My Latest MLP/Journey to the West Crossover Fic

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  1. (9:43:31 PM) Mr_Filament: Not gonna lie here, this is kinda hot
  2. (9:44:01 PM) Mr_Filament: If you direct your attention to image 3, it does appear some nipple is showing
  3. (9:44:36 PM) priority_kitten: i believe comment three is relevant to you
  4. (9:45:11 PM) Mr_Filament: Incorrect
  5. (9:45:34 PM) priority_kitten: are you saying this is your proudest boner
  6. (9:46:04 PM) Mr_Filament: It's a boner I take pride in
  7. (9:46:07 PM) Mr_Filament: OH MY GOD
  8. (9:46:08 PM) Mr_Filament:
  9. (9:46:15 PM) Mr_Filament: This is the best
  10. (9:48:05 PM) Mr_Filament:
  11. (9:48:21 PM) priority_kitten: i suspect filly has entered fapsville
  12. (9:50:00 PM) Mr_Filament: Nope, ruined because I saw this
  13. (9:51:46 PM) priority_kitten: i feel filly should be punished for his current actions
  14. (9:51:48 PM) priority_kitten: t_a
  15. (9:51:52 PM) priority_kitten: are you there
  16. (9:51:55 PM) priority_kitten: do something
  17. (9:53:06 PM) Mr_Filament: You know, I'd be more impressed with body paint if the nipples didn't always show

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