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  1. 1:48 AM - Mr. Scratch: ey you still up?
  2. 1:48 AM - Hondo: yeah
  3. 1:48 AM - Mr. Scratch: how awkward/ashamed would you feel about me running a one-on-one savage worlds game for you?  I have the RPG itch and it's so fucking hard to get multiple people together
  4. 1:49 AM - Hondo: the dude abides
  5. 1:50 AM - Mr. Scratch: settingwise I want to basically do stylized anachronistic noir, like the sunny coastline to your sodom and gomorrah thing's frozen-over north
  6. 1:53 AM - Mr. Scratch: pelican bay is a super wealthy seaport whose economy is booming like crazy, both from old money in giant banks and investment firms and a crop of twentysomethings taking advantage of the demand for their technical skills
  7. 1:54 AM - Mr. Scratch: whole city's on a slope, with short buildings and poor area next to the actual docks, and upward from that income gets higher and higher until you get this cluster of a dozenish ridiculous skyscrapers interconnected at various floors with skybridges
  8. 1:55 AM - Mr. Scratch: I think I want to also have the penthouse of the tallest skyscraper occupied by a mr. house equivalent, that dude from new vegas
  9. 1:56 AM - Mr. Scratch: basically a hermit who never leaves his home and no one has seen, howard hughes style
  10. 1:56 AM - Mr. Scratch: god it is the most confusing thing that howard hawks is the one who isn't aviation related
  11. 1:56 AM - Mr. Scratch: i always get those names mixed up

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