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  1. The second anthology book in the paperback Grace X series is close to complete! The story lineup is set, typesetting and editing are winding stop, on to the presses! The release date is expected to be January 2013!
  3. Here's a sneak peek at the Table of Contents, my Introduction, and the paperback cover art:
  5. Table of Contents
  7. Sin by Othello and Grace X
  9. Floored by Chris Brown
  11. The Chameleon by Nighthawk
  13. Jewel Thief by Stormcaster
  15. Eyes on a Promotion by Eyes
  17. Grace’s Last Dance by Ric delCampo
  19. The Black Hand by Moon Shiner and Grace X
  21. Apache Summer by Nighthawk
  23. The Bloody Dove by Jessika and Grace X
  25. The Jackals by Nighthawk
  27. Grace’s Game of Death by Khalid
  29. Climbing the Corporate Ladder by Fleming
  31. The Autumn Ashes by Mike Dark
  33. The Sex and Murder League by Othello and Grace X
  35. My Gun is Deadly by Killmaster
  36. ________________________________________________
  38. Introduction
  39. by Grace X
  41.      In real life, I’m actually pretty sweet. Seriously!
  42.      Far from the killer bitch Grace X, I’m pretty much perpetually smiling, good natured, a peacemaker in disputes among family and friends, and an all-around happy person. It’s in my sexual fantasies that I’m transformed into the dark femme fatale with the erotic death fetish, wanting nothing more than to kill and be killed (and of course ravished both alive and dead).
  43.      In my introduction to the first anthology of Grace X stories I explored a little of the psychology that has given me such a gleeful split personality. Mostly it stemmed from a relentless Catholic-girl upbringing that characterized the desire for sex as sinful and evil, which I creatively interpreted as meaning only sinful and evil women are going to end up enjoying hot sex. Since I truly like being a “good girl” in real life, but also have a distinctly powerful sex drive, that left fantasy as the outlet for my rampaging libido. And right about that time in my teenage years, while seeking out role models like the Bond Girls and the femmes fatales of film noir, I also discovered that those sexually intense characters quite frequently end up dead.
  44.      That fact actually heightened the erotic intensity of the fantasy for me. My teenage guilty feelings about wanting sex, alas, had worked their way down to the foundations of my psyche, and to truly enjoy myself in my erotic fantasies, I needed some kind of psychological trigger to override that guilt. The concept that in my sex fantasies I would become an amoral bad girl helped, but taking me over the top to emotional erotic freedom was letting that bad girl persona be overpowered and murdered, then taken sexually afterward. Since I am dead, I’m freed from all guilt about what is done erotically to my body, and I can at long last release myself into perfect, intense rapture. When I was still a teenager, thinking myself the weirdest, darkest girl on the planet, I hid these lusts with considerable determination, enjoying my fantasies in private. I would acquire visual aids for my masturbatory sessions by stealing True Detective magazines from the local drugstore (I could never actually buy anything so lurid and trashy, as my parents would never have allowed it).
  45.      Only far into adulthood did I realize that there are people out there—mostly men, but some women too—who share my fetish.
  46.      I confess the edge and the rush of fantasy death/sex eclipses all forms of “vanilla sex” for me. In order to have a satisfying climax, I literally must be fantasizing that my partner is murdering me, or has already done so and is taking erotic possession of my dead body. It’s glorious and addicting, and has led me over the years to indulge in roleplay with like-minded fantasy partners, and to become a presence in the death erotica online communities that have sprung up here in the era of the internet.
  47.      I’ve appeared now (in spirit, if not literally body), in numerous death erotic fetish films, including wonderfully hot videos by Chris’ Corner, who is also the publisher of this book. I have the pleasure of an exciting double life (businesswoman/wife by day, killer sexy death diva by night), that manifests not only though films, but in stories written about me by some of the fine writers who have come to embrace the “erotica noir” genre. So I am busier than ever these days behind the scenes and now in the forefront of death fetish erotica, and I couldn’t be happier. The business, I know, can be crazy and frustrating (if not downright insane), but I have been treated with remarkable consideration by all the creative people whose lives have touched mine, and I am truly grateful, and excited for what the future holds.
  48.      What an opportunity and a joy, for gal who once upon a time grew up swiping those True Detective magazines to ogle at the impossibly hot women on the covers (with guns pointed at them or garrotes around their necks), dreaming that those dead-sexy women could be me.
  49.      And it’s not entirely evil urges that have precipitated the creation of this book. Profits from both this collection and the first Grace X Anthology go to abuse shelters, which is incredibly generous of Chris’ Corner, as well as of the writers donating their written works to the project.
  51. XX Grace

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