Tentative Outline For My Crowdfunded Shonen Anime

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  1. >//TRANSCRIPT: M.A2_Recovered[UIB:::TERMAGANT]
  3. >//checking…
  5. >//BEGIN:::
  6. CALIGULA: So what is it?
  7. DOGFRIEND_68: i wish i could tell you, man, it just showed up on the terminal. whole thing in one ping — it’s like a fucking K or two EXB. tried to autofab but i shut it down jic
  8. CALIGULA: Gotta be a joke from Ash — she’s trying to wavedown our rig again, don’t let it print.
  9. DOGFRIEND_68: fuck no
  10. DOGFRIEND_68: do u think i have a death wish
  11. CALIGULA: Yes.
  12. CALIGULA: Well, who’s it from? Who’s the author?
  13. CALIGULA: Hello?
  14. CALIGULA: [waiting.omif]
  15. DOGFRIEND_68: uh
  16. CALIGULA: Who?
  17. DOGFRIEND_68: us
  18. CALIGULA: Us what?
  19. DOGFRIEND_68: it’s from our terminal — we made it
  20. CALIGULA: Pretty sure I’d remember if I wrote 1-2k exabyte fabrication by myself.
  21. DOGFRIEND_68: yeah except thats our code man, the hash lines up beaucop-sigma
  22. DOGFRIEND_68: ok also BigMama is telling me we didn’t actaully get anything inbound which means its just been local but thats impossible, we don’t have that much storage
  23. CALIGULA: Let me see the file
  24. CALIGULA: It’s dated 15005U
  25. DOGFRIEND_68: [lolfuk.omif]
  26. CALIGULA: There’s an audio track buried in here. Should I play it?
  27. DOGFRIEND_68: i wanna say no but fuck it i’m curious

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