Moon Sci-Fi Dream

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  1. Had an "alien imposters at the moonbase" dream, was definitely a thriller but like most modern genre space imposter stories you kind of know where it's going right away
  3. Some highlights included a chase scene on the moon with a lot full of school bus style busses (???) blowing up along the way, and a monologue over a cut of scenes of the imposter moon base mission quietly smirking as the team sent to answer their call (distress call? Would certainly fit the genre) completely failed to notice the replacement.
  5. The monologue was something along the lines of "they knew you'd do what you do best - fix a problem, and in the process, home in on it so deeply that you missed what was right under your nose"
  7. This was after the impersonators had been exposed, apparently. and on Earth during during some sort of retrospective call, one astronaut from the investigative crew, now with a beard and looking more haggard, was recounting how mad at themselves they were.
  9. Possibly the same astronaut was directing a bunch of engineers or people to tear apart some sort of objects recovered from the moon base, looking for something
  11. Kudos to my dream for ending it on a chillingly ambiguous note about whether any of the human crew sent to the moon base had also been replaced or not

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