Tentative Outline For My Crowdfunded Shonen Anime

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  1. "
  2. You're looking at a free game called Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand which I created earlier this year. Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand is a platformer in the Metroidvania style. You play as "
  3. this yellow pixel, here.
  4.  At the beginning of the game, you just move left and right and jump, but as you progress you  get
  5. a weapon
  6. a double jump
  7. a speed boost
  8. more powerful weapons
  9. and so on.
  10. [pause]
  11. "Hyper Pixel Ten Thousand is free online, and if you have a keyboard and mouse you can play it right now. It's a complete, challenging game, and it has some replayability, but compared to commercial games of the genre it is a short game. I would like to take the main concepts of this game you're seeing now and create a new game, larger in scope and more polished.
  12. "
  13. I would like your support in creating:
  14.  Hyper Pixel Eleven Thousand.
  15. "I have a few different designs in mind for Hyper Pixel Eleven Thousand, depending on what I can commit to the project. I know how much game I can create if this campaign reaches its base goal, AND I have bigger plans in mind that I'll be able to accomplish with stretch goals.
  16. My basic idea for Hyper Pixel Eleven Thousand is between two and three times the size of the existing free game. The game structure will be similar, but there'll be room for a more gradual difficulty curve and tutorial areas, and there'll be improvements in areas like controller support and in-game text."
  17. "At the first stretch goal, it'll be four to five times the size of the free game and have multiple boss fights. At the next goal, it'll be six to seven times the free game's size, and there'll be more upgrades, organized into a system of character classes or equipment instead of just a simultaneous stack. The game size I'd most like to make is eight to ten times the free game.
  18. There are other stretch goals, mostly support for different operating systems, but also a soundtrack album, online leaderboards, and level editing.
  19. "

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