) John_Tarnowski: "So, is it just us at this retreat, or is anyone else here?"
  257. (2:53:30 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Check for a room safe, Ryan."
  258. (2:53:44 PM) John_Tarnowski: "most fancy digs have a room safe."
  259. (2:53:55 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs still has 14 pages to write and plenty of vivarin
  260. (2:54:00 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "I don't think there is one. Damn."
  261. (2:54:23 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Well, either hide your stuff well, or carry it with you."
  262. (2:54:36 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks at the bar
  263. (2:54:40 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert takes a sturdy suitcase with him as he heads to the common room with a deck of cards
  264. (2:54:46 PM) Psy: a quick search of the area reveals no locks anywhere, nor any staff members or people at all
  265. (2:55:03 PM) ***Malcom_Park heads to the common room with Ryan Gilbert.
  266. (2:55:06 PM) Psy: emil and alan are probably here somewhere but you could search all night and not find them
  267. (2:55:39 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Who wants scotch with their card game?  I'll pour if you deal me in."
  268. (2:55:53 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs plugs in in the middle left room. assuming there's power, he ignores everything else going on and writes way too many words about a cheerleading routine he stole from a sequel to a different movie
  269. (2:56:08 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "I wouldn't mind. How about you, Malcom?"
  270. (2:56:09 PM) John_Tarnowski: "I never heard of the majority of this stuf, so odds are it's probably better than the average."
  271. (2:56:09 PM) Malcom_Park: "I'll drink to the Scotch"
  272. (2:56:22 PM) John_Tarnowski: "To cards and Scotch."
  273. (2:56:40 PM) ***John_Tarnowski pours and gives the glasses to the card players
  274. (2:56:42 PM) Malcom_Park: "Agreed"
  275. (2:56:50 PM) Psy: complimenting park and tarn on good roleplaying
  276. (2:57:01 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Yeah, sure."
  277. (2:57:38 PM) ***HaroldStarl refuses a drink and checks a piece of paper he keeps referring to that's in his pocket
  278. (2:57:41 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert deals the hands and looks at his own cards
  279. (2:57:49 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Okay, who here gets the feeling that the cards and scotch will wind up being the most productive part of this retreat?"
  280. (2:57:59 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks at his hand, and frowns.
  281. (2:58:10 PM) Psy: eventually, round about 2am, everyone turns in.  the scotch was bizarrely strong, and hit like sledgehammer
  282. (2:58:20 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert yawns "Personally, I wouldn't mind a vacation."
  283. (2:58:38 PM) Psy: all of you find yourselves feeling off, and struggle to open your eyes
  284. (2:59:22 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Either I turned into a lightweight, or this stuff is particulary potent.  Take over boys, I'm in the bag."
  285. (2:59:24 PM) Psy: one by one, though, you get them open, and with a bit of panic find yourselves sitting at old metal 60s-style desks, your ankles chained to them, with typewriters in front of you
  286. (2:59:32 PM) Psy: you're not in a room so much
  287. (2:59:45 PM) ***John_Tarnowski simple yells "What the fuck" and pulls at the chains.
  288. (3:00:00 PM) Psy: the ground seems like sand, and in all directions is a blackish green mist
  289. (3:00:05 PM) Herb_Jacobs: what kind of typewriters?
  290. (3:00:18 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "N-no, fuck no!"
  291. (3:00:19 PM) Malcom_Park: "I thought this was Scotch, not absinthe"
  292. (3:00:37 PM) Psy: can i ask why you ask, noser
  293. (3:00:42 PM) John_Tarnowski: (Do we see each other in our state, or are we all alone in this misery?)
  294. (3:00:48 PM) Psy: you all see each other
  295. (3:01:03 PM) Herb_Jacobs: last thing herb was doing before falling asleep was typing, he might groggily just pick up where left off if it's familiar-looking
  296. (3:01:06 PM) Psy: you're in a circle facing outward but you can see and hear each other
  297. (3:01:18 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Guys, what's going on?"
  298. (3:01:19 PM) Psy: herb begins typing
  299. (3:01:21 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "It's never been this bad. And why are you here?"
  300. (3:01:36 PM) Psy: the clacks of the keyboard are almost deafeningly loud, and echo
  301. (3:02:13 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert is reminded of the nightmares he gets after reading his father's notes
  302. (3:02:18 PM) Psy: herb does not notice but the others do: the cheerleader routine he is describing is suddenly being performed in front of him by glassy-eyed cheerleaders matching the descriptions he wrote
  303. (3:02:18 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks over the desk, opening cabinets, trying to find at best a key, or soething that could get them unlocked
  304. (3:02:40 PM) John_Tarnowski: (So suddenly we see cheerleaders?)
  305. (3:02:47 PM) Psy: yes
  306. (3:02:48 PM) ***HaroldStarl seems resigned to things, as if he expected to wake up chained to an unfamiliar place
  307. (3:03:21 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert looks over at Herb's typewriter
  308. (3:03:25 PM) Psy: tarnowski opens the first drawer and finds the word "unlock" in disembodied, flickering white letters
  309. (3:03:30 PM) Herb_Jacobs: upon reaching the end of the page I realize this isn't my computer
  310. (3:03:33 PM) ***John_Tarnowski grabs for it
  311. (3:03:38 PM) ***Malcom_Park begins to tug at the chain around his ankles
  312. (3:03:38 PM) Herb_Jacobs: due to it not advancing to the next page for me
  313. (3:03:39 PM) Psy: !f
  314. (3:03:41 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled  , +, -, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  315. (3:03:55 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "It's starting to make a twisted sort of sense. A lucid dream."
