depression bullet hell ideas

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  1. (5:56:56 PM) TobilePhone: did some drawing
  2. (5:56:59 PM) Noser: hooray
  3. (5:57:00 PM) TobilePhone: nothing i want to share
  4. (5:57:04 PM) Noser: that happens
  5. (5:57:05 PM) TobilePhone: but its not nothing
  6. (5:57:20 PM) Noser: have you ever drawn for animation
  7. (5:57:23 PM) TobilePhone: no
  8. (5:57:38 PM) TobilePhone: i work with layers pretty naturally though so it wouldnt be impossible
  9. (5:58:07 PM) TobilePhone: in the future i think it would help to not listen to sad music
  10. (5:58:10 PM) TobilePhone: while i draw
  11. (5:58:58 PM) TobilePhone: maybe drum and bass would be good for drawing the same way its good for programming
  12. (5:59:19 PM) Noser: maybe you could try putting drawing and programming together
  13. (5:59:45 PM) TobilePhone: between that and the animation question it sounds like you have something in mind
  14. (6:00:22 PM) Noser: well, you expressed some coherent design opinions about a hypothetical shooter
  15. (6:00:26 PM) Noser: maybe it's something you want to make
  16. (6:01:14 PM) TobilePhone: hm
  17. (6:02:06 PM) TobilePhone: concept:  point and click style walking around rooms interface for a depressed character, doing standard household tasks goes to a bullet hell minigame
  18. (6:02:57 PM) Noser: that sounds like it could have a fun concept demo made to express the idea with just a couple rooms and chores, and then get built out from here or not
  19. (6:03:03 PM) TobilePhone: yeah
  20. (6:03:07 PM) TobilePhone: i was thinking demo scale
  21. (6:04:08 PM) TobilePhone: two rooms, three chores come to mind
  22. (6:04:34 PM) TobilePhone: initial tutorial bullet hell for waking up, then cooking, then dishwashing
  23. (6:05:14 PM) Noser: point and click style like lucasarts, third person with perspective scaling?
  24. (6:05:18 PM) TobilePhone: yeah
  25. (6:05:36 PM) TobilePhone: i doubt the rooms would be "deep" enough to need scaling though
  26. (6:06:11 PM) TobilePhone: i wonder if phaser can work with svgs or if raster scaling of a higher-res sprite is just that much faster that its not worth it
  27. (6:06:23 PM) Noser: you could go isometric or something
  28. (6:06:31 PM) TobilePhone: why
  29. (6:06:37 PM) Noser: to avoid scaling entirely
  30. (6:06:47 PM) TobilePhone: well like
  31. (6:07:05 PM) TobilePhone: sam and max's office isnt deep enough to need scaling and is a perfectly adequate and interesting room
  32. (6:07:17 PM) Noser: are you sure that room doesn't scale
  33. (6:07:23 PM) TobilePhone: not 100% but
  34. (6:07:25 PM) TobilePhone: reasonably
  35. (6:07:40 PM) TobilePhone: if it does scale im wrong and will need to implement scaling
  36. (6:07:51 PM) TobilePhone: that kind of perspective is more important to me than avoiding scaling
  37. (6:07:55 PM) TobilePhone: isometric doesnt excite me
  38. (6:07:56 PM) Noser: svgs are _slow_, even if you were going to use them to save loading time you'd want to rasterize them once to big buffers and then do your draws from those buffers
  39. (6:08:27 PM) TobilePhone: anyway my idea for the waking up minigame is sheep heads shoot pillow bullets at you as you scroll toward a sunrise
  40. (6:09:53 PM) TobilePhone: is the player sprite being a head that shoots tear bullets too much
  41. (6:10:33 PM) TobilePhone: maybe the head shoots bullets that are just objects themed toward the task, and it gets visibly weepier as you take damage
  42. (6:11:40 PM) TobilePhone: i guess the waking up bullets would be suns, the cooking bullets would be spatulas, and the dishwashing bullets would be sponges
  43. (6:11:44 PM) Noser: max's ears appear to be fewer pixels when he's near the back wall
  44. (6:11:50 PM) TobilePhone: :0
  45. (6:12:38 PM) Noser: a head shooting tear bullets reminds me of space funeral
  46. (6:13:38 PM) TobilePhone: god
  47. (6:13:42 PM) TobilePhone: thats an idea for the future
  48. (6:14:02 PM) Noser: ?
  49. (6:14:09 PM) TobilePhone: party members represented in bullet hell combat as tyrian-style floating sidekick drones
  50. (6:15:03 PM) TobilePhone: maybe i can incorporate that into this demo, you can go on the computer in the bedroom and pick which friend on IM service to be your support
  51. (6:15:41 PM) TobilePhone: and like flavorwise they each send back a different style of encouraging message
  52. (6:16:44 PM) Noser: seems like an interesting UI proposition
  53. (6:16:47 PM) TobilePhone: "i believe in you, friend! <3" vs "ayyyy you can do this broseph" vs "just go do it nerd you got this"
  54. (6:18:29 PM) TobilePhone: and the support abilities would be a shield or regeneration, double shot, and a screen-clear attack with a cooldown respectively

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