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  1. Popped Out’s Album Reviews for June 1st 2022
  3. fly ma faka – Don’t Even Fucking Try to Stop this Shit
  5. 6.5/8
  7. Brian Crowder, aka fly ma faka, doesn’t need to prove himself anymore. After last year’s mixtape Hoooobabayaya Vol. 2: Raise the Dead, Brooklyn’s wildest post-hip-hop terrorist has needed to do very little to continue securing his place among the greats. And, admittedly, this LP is him giving it about a six. Coming so soon after his last few releases, it’s easy to imagine why: he’s already given us everything an artist could this quickly. Even this solid B-tier release, compared to his finer works, is a miracle.
  9. On opener “Nobody Knows Anything about Fucking Nothing,” Crowder is barely making music. People are going to dismiss this odd, experimental creature as an intro, but at over two minutes, and with the verve on display here, this could be the second single from the album after the immediate smash “Drop the Muthafucka and Bounce.” Only a few tracks match the anarchic energy oozing from this first track, but the ones that try raise some worthwhile hell, and the ones that don’t settle in comfortably like old friends. Fly has never been known to stay in one place too long. On first listen, I thought “Nassty Shit” was three very short songs. These pieces have movements, as befits a symphony. There’s also filler, but with highlights like “Drop” and the manic punch-up “Drink Truth Piss Homicide” nobody is going to accuse Don’t Even Fucking Try of playing it safe.

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