  316. (3:04:13 PM) Psy: actually isn't one of the fate rules that you don't roll when it wouldn't be dramatically appropriate
  317. (3:04:14 PM) Herb_Jacobs: My first emotion is dismay that i'm going to have to retype it
  318. (3:04:31 PM) Herb_Jacobs: yeah, if only one of success or failure would be interesting, just have the interesting thing happen
  319. (3:05:01 PM) Psy: tarnowski grabs at the word and it dissipates into glowing mist, and as it does so everyone feels the manacles on their ankles release with a "clack"
  320. (3:05:15 PM) ***John_Tarnowski stands up, and turns to the others
  321. (3:05:29 PM) Malcom_Park: "Where the hell are we?"
  322. (3:05:39 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Hell if I know."
  323. (3:06:07 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert does not stand up, but instead looks around, trying to make sense of the twisted surroundings. Is there anything beyond the mist?
  324. (3:06:11 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Either we all got really drunk, and somehow are sharing a booze dream, or there's other ideas that I don't want to think of."
  325. (3:06:16 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs stands and stretches a little. "Anyone got a phone on them?"
  326. (3:06:19 PM) Psy: between malcom and tarnowski the word "where" shimmers into place
  327. (3:06:22 PM) Psy: and floats
  328. (3:06:22 PM) Herb_Jacobs: what are we wearing?
  329. (3:06:33 PM) Psy: herb suddenly feels a weight in his pocket
  330. (3:06:41 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks at the 'Where'
  331. (3:06:54 PM) Psy: floating text, shimmering, looking inviting almost
  332. (3:07:04 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Yeah, flying text from nowhere.  I lucked out and had 'Unlock' in my desk."
  333. (3:07:13 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs feels in his pocket and pulls out whatever it is
  334. (3:07:29 PM) Psy: herb: the clothes you were wearing upon arrival, not pajamas or night clothes
  335. (3:07:29 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Hang on, I think I may understand this.  Text does what it desctibes."
  336. (3:07:46 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs pulls the paper from the typewriter, folds it, and pockets it
  337. (3:08:11 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Everyone grab me, I'm going to touch the Where.  think it might take us someplace, don't want anyone left here."
  338. (3:08:14 PM) Psy: the cheerleaders, frozen at the end of the described routine, fold grotesquely up into nothingness
  339. (3:08:54 PM) ***Malcom_Park grabs John's shoulder.
  340. (3:08:55 PM) Herb_Jacobs: "yyyeah this is kinda fucked up now." I hold onto John's left shoulder
  341. (3:09:07 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert grabs Herb's shoulder
  342. (3:09:18 PM) Psy: with everyone in contact, tarnowski touches the word, and it dissipates
  343. (3:10:19 PM) Psy: suddenly, accompanied by loud rumbles, the black-green mist falls away and out of the infinite expanse of sand earth and trees sprout up, eventually forming a massive evergreen forest around the clearing with the desks
  344. (3:10:43 PM) Psy: in the distance on a hillside you can see the lodge, bright light glowing from its windows
  345. (3:10:46 PM) Herb_Jacobs: "This is... equally fucked up." what did I pull out of my pocket?
  346. (3:10:51 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "This isn't me. This is someone else's dream, man."
  347. (3:10:56 PM) Psy: herb: your cell phone
  348. (3:10:56 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks at the Lodge.
  349. (3:11:00 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Does this make sense to any of you?"
  350. (3:11:22 PM) John_Tarnowski: "No.  Not unless we like, took shrooms and had a group hallucination."
  351. (3:11:25 PM) Malcom_Park: "Anyone else think Mr. Alan Wake is involved?"
  352. (3:11:30 PM) Psy: "
  353. (3:11:45 PM) Malcom_Park: ?
  354. (3:11:51 PM) Psy: "'Mister Alan Wake'" his voice repeats mockingly.
  355. (3:11:52 PM) John_Tarnowski: "I honestly don't think Alan managed to pull off...this."
  356. (3:11:53 PM) HaroldStarl: "People waking up in an unexplained location with no idea what's going on and no way out? That'as every story I've written in the past eight years"
  357. (3:12:12 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "What was that, then?"
  358. (3:12:24 PM) Psy: you all look up and see a giant, collossal Alan looking down on the clearing.  Impossibly large, the horizon of the forest seems to be at waist height
  359. (3:12:28 PM) Psy: he's smoking a cigar
  360. (3:12:41 PM) ***John_Tarnowski stares in dumb shock
  361. (3:12:45 PM) Psy: "It's such a silly name, isn't it?  I've always hated pun names."
  362. (3:12:51 PM) Psy: he takes a drag of the cigar
  363. (3:12:52 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Fuck."
  364. (3:13:04 PM) Psy: "A. Wake.  Get it?  Awake?"
  365. (3:13:40 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs mutters, "Pen. Paper."
  366. (3:13:51 PM) Psy: "Anyway, while I find myself somewhat impressed by your.... is it resourcefulness if you don't even know how or why it works?"
  367. (3:13:56 PM) Herb_Jacobs: (in hopes of manifesting them)
  368. (3:14:01 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "So. Do you have a point, Alan?"
