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  1. Player: Pfisiar
  3. Name: Phillip Borgrund
  5. High Concept: Telekinetic Pirate and Former Slave
  7. Sold into slavery as a child. Owned by a wealthy merchant who had overseas holdings. Ship attacked by pirates of the ship Queen's Bosom, pirates killed everyone on board but Phillip. Given the option of joining the crew as cabin boy out of laughs. Proved himself a capable sailor and talented swordsman. During his years on board, discovered he could manipulate small objects of less than 10 lbs without touching them.
  9. Trouble: No wager too big. Growing up as slave and then among sailors/pirates, Phillip developed a love for gambling. Not just gambling games, but also wagers and dares. He's not foolish about money, though. So often, he'll wager his services instead of money whenever someone's willing. His telekinetic abilities has gotten him in trouble for cheating at cards/dice etc.
  11. First Phase:
  13. After ten years aboard the Queen's Bosom, Phillip's Captain decided to retire and pursue the life of a dishonest merchant. Ship was sold and Phillip looked for work. Hired on by a captain who approached him in a bar. Finalized contract and later that night Phillip went with drunken captain to see the ship. On the way, Phillip discovered that the cargo to be loaded onto the ship the next morning was slaves. Before they got to the ship, Phillip knocked the captain unconsciouss, and covertly freed the slaves.

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