Tentative Outline For My Crowdfunded Shonen Anime

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  3. “Listen now: we have nothing but time, so I shall not
  4. rush. The frst violence I commit to you is to tell you my
  5. story. You will know before you die: My mother died
  6. when she bore me, hooked to tubes and deadlife
  7. machines. Your men had her bear me with the
  8. assistance of an exo: a machine massaged her heart,
  9. currents forced her muscles to work, a black box
  10. strapped to her chest forced breath into her lungs. All of
  11. this because you knew. You knew at that point the only
  12. protest we had was to die and deny you new bodies.
  14. “So you took me from her and I never knew her again
  15. and in the care of your stone-matrons I learned how to
  16. tear worlds to pieces. I learned the lash, and the pick,
  17. and how to read the earth you had me kill.
  19. “When I was ten, I learned that I must take these pills to
  20. survive. That I was born riddled with cancers that you
  21. would never take from me – too expensive. The
  22. recovery process too long. And your quarterly profits
  23. could never slip, as it would mean ruin for your name.
  25. “Look at me. You are why we are hideous. Your
  26. propaganda paints us as beasts – but it is your hand
  27. that shapes our flesh. It is your word that scars our skin
  28. and bids cancer grow thick in our bodies. In the names
  29. of manna and your house, you ruin millions.
  31. “Millions. There are millions of us and countless more.
  32. This is your unbecoming. Your death, below your feet.
  33. Every inch of every palace and ship and grand city you
  34. build, you build on our backs, with our labor, at the cost
  35. of our lives. It began in the mines, but it will not end
  36. there: your Baronies are as riddled with us as my body
  37. is with metastasis.
  39. “Yes, weep now. For your perfect face. Your perfect
  40. worlds. Your perfect dominion.
  42. “Do you know that I did not know what the sky was
  43. until the Ungratefuls found me? Liberation means this:
  44. not simply seeing the sky, but knowing that there is
  45. such a thing as land without stone above you. And then
  46. knowing that there are those who put you there. I
  47. always thought – we were always taught this – that we
  48. were damned and penitent. That we had transgressed
  49. against Lordgod’s perfect kingdom and must mine in
  50. penance.
  52. “How wrong I was! It was not a divine prescript that
  53. doomed us to labor, but you and others like you. How
  54. surmountable the problem became then.
  56. “This is the Ungratefuls’ gift to me. This is their gift to
  57. the rest of us – the waste, the offal of your courts and
  58. palaces. This is why even your machines fight
  59. alongside us. Because you never taught us there could
  60. be a thing like the sky. Because you thought that we
  61. would never learn.
  63. “Goodbye, grand baron. Your house burns, your coffers
  64. have been emptied, your monuments have been torn
  65. down. Your line – your sons and daughters – hang from
  66. the balconies of your own palace.
  68. “We learned, grand baron. We learned how to hope,
  69. and who to hate.”

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