  369. (3:14:12 PM) Psy: a small notepad and a ballpoint pen materialize in herb's pocket
  370. (3:14:21 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "This is some sort of power trip, isn't it?"
  371. (3:14:24 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs writes FUUUUUUUUUCK YOOOOOUUUUU and underlines it repeatedly
  372. (3:14:29 PM) ***HaroldStarl is mumbling a prayer in a language none of them recognize
  373. (3:14:34 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "What was it, hypnosis? Drugs?"
  374. (3:15:19 PM) Psy: A giant, veiny hand clasps on Alan's shoulder and turns him around.  Some sort of equal-scale muscular gimp has appeared behind him
  375. (3:15:48 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "...Herb, did you write that into existence again?"
  376. (3:16:02 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs shows Ryan the notebook and shrugs
  377. (3:16:51 PM) Psy: A flash of light in the trees distracts your attention, and another Alan Wake runs out toward you.  This one is dressed in a dirty flannel shirt and jeans and looks haggard and unkempt.  He's holding a lit road flare.  "Go! Run to the lodge! Now!"
  378. (3:17:31 PM) Psy: you look back up and the giant besuited alan is sort of viciously killing the gimp, and has blood all over his massive hands
  379. (3:17:32 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I need to get my laptop anyway, so I start running
  380. (3:17:38 PM) Psy: ALRIGHT
  381. (3:17:40 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Oh, fuck."
  382. (3:17:41 PM) Psy: now for actual like
  383. (3:17:42 PM) Psy: fate
  384. (3:17:45 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks from giant Alan, to hobo alan, and runs
  385. (3:17:48 PM) Psy: this is a CHALLENGE
  386. (3:18:15 PM) Malcom_Park: (sorry for not being more proactive in the RP. I'm kind of distracted)
  387. (3:18:37 PM) Psy: pg 153
  388. (3:18:42 PM) Psy: malcom: it's cool
  389. (3:18:59 PM) Psy: okay so this is a challenge as described on page 153
  390. (3:19:48 PM) Psy: you need to dash uphill through 500 meters ish of dense forest that, you now notice, is full of shadowy figures wielding blades who would like to stop and have a friendly conversation with you
  391. (3:20:12 PM) Psy: various aspects in play; trees, for now the desks
  392. (3:20:26 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: I'm guessing athletics would be useful here, for running. Notice, for seeing the figures. Will, for not faltering.
  393. (3:20:27 PM) Psy: and all of you have fate points, and can spend one to create an aspect into existence
  394. (3:20:33 PM) Psy: yes
  395. (3:20:36 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Oh thsi just gets worse and worse!"
  396. (3:20:47 PM) John_Tarnowski: I'll start.
  397. (3:20:51 PM) Psy: go ahead
  398. (3:21:41 PM) Psy: action chase scene musics
  399. (3:22:06 PM) John_Tarnowski: John, noticing how the things Herb wrote came to existance, quickly grabs paper and pen and scrawls out "Copies of Harold, Herb, Malcom, Ryan, and me pop out and run towards the lodge"
  400. (3:22:29 PM) John_Tarnowski: "This better work" John whines as he writes fast.
  401. (3:22:43 PM) Psy: i like it!
  402. (3:22:47 PM) John_Tarnowski: (Spending Fate Point for Aspect "night of a thousand writers."
  403. (3:23:03 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Can I use Investigate or Notice for understanding where the  figures are coming from, where would we be safe from them?
  404. (3:23:07 PM) John_Tarnowski: The copies can run interference so the nasties get them instead of us
  405. (3:23:08 PM) Psy: ok so you have 2 fate points, and that aspect now exists and can be invoked by people with bad athletics to grant a bonus
  406. (3:23:10 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs hangs back and writes the words "A-Team armored van" and draws a scribbly little picture of one.
  407. (3:23:54 PM) Psy: the terrain is too soft and covered in dry leaves and uneven and dense with tree trunks for that to be feasible
  408. (3:24:01 PM) Psy: i dig the idea though
  409. (3:24:37 PM) Herb_Jacobs: "uh... uh..."
  410. (3:24:51 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs writes the word "flying" before it
  411. (3:26:05 PM) ***HaroldStarl huddles over his desk with his eyes closed, whispering something to himself, then opens a drawer and finds his .357 magnum inside
  412. (3:27:05 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks around and grabs the nearest convienent bashin' stick
  413. (3:27:12 PM) Psy: excellent
  414. (3:27:19 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert is not much of a writer, so he instead hurries everyone along "Come on! We don't have time to optimize the best setup!"
  415. (3:27:46 PM) ***John_Tarnowski starts running, then stops and heads back.  "Stick together!"
  416. (3:27:50 PM) Psy: herb roll to see if the creation works
  417. (3:28:09 PM) Herb_Jacobs: is there a skill involved?
  418. (3:28:16 PM) Psy: if you can justify one
  419. (3:28:25 PM) Herb_Jacobs: not really, no
  420. (3:28:26 PM) Herb_Jacobs: !f
  421. (3:28:27 PM) LakeBot: Herb_Jacobs rolled -,  , +,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  422. (3:28:29 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Psy: Are there any sources of light around, can I notice how the shadowy figures avoid the light?
