spoilery twine ideas

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  1. opening: wake up, apartment is on fire, dead body of the client is in your bed
  3. escape the fire and in doing so establish some skills
  5. flash back to the day before at the office, introduce client
  7. client wants you to prove that evilcorp murdered her scientist husband and it was not a suicide
  9. (spoilery info: scientist husband was in touch with blog journalist and wanted to go public with the horrific human cost of evilcorp's latest biotech breakthrough and thats why he was killed)
  11. you take the case and do day 1 of investigating:  look into husband's computer records trail (particularly communications) or look into the offsite lab where he worked
  13. you go to sleep alone and not on fire, then jump ahead to the cops questioning you about the woman's body, which has a bullet hole in its forehead.  this can go poorly or you can skate by depending on choices
  17. possible endings to work towards:
  18. be key testimony in bringing evilcorp down
  19. be exonerated but evilcorp lives
  20. be a fugitive on the run but one step ahead of both the cops and evilcorp, who you maybe did illegal things to bring down

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