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  1. - magic and the fantastic are commonplace; magical beasts and dryads and such lurk in the woods, in villages there are people who can do little tricks like lighting candles or spicing up food purely with magic, and herbs that can be fashioned into potions with magical effects grow errywhere
  3. - the big capital port city in the region has a mage college and the region is ruled by a council of ten elected representatives, though voting in remote rural regions isnt the most convenient thing in the world so typically most of the candidates have the city's interests at heart primarily EDIT: the city is named Porthaven
  5. - dnd-style adventurers are called "professionals" euphemistically, and there is a powerful and mostly decent union that licenses them, so union members are called "licensed professionals."  the union discourages use of these terms the same way adobe discourages photoshop as a verb
  7. - the union is called the Fraternal Organization of High-Risk Laborers, and the acronym is pronounced "forl".  if you ever say the full name in casual conversation it's considered awkward and that you are a big nerd.  the mage college often funds expeditions in collaboration with the union, through their Committee for Exploratory and Hazardous Endeavor.
  9. - important NPCs: the nerdy but super buff union rep, the aging but cleverer-than-he-lets-on chairman of the mage college's committee for etc, the tavern owner by the docks who everyone feels compelled to unload their life's story to, a manipulative councilman with a pencil mustache and a fancy robe, the up-and-coming gold-hearted council candidate running on the promise to represent the rural poor's concerns
  11. - region consists of the seaside capital city, a mountain range, a bunch of rural farmland, and a big forest separating the mountains from the farmland.  obviously there are dorfs in the mountains and elves in the woods.
  13. - plot idea:  the union sends the players to work as bodyguards for the goldhearted council candidate at a rally because hes been getting death threats; the rally is in a reasonably sized human town in the mountains that is kind of a hub for trade that the mountain dwarves visit to sell shit. EDIT: the town is called Beacon Pass.
  15. - the tavern owner by the docks who everyone feels compelled to unload their life's story to is named Jasmine Song, and her tavern is called The Siren's Song.  rumor is she was freed from a terrible arranged marriage when her sea captain husband was eaten by a siren, and she sold his boat and assets to buy the tavern.  she has kind of a dancer's physique and black hair and swarthy skin and her parents (who arranged the marriage and are awful but whatever she doesnt have to deal with them anymore) were immigrants from a merchanty land with indian and general southeast asian stylistic motifs
  17. - the nerdy but super buff union rep is named Clarence "Saber" Veil and looks like chris evans' character in The Losers, including circular-framed spectacles, but wearing plate armor made from a bluish magical alloy.  he is very much about following the rules to the letter and has encyclopedic knowledge of them, but he can be persuaded to bend or even break the rules if it's for moral good.
  19. - the up-and-coming gold-hearted council candidate running on the promise to represent the rural poor's concerns is named Floran Amberlight.  he's from a rich family but he (scandalously at the time) spent his college tuition funds to open an almshouse in a slum district called Bitterbright, and became known for his activism and advocacy, frequently making moving and eloquent speeches on behalf of the downtrodden at political events and such.  he is only 24, and is facially plain-looking but very well-dressed, physically fit, and generally charismatic.
  21. - the manipulative councilman with a pencil mustache and a fancy robe is named Norton Abilene-Snarth.  born a commoner, he married into the wealthy and prestigious Abilene merchant dynasty through eligible bachelorette Laura Elizabeth Abilene.  the marriage is and was always rather transactional; Norton has a head for subterfuge, manipulation, and politics, and Laura has a head for numbers and business.  Norton's wardrobe is opulent and as close to garish as can be managed without drawing ridicule, and tends to feature gems/jewels and elaborate embroidery.  Laura stays almost entirely behind the scenes, but Norton genuinely does need her input to maintain his scheming, and though there is nothing resembling romantic love between them they do like each other.  their manor house in the Westhill district is called Bishop's Park, and its previous/original owners were a group of a half-dozen clergymen.