  423. (3:29:43 PM) Psy: herb: your creation fails, and a cluster of rusty metal the size of a van appears and collapses near the clearing, starting a fire that begins to spread
  424. (3:29:52 PM) Psy: Brush Fire aspect is now in play :X
  425. (3:30:14 PM) John_Tarnowski: "We really need to be going now!"
  426. (3:30:31 PM) Psy: ryan: there is ambient light of no discernable source brightly illuminating the clearing, the fire is producing light, otherwise it's moonlight-level near-pitch darkness
  427. (3:30:45 PM) Psy: we assume everyone is running toward the lodge as they try actions
  428. (3:30:49 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert thinks of lighting a torch on the fire, so we can see in front of us
  429. (3:31:00 PM) Psy: i like that idea
  430. (3:31:08 PM) Psy: you may do so without a roll if you choose
  431. (3:31:09 PM) Psy: brb
  432. (3:31:21 PM) John_Tarnowski: Yeah, I ws going to do that.  Everyone grab a stick and light 'em up!
  433. (3:31:54 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I'm keeping my pen and paper in hand
  434. (3:32:11 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert thinks for a second, grabs a stick, and writes "torch" on the soil with it
  435. (3:33:08 PM) Psy: roll, and if you take a -2 penalty you gain a fate point
  436. (3:33:16 PM) Psy: compelling the brush fire thing
  437. (3:34:20 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Well, I have three right now, so I think I'll roll without penalties
  438. (3:34:28 PM) Psy: alright
  439. (3:34:30 PM) Psy: roll then
  440. (3:34:31 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: !f
  441. (3:34:32 PM) LakeBot: Ryan_Gilbert rolled  , -, +,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  442. (3:34:55 PM) Psy: that's a zero, lemme check if that-- i think that's a tie
  443. (3:34:56 PM) Malcom_Park: (ok, sorry guys, but I'm not really into this. So, I'm out. Sorry)
  444. (3:35:01 PM) Psy: it's okay dude
  445. (3:35:01 PM) Malcom_Park is now known as Pfisiar
  446. (3:35:03 PM) Psy: n
  447. (3:35:05 PM) Psy: er
  448. (3:35:06 PM) Pfisiar left the room.
  449. (3:35:20 PM) HaroldStarl: that was abrupt
  450. (3:35:42 PM) Psy: he has depression issues too
  451. (3:35:49 PM) Psy: anyway so
  452. (3:35:55 PM) Psy: harold has a gun
  453. (3:36:16 PM) HaroldStarl: is this the sort of thing where i pull a shooting skill out of my ass
  454. (3:36:31 PM) Psy: the tie means writing torch had no effect except some smoke, and everyone else be running still
  455. (3:36:37 PM) Psy: noser has acted, ryan has acted
  456. (3:36:52 PM) Psy: harold yeah a +1 or +2 in shooting from practicing at the range is fine
  457. (3:36:59 PM) Psy: and fits with your paranoia
  458. (3:37:09 PM) HaroldStarl: !f+2
  459. (3:37:09 PM) LakeBot: HaroldStarl rolled +, -,  , - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  460. (3:37:27 PM) Psy: so a +1 in total
  461. (3:37:58 PM) ***HaroldStarl calmly says "Fiat lux" and shoots into a patch of shadowy figures
  462. (3:38:03 PM) Psy: do you wanna spend a point to reroll or add plus 2
  463. (3:38:11 PM) Psy: you have three presently iirc
  464. (3:38:19 PM) HaroldStarl: ad 2, sure
  465. (3:38:34 PM) John_Tarnowski: Was my calling an Aspect my action, or do I have to roll.
  466. (3:39:15 PM) Psy: it was your action
  467. (3:39:22 PM) John_Tarnowski: Okay, just checking
  468. (3:39:28 PM) Psy: okay the figures all be defending, +1 athletics
  469. (3:39:29 PM) Psy: !f
  470. (3:39:31 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled -, -, +,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  471. (3:40:00 PM) Psy: Harold shoots down several of the shadowy figures
  472. (3:40:13 PM) Psy: one more round/exchange of actions after the figures act before you reach the outside of the lodge
  473. (3:40:17 PM) Herb_Jacobs: can a point just be flatly spent for a +2 without any story element?
  474. (3:40:19 PM) HaroldStarl: this system seems to produce results with a very low range of severity
  475. (3:40:36 PM) Psy: herb: I
  476. (3:40:39 PM) Psy: think so?
  477. (3:40:41 PM) Psy: lemme check
  478. (3:40:50 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I thought you had to point to some relevant aspect to spend it
  479. (3:41:06 PM) HaroldStarl: it probably encourages having a good reason but theres some things that just either happen or dont, realistically
  480. (3:41:07 PM) Psy: oh i guess not
  481. (3:41:15 PM) Psy: well we assume the brush fire helped him see them
  482. (3:41:51 PM) Psy: some shadowy figures swarm harold
  483. (3:41:55 PM) Psy: fighting +3
  484. (3:41:57 PM) Psy: !f
  485. (3:41:58 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled -, +,  ,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  486. (3:42:04 PM) Psy: so +3 base
  487. (3:42:25 PM) Psy: can you think of a skill, athletics or physique or otherwise, that you'd use to defend
  488. (3:42:33 PM) Psy: if so, roll ittt
  489. (3:42:47 PM) Psy: if not, roll neutral and hope for the best
  490. (3:42:55 PM) Herb_Jacobs: RAW, physique's for soaking damage if the defense fails, not for the defense itself
  491. (3:43:44 PM) Psy: ah
  492. (3:43:51 PM) HaroldStarl: !f
  493. (3:43:52 PM) LakeBot: HaroldStarl rolled -,  ,  , - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  494. (3:43:55 PM) HaroldStarl: ...
