catchin chinchy up with CHATLOGGUES

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  1. (3:37:43 PM) Tecki: the sharpest eyes
  2. (3:37:46 PM) Tara: !sw d8
  3. (3:37:46 PM) KalganBot: Tara rolled 2 on 1d8
  4. (3:37:46 PM) KalganBot: Tara rolled 5 on 1d6 [wild die]
  5. (3:37:49 PM) Psy: so 10
  6. (3:37:50 PM) Psy: lmao
  7. (3:38:30 PM) Psy: ok you notice that the fatal flaw of this brand of forcefield projector is half the casing is on this side of the field, and you also sharp-eyedly notice the seam in the casing, a weak point
  8. (3:40:08 PM) Psy: "Fantasy novel," she says.
  9. (3:41:40 PM) Tecki: "Ohoho! Is it the Thundersprint anthology? I haven't been keeping up on those--left off on Plyars' exile. Was being shot at at the time and haven't gotten around to picking them back up, one of those things."
  10. (3:43:19 PM) Psy: She actually looks up.  "...Yeah, that was midway through the fourth cycle.  I just started on the sixth.  Plyars and Nikolai are allies now against some bigtime demon."  [i am imagining nikolai was the villain previously]
  11. (3:44:05 PM) Psy: lmao roll some persuasion again
  12. (3:44:10 PM) Tecki: !sw d8
  13. (3:44:10 PM) KalganBot: Tecki rolled 2 on 1d8
  14. (3:44:10 PM) KalganBot: Tecki rolled 4 on 1d6 [wild die]
  15. (3:44:12 PM) Tecki: dang
  16. (3:44:15 PM) Psy: i mean
  17. (3:44:22 PM) Tecki: it's still a 6, yeah
  18. (3:44:25 PM) Psy: a 4 is a success on standard difficulty
  19. (3:44:30 PM) Psy: so a 6 is
  20. (3:44:30 PM) Psy: fine
  21. (3:44:40 PM) Tecki: oh
  22. (3:45:37 PM) Psy: "Listen.  I have to use the facilities.  I may take a long time, what with my reading.  DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID WHILE I'M GONE."  she says the last part in like a winking hinty stage voice
  23. (3:45:39 PM) Tara left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds).
  24. (3:45:44 PM) Psy: oh no chinchy
  25. (3:46:07 PM) Psy: we need him/tara to slice the force field projector!!!!
  26. (3:46:34 PM) Tecki: oh bless, i was going to go for more overt persuasion
  27. (3:47:14 PM) Psy: well while we wait for chinchy im gonna use the facilities irl
  28. (3:47:25 PM) Tecki: bless
  29. (3:48:51 PM) Tecki: "Huh! Hope the author isn't getting in over their head. Teaming up against a common evil is a lovely concept, though!" She takes a deep breath and steps back, in a manner of dashing pose that takes a lot of effort to be this casual. "You seem to think so too. As a woman of good taste to another, enjoy your facilities."
  30. (3:50:17 PM) Psy: back
  31. (3:50:26 PM) Psy: and chinchy is on discrod but not irc yet
  32. (3:50:59 PM) Shiara: Chinchy is trying to load up a irc client.
  33. (3:51:11 PM) Tecki: oof
  34. (3:51:28 PM) Rainspirit [] entered the room.
  35. (3:51:32 PM) Psy: ayyyyyyyyyy
  36. (3:51:32 PM) Rainspirit is now known as Tara
  37. (3:51:36 PM) Tara: HELLO sorry!
  38. (3:51:39 PM) Psy: np
  39. (3:51:39 PM) Tara: tech failure
  40. (3:51:49 PM) Tara: So what does Tara see?
  41. (3:51:55 PM) Tara: I miss part after epic diceroll

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