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  1. Name: Haohan Nyu
  3. High Concept: Anything Goes Martial Arts
  4. Haohan aims to be a master of all fighting styles - even ones that are useful in only the least likely situations.
  6. Trouble: Father's Bad Decisions
  7. Haohan's dad has a tendency to promise his child's hand in marriage in exchange for any sort of thing - first it started off as dowries, but eventually it was used to get free meals or settle gambling debts. Haohan is constantly trying to escape the consequences of his father's actions, many of which are a surprise to him.
  9. Phase One: Master of Escape!
  10. One of Haohan's father's acquaintances finally called upon Haohan to live up to "his" end of the deal. Haohan was locked up in order to prevent him from escaping, but managed to anyway! Huzzah! After slipping out of his bindings and his room, he managed to sneak into the women's dressing room, dress as one of the brides maids, and get away.
  12. Phase Two: I dunno think of a name
  13. Due to someone's shenanigans, Haohan was unwittingly engaged in an arranged marriage with an unwitting Aliana. Both are now technically engaged to each other, despite no romantic attraction.
  15. Phase Three: Fighting Fan!
  16. Spends some of his free time at the arena, where's he been witness to some amazing matches. One time the stands gave way due to some fierce fighting going on, and Haohan and others were dumped into the arena. The fighters already there - including Dragonheart and Tide - thought it was part of the match and a huge brawl began.
  18. Skills:
  19. +4 Fight
  20. +3 Physique/Athletics
  21. +2 Shoot/Deceive/Notice
  22. +1 Provoke/Rapport/Stealth/Empathy

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