Tentative Outline For My Crowdfunded Shonen Anime

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  1. "
  2. You're looking at a free game called Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand which I created earlier this year. Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand is a platformer in the Metroidvania style. You play as "
  3. this yellow pixel, here.
  4.  At the beginning of the game, you just move left and right and jump, but as you progress you  get
  5. a weapon
  6. a double jump
  7. a speed boost
  8. more powerful weapons
  9. and so on.
  10. [pause]
  11. "Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand is free online, and if you have a keyboard and mouse you can play it right now. It's a complete, challenging game, and it has some replayability, but compared to commercial games of the genre it is a short game. I would like to take the main concepts of this game you're seeing now and create a new game, larger in scope and more polished.
  12. "
  13. I would like your support in creating:
  14.  Hyper Pixel Eleven Thousand.

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