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  1. I can barely describe how much I loathe creeps like that. I put myself through uni working shitty retail jobs and and had to help countless female coworkers who were so scared and freaked out by people like that.
  3. In retail you're getting paid to be friendly, smile and engage the person whose money you're taking. Some fucking idiots are so broken they think the person behind the counter actually cares. So they'll try to get the girls to talk to them outside of doing their jobs and follow them around the store harassing them. They'll try to get their number, or scam their number from other staff. They'll wait outside the store for them to finish their shift or work out their schedule and wait for them to arrive.
  5. I never realised how horrible it can sometimes be to be a woman until I first saw a greasy forty year old man bail up a teenaged girl and try hitting on her. Or have one of the blob people unable to take no for an answer and just keep pushing and pushing until the staff member has to hide out the back and break down crying and then quit her job because she just can't take it anymore.
  7. In the end though, it's all about power. In the real world women can walk away or tell them to fuck off. If you're stuck in a crappy retail job where your job depends on you smiling and being polite, what you can do to push away the freaks is very limited.

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