Tentative Outline For My Crowdfunded Shonen Anime

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  1. <Noser> ok good they were
  2. <Noser> i just remembered Captain N existed
  3. <Noser> god damn
  4. <Noser> anne, lavender, tobi, have you all seen enough captain n to understand the enormity of how terrible it was
  5. <lavender> icus
  6. <Tobi> no
  7. <Noser> ok
  8. <Noser> hm
  9. <Noser> sometime when you want to just gawk at how shitty a piece of tie-in media can get, we should watch a couple captain ns, maybe the first one and the one that introduces gameboy
  10. <lavender> ive seen an episode or two which i think is enough
  11. <Noser> yes
  12. <anneF> i've seen some but not mega-nearly enough
  13. <anneF> i've seen some of the comics, which were very bad in a distinctive way in that they went very hard on captain n being an obvious self-insert for someone's crush on samus
  14. <Noser> the conversation was about isekai
  15. <Noser> i said
  16. <Noser> if wotc had sense we'd have seen at least two attempted reboots of the 80s d&d cartoon by now
  17. <Noser> the original game isekai, it's money just lying on the ground
  18. <Noser> then i kept thinking and a minute or so later
  19. <Noser> oh god i just remembered Captain N existed, fuck, I don't like remembering that Captain N existed
  20. <lavender> i also saw a bunch of clips of an episode of alucard, where dracula is a typical bela lugosi portrayal and alucard is his obnoxious disrespectful skater boy son
  21. <lavender> an episode with alucard
  22. <lavender> remembering captain n existed is unpleasant, yes
  23. <Noser> that is partially how castlevania alucard actually works but only partially
  24. <anneF> is captain n to video games what the ghost busters is to horror mythology
  25. <Noser> ghost busters isn't trying to make kids buy ghosts
  26. <anneF> true, ghostbusters arguably was but ghost busters didn't have that kind of sticking power
  27. <lavender> also captain n is like
  28. <Noser> also ghost busters knows what tone it is going for
  29. <lavender> the miscellaneous nintendo properties that couldn't get made into their own show
  30. <lavender> maximizing the shitty tie-in media
  31. <anneF> in mega man's case they doubled up
  32. <Noser> zelda also shows up in captain n slightly
  33. <anneF> samus only appeared in the comic, right
  34. <lavender> yes but mother brain is the main villain of the show
  35. <anneF> oh yeah
  36. <Noser> they took the "mother" in the name in a very different direction than the game
  37. <anneF> that's a weird choice, i guess she's disembodied enough to fit that era's kind of hostile-brain-in-a-jar aesthetic
  38. <anneF> does she have lips and eyes, i forget
  39. <Noser> i think i remember lips
  40. <anneF> oh she's like
  41. <anneF> a whole face stretched across a canvas
  42. <anneF> like that one doctor who side-character i saw some gifs of
  43. <Noser> hm she could be an influence on that
  44. <Noser> there's a similar attitude too even
  45. <Noser> but that isn't what game mother brain looks or acts like at all
  46. <lavender> her henchmen are king hippo and the eggplant wizard
  47. <Noser> tobi are you following this conversation
  48. <anneF> yeah mother brain in metroid is a strange hulking brain in a jar with...i don't know if she has motivations but they always seemed pretty alien
  49. <Noser> yes, a random punch-out boxer and an annoying kid icarus enemy that isn't quite a boss
  50. <Tobi> we're doing the final battle with the overlord in my friday fellowship game
  51. <Noser> oh
  52. <Noser> mash pause on your belt buckle to fight in slow motion
  53. <anneF> eggplants were just a running gag in the kid icarus dev offices, apparently
  54. <anneF> https://i.imgur.com/nGZ5FRn.png eggplant wizard, donkey kong, king hippo miscolored (understandably, they probably thought he was supposed to be an actual hippo) and some guy
  55. <lavender> i forgot that it's called videoland
  56. <lavender> this sucks so much
  57. <anneF> god
  58. <anneF> i hadn't even caught that
  59. <Noser> i'm not sure if it was still videoland in the cartoon
  60. <lavender> i think it was
  61. <lavender> took me a second to realize that was donkey kong and not just a badly drawn human
  62. <anneF> with a shower cap on, for some reason
  63. <anneF> i remember seeing once that both glass joe and king hippo were in captain n at some point or another and i think that's the closest intersection i've had with captain n
  64. <anneF> the only other punch-out spinoff media i've seen: two separate nintendo power comics, one where doc louis talks little mac out of being  demoralized by a rude manager and one where piston hondo calls mac a gaijin
  65. <lavender> iirc kid icarus's voice is somehow constantly breaking
  66. <lavender> also he's called kid icarus
  67. <Noser> yes. they had to have the game manual open long enough to see what the eggplant wizard was called
  68. <Noser> but they decided to ignore the part where the character had a name
  69. <lavender> could eggplant wizard be a description inferred from a sprite
  70. <Noser> https://cdn.wikimg.net/strategywiki/images/b/b8/Kid_Icarus_Eggplant_Wizard.png eggplant yes, wizard would be a guess
  71. <Noser> 'Game Boy (voiced by Frank Welker)'
  72. <Noser> there are just so many THINGS about captain n
  73. <lavender> oh man
  74. <lavender> what sort of horrible voice did that thing hav
  75. <Noser> https://youtu.be/dfHmEB9G1bk?t=530
  76. <lavender> yeah sure
  77. <lavender> forgot simon belmont was a character in this
  78. <Noser> yes,with thepersonality of dudley do-right
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