  495. (3:43:59 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert runs ahead of the group, trying to find a safe route for the others. The forest itself is also a danger.
  496. (3:44:14 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Unless I can think of some other action, but right now I don't think so.
  497. (3:44:18 PM) Psy: its ok man this works to do a thing
  498. (3:44:23 PM) Psy: to see how Consequences Work
  499. (3:44:24 PM) Herb_Jacobs: ...5 points damage, I think that's a severe consequence?
  500. (3:44:29 PM) Psy: yeah
  501. (3:44:52 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: I really should have checked the mechanics a bit better before this.
  502. (3:45:16 PM) Psy: nah its cool
  503. (3:45:19 PM) HaroldStarl: i literally read the skill list and that's about it, so youre probably a few points up on me
  504. (3:45:20 PM) Psy: it's a learning experience
  505. (3:45:24 PM) Psy: ok so rob
  506. (3:45:39 PM) HaroldStarl: i figured out the resolution mechanic just from reading chat
  507. (3:45:42 PM) HaroldStarl: ok
  508. (3:45:57 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: (I guess my action would be something like using Athletics to Create An Advantage)
  509. (3:46:18 PM) Psy: you fight off the swarm but you take a moderate consequence and 1 physical stress box
  510. (3:46:32 PM) Psy: since severe is 6 and the roll was 5
  511. (3:46:33 PM) Psy: i think
  512. (3:46:34 PM) Psy: yeah
  513. (3:46:46 PM) HaroldStarl: full life consequences
  514. (3:46:49 PM) Herb_Jacobs: you can add the boxes like that?
  515. (3:47:46 PM) Herb_Jacobs: ah, yes. "You can use more than one consequence
  516. (3:47:46 PM) Herb_Jacobs: at a time, and even combine the use of stress and consequences if they?re
  517. (3:47:46 PM) Herb_Jacobs: available."
  518. (3:49:47 PM) Psy: you fight them off but you took a clawscratch to the side that hurts a fucking lot and is bleeding
  519. (3:50:42 PM) Psy: you make it to the back entrance of the lodge, but, of course, the door is locked
  520. (3:50:48 PM) Psy: more shadowy figures are approaching
  521. (3:51:19 PM) Psy: there is a big picture overlook window off to the side as well
  522. (3:51:36 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Does the lodge have some sort of balcony or another high spot that a reasonably athletic fellow might reach?
  523. (3:51:38 PM) Psy: inside you can see a bizarrely well-lit version of the common area, with your cards and liquor bottles still at the table
  524. (3:51:44 PM) Psy: yes
  525. (3:51:57 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: I was considering climbing there and pulling the others up
  526. (3:51:57 PM) Psy: there's a second floor balcony that looks like it has a door to hartman's office
  527. (3:51:59 PM) John_Tarnowski: I'd suggest since Herb has the Burglary skill, he could pick the locks
  528. (3:52:09 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs hustles toward the window, while writing "just whatever the fuck will stop these things"
  529. (3:52:17 PM) HaroldStarl: good thing we have a reasonably athletic fellow, im never playing a pudgy middle-aged sf writer again
  530. (3:52:19 PM) John_Tarnowski: Or climbing up works, I guess
  531. (3:52:43 PM) Psy: you can try both!
  532. (3:52:54 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Or maybe I'll climb there and open it from the inside, whatever. Anyway, I'll climb there.
  533. (3:53:03 PM) HaroldStarl: yeah, chances are one of us will fail with these wacky + and - dice
  534. (3:53:06 PM) ***John_Tarnowski puffs as he gets to the door
  535. (3:53:18 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: roll with athletics, so that's +3?
  536. (3:53:22 PM) Psy: yes
  537. (3:53:28 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: !f +3
  538. (3:53:29 PM) LakeBot: Ryan_Gilbert rolled +,  ,  ,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  539. (3:53:41 PM) John_Tarnowski: +4 total yay I guess
  540. (3:53:53 PM) Psy: assisted by your pumping adrenaline, you easily clamber up to the balcony
  541. (3:54:00 PM) Psy: the door to hartman's office is ajar
  542. (3:54:08 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert doesn't slip, despite his cold fingers.
  543. (3:54:22 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert enters, tries to find a way down to the front door
  544. (3:54:45 PM) Psy: MEANWHILE, herb, roll dat burglary
  545. (3:55:14 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I was thinkign I'd just try smashing it first
  546. (3:55:27 PM) Herb_Jacobs: is that still burglaryt
  547. (3:55:30 PM) Psy: haha
  548. (3:55:32 PM) Psy: yes
  549. (3:55:35 PM) Herb_Jacobs: ok
  550. (3:55:36 PM) Herb_Jacobs: !f +2
  551. (3:55:36 PM) LakeBot: Herb_Jacobs rolled  , -, -, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  552. (3:55:45 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: oh dear
  553. (3:56:02 PM) HaroldStarl: in russia, door breaks down you
  554. (3:56:10 PM) Psy: is that zero or -1
  555. (3:56:13 PM) John_Tarnowski: He shatters instead of the door
  556. (3:56:16 PM) Herb_Jacobs: -1
  557. (3:56:44 PM) Psy: shadowy figures get a free invocation on you
  558. (3:57:12 PM) Herb_Jacobs: ok, let's call that temporary aspect OH FUCK, MY HAND, WHAT WAS I THINKING
  559. (3:57:16 PM) Psy: haha
  560. (3:57:29 PM) Psy: rob, you may act
  561. (3:57:36 PM) Psy: maybe proactively shoot?
