Tentative Outline For My Crowdfunded Shonen Anime

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  1. (2:33:04 PM) Tobi: Imperius Wrecks, motor emperor of the Wicked Dome, with the infamous figure-8 racing track, where the qualifiers and eventual finals of the Wasteland Cup are held
  2. (2:35:31 PM) ROBRAM89 has gone away.
  3. (2:36:55 PM) ROBRAM89 is no longer away.
  4. (2:37:20 PM) ROBRAM89: What about the settlement they come from
  5. (2:37:49 PM) Tobi: hm
  6. (2:40:16 PM) Tobi: Mushroom Orchard?  named because it was originally a big apple farm but WHOOPS mutations but WHOOPS??? the mutations are actually safe, tasty, and nutritious, so people settled around it
  7. (2:41:09 PM) Tobi: and this is like the post-post-apocalypse new vegas style so now theres an economy where they export a great deal of the mushrooms in exchange for other food and goods
  8. (2:42:00 PM) ROBRAM89: Perhaps the mushrooms taste not dissimilar to meat, which is scarce now
  9. (2:42:20 PM) Tobi: nah i want wildlife to be mutated and crazy but not uncommon
  10. (2:42:28 PM) Tobi: its a green apocalypse not a desert apocalypse
  11. (2:42:43 PM) Tobi: like the apocalypse was just a huge human population drop mainly
  12. (2:43:52 PM) Tobi: also what if these shrooms are some crazy sci-fi shit like that blue goop in the 2001 novel where if you think about what you want it to taste like it will taste basically like that
  13. (2:44:49 PM) ROBRAM89: That works, and would explain them being in high enough demand that mushroom town is fairly affluent, if you wanted them to be (relatively)
  14. (2:45:10 PM) Tobi: not affluent but doin pretty okay
  15. (2:45:28 PM) Tobi: nothin to complain about but not excess and opulence either

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