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  1. 1:48 AM - Mr. Scratch: ey you still up?
  2. 1:48 AM - Hondo: yeah
  3. 1:48 AM - Mr. Scratch: how awkward/ashamed would you feel about me running a one-on-one savage worlds game for you?  I have the RPG itch and it's so fucking hard to get multiple people together
  4. 1:49 AM - Hondo: the dude abides
  5. 1:50 AM - Mr. Scratch: settingwise I want to basically do stylized anachronistic noir, like the sunny coastline to your sodom and gomorrah thing's frozen-over north
  6. 1:53 AM - Mr. Scratch: pelican bay is a super wealthy seaport whose economy is booming like crazy, both from old money in giant banks and investment firms and a crop of twentysomethings taking advantage of the demand for their technical skills
  7. 1:54 AM - Mr. Scratch: whole city's on a slope, with short buildings and poor area next to the actual docks, and upward from that income gets higher and higher until you get this cluster of a dozenish ridiculous skyscrapers interconnected at various floors with skybridges
  8. 1:55 AM - Mr. Scratch: I think I want to also have the penthouse of the tallest skyscraper occupied by a mr. house equivalent, that dude from new vegas
  9. 1:56 AM - Mr. Scratch: basically a hermit who never leaves his home and no one has seen, howard hughes style
  10. 1:56 AM - Mr. Scratch: god it is the most confusing thing that howard hawks is the one who isn't aviation related
  11. 1:56 AM - Mr. Scratch: i always get those names mixed up
  12. 1:57 AM - Hondo: are the beaches owned by the poor or the rich
  13. 1:58 AM - Hondo: seems like rich people would wanna beach it up
  14. 1:58 AM - Hondo: unless they had yachts
  15. 1:59 AM - Mr. Scratch: no beaches, just muddy banks going directly into thick sweaty forest outside the city and the whole actual city section of the coast is filthy grimy docks and warehouses that the rich people never go to in person.  the rich people get their sun on crazy skyscraping pools
  16. 1:59 AM - Mr. Scratch: part of the theme i think is exaggerating the physical separation between the rich and the proles
  17. 2:00 AM - Mr. Scratch: their businesses and income would collapse without use of the docks but they never go there themselves, they stay cloistered in these labyrinthine skyscrapers
  18. 2:00 AM - Hondo: what decade is it in culturally
  19. 2:01 AM - Mr. Scratch: a mix of flapper 20s stuff, slight challenging of traditional roles and lots of decadence, and postwar unrealistic optimism as a cover for fear of imminent disaster
  20. 2:02 AM - Mr. Scratch: the disaster in this case being economic and not nuclear annihilation
  21. 2:02 AM - Mr. Scratch: because the stuff that made everyone rich is a cluster of precarious bubbles
  22. 2:02 AM - Mr. Scratch: when one pops so will all the others
  23. 2:03 AM - Mr. Scratch: like it's a seaport and there are rumblings that the trade they're doing can't last, via both resources drying up and the foreign markets deciding they want better compensation
  24. 2:04 AM - Mr. Scratch: technologywise, you know in the intro to the prisoner where they have that mechanical arm fetch number 6's file from a cabinet?
  25. 2:04 AM - Hondo: yeah
  26. 2:04 AM - Mr. Scratch: that kind of stylized inefficient stuff is common, mechanical filing systems, pneumatic tube mail, etc
  27. 2:05 AM - Mr. Scratch: black and white tv exists and is sorta common, but it's in the giant wooden piece of furniture console stage
  28. 2:06 AM - Mr. Scratch: there are like a half-dozen punch card computers in the city
  29. 2:06 AM - Mr. Scratch: but no steam/clockwork shenanigans
  30. 2:06 AM - Mr. Scratch: no fetishizing of the ruling class, no victoriana

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