  562. (3:57:37 PM) Psy: idk
  563. (3:57:55 PM) HaroldStarl: am i at a detriment because im torn open
  564. (3:58:07 PM) Psy: no
  565. (3:58:12 PM) Psy: not for this roll
  566. (3:58:22 PM) HaroldStarl: ok then, i try to fire into the crowd
  567. (3:58:58 PM) HaroldStarl: !f+2, right?
  568. (3:58:59 PM) LakeBot: HaroldStarl rolled  , -,  , + on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  569. (3:59:09 PM) ***John_Tarnowski readies his stick.  "It's just like playing softfall again.  Only instead of a ball, it's a things' head.  And you don't want to lose."
  570. (3:59:41 PM) Psy: you wanted to lose at softball?
  571. (4:00:01 PM) Psy: anyway harold's roll totals +2
  572. (4:00:13 PM) John_Tarnowski: I meant, "If you lose at softball, you don't get a trophy.  If you lose at this, you'll die."
  573. (4:00:14 PM) Psy: !f dodgethletics +1
  574. (4:00:15 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled  , +, -, + on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  575. (4:00:22 PM) Psy: a tie
  576. (4:00:29 PM) Psy: you miss but nothing bad happens
  577. (4:00:38 PM) Psy: tarny, roll your... fighting i guess?
  578. (4:01:18 PM) John_Tarnowski: So since I used quick-gen rules, do I instantly say what my Fighting is, or is it 0 for now until I use it?
  579. (4:01:46 PM) Psy: you say it now but if it's higher than +1 you gotta justify it
  580. (4:02:00 PM) John_Tarnowski: I'll stay with +1
  581. (4:02:08 PM) John_Tarnowski: !fighting +1
  582. (4:02:08 PM) LakeBot: John_Tarnowski rolled -, +, +, + on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  583. (4:02:16 PM) Psy: nice
  584. (4:02:16 PM) John_Tarnowski: Batter up
  585. (4:02:25 PM) Psy: so that's +3 right
  586. (4:02:40 PM) John_Tarnowski: Yup
  587. (4:03:07 PM) Psy: !f +1 dodge
  588. (4:03:07 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled +, -, +,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  589. (4:03:19 PM) Psy: SUCCESS
  590. (4:03:42 PM) Psy: okay at the start of the next round/exchange, ryan unlocks the door and everyone rushes inside
  591. (4:03:57 PM) Psy: once all four are inside, you all wake up in a cold sweat in your beds
  592. (4:04:24 PM) Psy: your watches/phones/etc say 8:49am but it's still pitch black darkness outside your windows
  593. (4:04:40 PM) Psy: worse still, your bags are gone
  594. (4:04:43 PM) ***John_Tarnowski goes to throw a chair or two at the door to barricade it
  595. (4:05:06 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert is starting to feel the effects of running outside in this weather
  596. (4:05:40 PM) Psy: once the door is successfully barricaded, tarnowski's bedroom window is smashed open by a burly orderly holding a boat oar
  597. (4:05:43 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Where did the... other Wake go? The normal one?"
  598. (4:05:53 PM) Psy: he's shrouded in gaslike moving shadows
  599. (4:06:13 PM) ***John_Tarnowski goes to pull the Orderly in
  600. (4:06:38 PM) Psy: "TAKE YOUR PILLS AND COOPERATE" it growls in a weird distorty voice
  601. (4:06:44 PM) Psy: also what do you mean pull it in
  602. (4:07:01 PM) John_Tarnowski: Oh wait
  603. (4:07:13 PM) John_Tarnowski: I thought the Orderly was asking where did Alan go, not Ryan
  604. (4:07:28 PM) Psy: nope
  605. (4:07:49 PM) ***John_Tarnowski just yells "FUCK" and throws the chairs he usedto barricade himself at the ORderly
  606. (4:08:43 PM) John_Tarnowski: Then I run out of the room
  607. (4:08:55 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "John, what the fuck is going on?"
  608. (4:08:55 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Is there any damn door here that locks!?"
  609. (4:08:59 PM) Psy: everyone runs out of their room and converges in the hallway
  610. (4:09:10 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert is carrying a suitcase
  611. (4:09:11 PM) Psy: harold notices that his wound from the dream has carried over
  612. (4:09:15 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: (a small one, but still)
  613. (4:09:46 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Orderly..." John wheezes as he tries to catch his breath and compose himself.
  614. (4:10:03 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Burst through the window...said 'Take your pills and cooperate'."
  615. (4:10:06 PM) Psy: the four of you hear glass shattering and turn to see a shadowy bartender now wielding a broken bottle slowly approaching
  616. (4:10:17 PM) Psy: "NO ID, NO SALE" it utters
  617. (4:10:21 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "That does not belong. Are we still dreaming?"
