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  1. Name: Arturo
  3. High Concept: Treasure Hunting"Puzzle Wizard". "Every Padlock a Puzzle"
  4. Arturo loves two things...solving puzzles and looking for rare treasure. Arturo grew up very poor, for toys he had old, half-broken locks and third-hand books. He developed the habit of lockpicking not to steal, but just to see if he could "solve the puzzle." He was drawn to the adventurer-for-hire life because he could put his skills to work without getting arrested(usually).  In a fight, he outwits instead of overpowers, using agility and his surroundings to survive. He loves hidden treasure for the trophy more than the money, wanting to have prizes for his efforts.
  6. Trouble: "I Wonder What's Behind That Door?"
  7. Arturo has the impulse to solve puzzles he shouldn't. He tries to get into places he's not supposed to... "I'll just undo this this door...and take a quick peek..." He loves mysteries, secrets, hidden treasures... He thrives on the challenge and quietly hopes there's a prize to be found. He might be a minor annoyance to someone...or risk getting his head on a chopping block.
  9. Phase One: "I Just Wanted to Know..."
  10. Arturo joined the Thieves' Guild to ply his trade, but never fit in. He pestered the others for their secrets and the final straw was him picking his way into the guild vault.
  12. Phase Two: "My Friend, The Puzzle."
  13. Arturo is equally obsessed with solving Flaras' problem, but Flaras isn't used to attention and is afraid of what's in his head. Flaras needs Arturo but is loath to let him help.
  15. Phase Three: "I Thought You Were Dead."
  16. Unknowingly hired and manipulated into a conflict where he encountered Aliana after a terrible tragedy they both experienced, they put aside old wounds to solve the mystery they've been drawn into.

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