Horror Game (by Hideo Kojima)

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  1. you're a patient in a mental hospital, and the game starts with you going through your day. you wake up, you brush your teeth, you take your medicine, a nurse walks in to escort you to the breakfast room. the nurses and doctors all have skin folds continuously flapping, or eighteen insectoid limbs, or every so often they scream continuously and every so often they ask you with voices like manholes shifting if the medication is working, the food is caterpillars and dead leaves and basically intro sequence goes on for as long as it takes for the player to accept that this is normal and you're delusional, especially since sometimes things seem to calm down.
  3. you get cleaned up with additional care today because you're meeting with a journalist about the condition of the hospital and your nurse, clicking and screeching, brings you over to the room and waits outside. the journalist asks you her questions, polite but awkward in that sort of detached way where someone doesn't know how human to consider you yet, and you wearily answer them ("they do their best, obviously it's hard but i get through the day, acknowledging i have a problem is the most important part"), the journalist thanks you and leaves.
  5. after a while the nurse comes back in to bring you back, there's a little door-creak and a "sorry, sorry! i forgot my purse--" and as the journalist looks up she yells "what in the fucking--fuck--what in the FUCK" and the nurse clicks and clacks its jaw and brings up its hackles and detaches into several different component limbs, skittering through the corridors and vents. the player character looks to the hallway then looks back to the journalist, fists clenched and shaking, then back to the window then back to the journalist and the component pieces of the last several years snap into place as player character asks "they...look that way to you too?" and she goes "of course! fuck! jesus fuck, what is going on in this place?"
  7. the game revolves around saving patients, convincing people things actually aren't okay, hiding from nurses and orderlies (possibly killing them when able) and learning why this place is such a huge haunted fuckhouse

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