  23. - transportation in Porthaven: aside from your standard horses and horse-drawn carriages, you also got troll/ogre driven rickshaw buses, a chaincar line (like a cable car but a chain :V ), and for the more well-off, gryphon taxis.  the gryphon taxis have no drivers but them things are smart, they have a map rolled up in a cylindrical case on their collar and you show it to em and point to your destination, and they can understand a standard set of basic commands.  not sapient, though; they arent really smart enough to question their lot in life, mentally they are like really smart and loyal dogs.
  25. - except for the chaincar the public transit is privately held.  each individual rickshaw-driving ogre or troll is part of a cab company or even owns their own rickshawbus, and the gryphons are a wizard's entrepreneurial effort.  there is a park where the poorer rickshawbus folks circle the proverbial wagons and convert the buses to sleep in.  the chaincar lines, otoh, are an effort by the city administration to ease congestion and such.
  27. - live music is a thing, distorted (electric-sounding) guitars are based on infernal magic and rock music is literally of the devil.  instead of albums, popular musicians/bards/groups release "models" of music box (like the first album would be their first music box model).  magic music boxes vary in size and style, and are expected to have 30-90 minutes of music either in either sound-only form or (more expensively) a whole miniature concert with elaborate visuals.  music boxes generally must be wound up with a lil key or handle, and this mechanism can also be used to rewind/fast-forward/pause.  there is no equivalent of radio, though, so you basically gotta go to shows or listen to a friend's box to hear new stuff.  other random bits: the mage who enchants a run of music boxes is vaguely equivalent to the producer, music box copying is possible if you learn some out-of-the-ordinary specialized enchantment and illusion magic (this means bootlegs exist), and magic synths and samples are a thing.
  29. - a notable NPC: Dawn Phoenix, a mysterious popular musician with pearlescent white skin, hair that is never the same twice, swirling and ever-changing full-body tattoos, and no gender.  they've been around long enough that they might be immortal, but no one knows their actual species or much of anything personal about them.  their dancing defies gravity, their music is ethereally beautiful but hugely varied in style, and offstage they seem to sort of glide instead of walk.  magic is certainly involved but details are scarce and mages who have tried to analyze them and their performances come up empty due to counterspells and protective enchantments.  they are on tour at present, and their thirteenth model (see above) is eagerly anticipated all over the continent.  they travel with a secretive and very protective entourage of incredibly diverse people and nonpeople, including their personal assistant Melanie, who is a dryad bound to a beautiful cherry tree that travels with the entourage in a specialized carriage.
  31. - The Squeeze is a district about the size of a soccer pitch, an ultra-crampled labyrinth of tiny alleys and stacked buildings designed almost exclusively for beings sized dwarf and smaller. pixies and like redwall/mouse guard sapient animals make their homes here in tiny apartments jammed in between gnome and dorf and halfling apartments. a full-size human would have to crawl or like scoot sideways through most of the alleys and the building rooms they could even physically enter would be so dense with clutter theyd make a mess.
  33. - the squeeze was originally the site for a big asshole human's mansion and a bunch of dorfs and gnomes and such pooled resources to buy it out from under him and knock it down and put in dense tinyfolk housing.  this was like a hundred years back and the original owners are old now but have to be consulted with for decisions and it has to be unanimous because of their charter.
  35. - one notable resident of the squeeze is a sapient butterfly named Thelonius, who was uplifted from a regular butterfly, presumably through magic (he doesnt like to talk about it). what he does like: to read and peoplewatch from his room overlooking the neighborhood surrounding the squeeze.  while not technically a member of the owners' council, he counts two thirds or so of the council as a friendly acquaintance or better, and has a fair amount of pull.  thelonius is a radical leftist and active in city politics as a voice for laborers and minority species, typically speaking from the shoulder of a tall and intimidating friend.  even his closest friends among the owners' council are much more moderate, and some of that outstanding one-third even view him as dangerous.

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