  618. (4:10:36 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert pinches Herb lightly
  619. (4:10:44 PM) Psy: the PA system sputters to life with a feedback screech
  620. (4:10:45 PM) John_Tarnowski: (Someone chould just do the action hero thing and grab a lighter and throw it at the bartender)
  621. (4:10:54 PM) Psy: then hartman's voice pipes in
  622. (4:11:07 PM) John_Tarnowski: (Have a Flaming Zambuko, Floyd)
  623. (4:11:30 PM) Herb_Jacobs: "We better be dreaming, I had unsubmitted drafts on there"
  624. (4:11:32 PM) Psy: "I assure you, you are quite awake.  I have to apologize for the... misjudgement of character Mister Scratch and I have made."
  625. (4:11:43 PM) Psy: the word "scratch" is distorted and staticy
  626. (4:12:10 PM) John_Tarnowski: "What the hell you expect us to do Hartman?  Roll over and die?"
  627. (4:12:11 PM) Psy: "We assumed you would write what we wanted without any of this... childish panicking."
  628. (4:12:18 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Fuck this. Fuck this? Fuck this. Get to the car."
  629. (4:12:44 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Did it ever enter your mind to politely ask, instead of this Twilight Zone shit?"
  630. (4:12:46 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs hunts around for paper to write "Fuck this" on
  631. (4:13:19 PM) Psy: you turn to the walkway back to the lobby and see three not-so-burly shadowy men in scrubs approaching, carrying syringes
  633. (4:13:59 PM) Psy: "YOU WILL FEEL A SLIGHT PRICK" another says
  634. (4:14:06 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Goddamnit. Herb, can you write them out?"
  635. (4:14:11 PM) ***John_Tarnowski readies the stick.
  636. (4:14:12 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Does that still work?"
  637. (4:14:13 PM) Psy: herb finds a bulletin board with various flyers
  638. (4:15:01 PM) ***Herb_Jacobs mutters "pen, pen, pen" and pats his pockets
  639. (4:15:02 PM) Psy: the smooth charismatic alan voice pipes over the PA system
  640. (4:15:24 PM) Psy: "I always found Twilight Zone to be a little hokey, myself."
  641. (4:15:46 PM) Psy: each of herb's first three pats finds a pen
  642. (4:15:51 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert swings the suitcase at the bartender, trying to frighten him rather than hit him
  643. (4:16:08 PM) Psy: remind me was it you that had +1 fighting
  644. (4:16:14 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Yeah
  645. (4:16:24 PM) Psy: do you wanna spend a point to get a +2 from the suitcase
  646. (4:17:17 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Okay.
  647. (4:17:38 PM) ***John_Tarnowski looks for a safe path away from the goons
  648. (4:17:51 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: (it's a very sturdy suitcase, made to be impossible to open without a key)
  649. (4:17:59 PM) Psy: john: they basically have you cornered in the hall
  650. (4:18:09 PM) Herb_Jacobs: when should I go again
  651. (4:18:13 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: !f +2
  652. (4:18:14 PM) LakeBot: Ryan_Gilbert rolled +, -, -, - on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  653. (4:18:37 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Someone pass me paper and pen, I'm calling the calvary.  (Hopefully, he mutters under his breath)"
  654. (4:19:14 PM) Psy: we assume you grab one of the flyers and herb throws you a pen
  655. (4:19:22 PM) Psy: so ryan that comes out to +1
  656. (4:19:33 PM) Psy: !f +1 fighting on the bartender's part
  657. (4:19:35 PM) LakeBot: Psy rolled  , -, -,   on some god-forsaken Fudge dice.
  658. (4:19:56 PM) Psy: you knock the bartender to the ground with a good strike to the jaw
  659. (4:20:16 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "Sorry about that."
  660. (4:20:23 PM) ***John_Tarnowski starts writing "Before the shadowmen can strike, White Beauty drops from the second floor, snarling at the needlemen."
  661. (4:20:26 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert turns to the others
  662. (4:20:53 PM) John_Tarnowski: (White Beauty is the albino velociraptor mount of one of the heroes in John's Broncosaurus Rex novels)
  663. (4:20:59 PM) Psy: "NO HARD LIQUOR SERVED AFTER TEN PM" the bartender snarls
  664. (4:21:05 PM) John_Tarnowski: (Stupid idea, but maybe it'll work)
  665. (4:21:15 PM) Psy: spend a fate point and it does
  666. (4:21:42 PM) John_Tarnowski: One FAte Piint left for John, and we got Velociraptor Calvary
  667. (4:22:34 PM) Psy: in a blur of white and red, White Beauty smashes through the window on one side of the walkway, grabs the three shadowmen, and crashes out the opposite window
  668. (4:22:52 PM) Psy: you've got a clear path to the lobby, and you can see the front door from here
  669. (4:23:10 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "...that worked."
