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  1. Player: Suleman
  3. Name: Shaw
  4. Race: Half-Elf (+2 CHA)
  5. Class: Sorcerer (+2 CON)
  6. One Unique Thing: Like A Cancer Grows
  7. Shaw suffers from a living death that spreads inside of him. However, as a natural-born necromancer, he can actually use this to connect to the powers of death.
  8. The sicker he grows, the more power he gains. Bizarrely enough, the closer he comes to his sickness killing him, the more alive he becomes.
  9. Sooner or later, it might kill him, but he might not even notice.
  13. Icon relationships:
  15. Lich King: Ambigious 2
  16. Shaw's power makes him a natural ally to the lich king, but he himself is more interested in using it to help others.
  18. Priestess: Positive 1
  19. Shaw seeks the aid of the Priestess to cure his illness, but he wants to prove himself worthy first.
  22. Backgrounds:
  23. Tribal Shaman 3
  24. Hunter 2
  25. Carnival Conman 2
  26. Wizardry Student 1
  29. STR 10 +0
  30. DEX 14 +2
  31. CON 18 +4
  32. INT 12 +1
  33. WIS 10 +0
  34. CHA 18 +4
  36. HP:
  37. 33/33
  39. Armor Class:
  40. 13
  42. Physical Defense:
  43. 14
  45. Mental Defense:
  46. 12
  48. Initiative Modifier:
  49. +3
  51. Recovery Dice:
  52. 8 * d6
  54. Weapon:
  55. Spear, Two-Handed
  56. Damage: d8
  58. Surprising (Racial Power)
  59. Once per battle, subtract one from the natural result of one of your own d20 rolls.
  62. Class Features:
  64. Access to Wizardry
  65. Starting at 3rd level, you can take a wizard spell in place of a  sorcerer spell that is 2 levels higher than it. For example, you can take a 1st level wizard spell in place of a 3rd level sorcerer spell.
  67. Breath Weapon
  68. When you cast a spell with the breath weapon keyword, there's a good chance you’ll be able to re-use it later in the battle. Each breath weapon spell lists the chance of re-using it during the same
  69. battle (usually 16+). Make the re-use roll at the start of each of your turns: success indicates that you can use that spell again that round as a standard action, if you wish. You don't get to stockpile
  70. uses - whether you use the spell again or not, you must make the re-use roll during each round of the battle.
  72. Chain
  73. When you attack with a  chain spell and get a natural even roll, you can roll another attack against a different enemy within range.
  74. Keep on rolling attacks as long as you get even rolls and don't run out of new targets (each enemy can be targeted only once).
  76. Dancing Lights
  77. All sorcerers can cast the dancing lights spell as a standard action. Unlike the wizard's light cantrip, the sorcerer's dancing lights spell produces a number of varicolored light globes that bloom
  78. within 5 to 30 feet of the sorcerer every two to five seconds. The sorcerer has very little control over the exact location or illumination provided by the lights, meaning that they can
  79. occasionally be used for dramatic plot purposes.

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