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  1. (6:14:23 PM) Tobi: i am writing this down here more for my own reference because i dont want to fill in the backstory to make it make sense for y'all:
  2. (6:14:23 PM) Tobi: the boarding house has reappeared in the property registry as having been sold to and now owned by black cat holdings, and to make matters worse, the registry entry is now set up to synchronize every 48 minutes with a Remote Authentication Token, a physical backup of the entry held in a secure data center and airgapped except for the 60 seconds
  3. (6:14:23 PM) Tobi: during which it resyncs
  4. (6:14:41 PM) Tobi: its fine its a cyberpunk game
  5. (6:15:19 PM) Noser: ear-sewing is coming along
  6. (6:15:37 PM) Mr_Filament: Something both noser and a necromancer would say
  7. (6:15:49 PM) Tobi: and before the players can go raid or whatever the data center, they have to deal with a standoff with a demolition crew backed by private security
  8. (6:17:16 PM) Tobi: once the boarding house is again secured, i think next week the bradbury street boys gang will hire the players for a job
  9. (6:17:23 PM) Tobi: keep that continuity
  10. (6:19:18 PM) Tobi: oh man maybe i can combine my ideas for a mansion-based murder mystery and the gang going to some kind of multi-gang meetup and have a big crime boss guy who arranged a bunch of gangs to come meet up together get assassinated like in the warriors

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