  670. (4:23:20 PM) ***John_Tarnowski laughs, in relief it worked, in shock it actually worked, in disbelief the whole thing happened, and in joy in actually seeing White Beauty
  671. (4:23:37 PM) Psy: only harold has not yet acted
  672. (4:23:46 PM) HaroldStarl: "You people make me look subtle"
  673. (4:23:47 PM) HaroldStarl: uhh
  674. (4:23:50 PM) HaroldStarl: whats left to do
  675. (4:23:58 PM) Psy: we will start a new round/exchange, and assume you all dash for the front door
  676. (4:24:24 PM) HaroldStarl: ok, what happens when we get there
  677. (4:24:36 PM) Psy: harold I am compelling your wound, you push yourself too hard and trip and fall on your hands and knees in front of the reception desk, the others reach the front door
  678. (4:24:39 PM) Psy: you receive a fate point
  679. (4:24:46 PM) Psy: all of you may now act
  680. (4:25:18 PM) Psy: the first thing you notice when you reach the front door is the lack of any immediately available escape vehicle
  681. (4:25:31 PM) ***HaroldStarl whispers a pained entreaty to some being or another
  682. (4:25:41 PM) Psy: the door's unlocked and the front gate is open but no vehicle is to be seen
  683. (4:26:23 PM) John_Tarnowski: What else do we notice
  684. (4:26:51 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I was in the middle of writing something when the raptor showed up and still have the paper... I cross out what I was doing and write "The friendly valet brought the keys and everyone's belongings."
  685. (4:27:10 PM) Psy: herb do you have fate points left to spend to make that happen
  686. (4:27:12 PM) Herb_Jacobs: then I add in a little caret before keys for "van and"
  687. (4:27:18 PM) John_Tarnowski: Is it still dark outside?
  688. (4:27:22 PM) Herb_Jacobs: I think so
  689. (4:27:23 PM) Psy: yes
  690. (4:27:36 PM) John_Tarnowski: "Herb, go add 'Here comes the sun.'"
  691. (4:27:49 PM) Psy: that would be too much for one action
  692. (4:28:02 PM) Psy: harold is in a position to make the sun arrive tho
  693. (4:28:30 PM) ***Ryan_Gilbert grabs his coat and takes out a pen
  694. (4:28:37 PM) Psy: ok since we're like right on the cusp of the end, and we've been going for a couple hours, does anyone mind if narrate the end
  695. (4:28:47 PM) HaroldStarl: sure
  696. (4:28:51 PM) Psy: ok
  697. (4:28:57 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "You're securing a vehicle?"
  698. (4:29:15 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: "I can probably get us a safe escape. once we've got one."
  699. (4:29:28 PM) Psy: harold writes "sunrise" on the carpet with his finger and his own blood, which works
  700. (4:29:58 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Aww, shucks.
  701. (4:30:09 PM) John_Tarnowski: Damn powerful image
  702. (4:31:17 PM) Psy: dawn breaks and the brown 1979 oldsmobile four-door hatchback from Herb's evil dead ripoff novel appears and ferries them to town, where harold receives medical attention and sheriff sarah breaker has some questions
  703. (4:31:35 PM) HaroldStarl: the classic
  704. (4:31:45 PM) Psy: because the shadowy figure stuff sounds very familiar, but cauldron lake lodge has been abandoned for a year
  705. (4:31:56 PM) Psy: and emil hartman is dead
  706. (4:32:01 PM) Psy: so
  707. (4:32:06 PM) Psy: everyone survives and yes
  708. (4:32:14 PM) Psy: good test, good roleplaying, i love you all
  709. (4:32:23 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: I had an idea which I'd been saving, but I couldn't think of a proper spot to use it.
  710. (4:32:27 PM) Psy: go on
  711. (4:32:29 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Thanks for the game, Psy.
  712. (4:32:30 PM) Psy: #botquit
  713. (4:32:31 PM) LakeBot left the room (quit: Quit: LakeBot).
  714. (4:32:33 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Oh.
  715. (4:32:44 PM) HaroldStarl: i had an ace in the hole i wanted to use too
  716. (4:32:46 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Was gonna go "But don't look back, no matter what"
  717. (4:32:58 PM) Psy: also yeah erryone move back to #superdickery
  718. (4:33:02 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: Then Ryan would write something from his father's notes
  719. (4:33:08 PM) Psy: we will continue discussion there
  720. (4:33:14 PM) Ryan_Gilbert: And anyone who would look back would go like fuuuck
  721. (4:33:19 PM) Ryan_Gilbert is now known as Suleman
  722. (4:33:20 PM) John_Tarnowski is now known as Damned_Highwayman
  723. (4:33:29 PM) current topic is:
  724. (4:33:32 PM) Psy has changed the topic to:  
  725. (4:33:32 PM) HaroldStarl: if something happened at the end i was about to have harold copy down a passage from Elijah from memory and have an angel come down in the form of a wheel covered in eyes
  726. (4:33:43 PM) Psy: that is kind of amazing
  727. (4:33:53 PM) Herb_Jacobs: wait, so the unsubmitted draft to Strawberry Princess and the Gingerbread Castle is just lost on my laptop somewhere in limbo? FUUUUUUUUUUCK
  728. (4:34:16 PM) Psy: hahaha no remember you summoned a car with everyone's belongings
  729. (4:34:21 PM) Psy: aaaanyway
  730. (4:34:28 PM) Psy: i need to pastebin this so everyone out!
  731. (4:34:31 PM) Damned_Highwayman left the room (Kicked by Psy (Psy)).
  732. (4:34:32 PM) Herb_Jacobs: our real belongings or shitty belongings from the novel
  733. (4:34:32 PM) Suleman left the room.
  734. (4:34:39 PM) HaroldStarl left the room.
  735. (4:34:42 PM) Herb_Jacobs left the room (Kicked by Psy (Psy)).
  736. (4:34:44 PM) You have parted the channel

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